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These luxe brushes will change your make up game

One of the world’s most influential make up artists, {Rae Morris} has distilled her expertise into a range of über-luxe (and stuh-uh-unning!) brushes. Having perfected countless supermodel canvases for VOGUE, Bazaar and Elle (to name a few), and published several must-have make up {manuals}, Rae has turned her talents to the tools behind the powders, crèmes and pigments to create the most luxurious (and efficacious) brushes in the business. No more streaks. No more tidelines. Just a flawless, cover-worthy canvas IRL…

The longest-serving Make Up Director for L’Oréal Paris, Rae knows make up, inside out. Having been thrust into the spotlight by a chance encounter with Naomi Campbell (the model demanded that hairdresser Rae ‘fix her lips’ when her own make up artist flounced out), Rae flourished under the tutelage of make up maestro Richard Sharah and her work has since graced an illustrious roll-call of covers, billboards, screens and runways.

However, having spent over a decade fine-tuning her skills, Rae developed a passion for brushes – the tools underpinning the final result. Her obsession with finding the ultimate line-up led Rae to develop her ‘Holy Grail’ edit – the {Rae Morris Magnetix Range} – which showcases the craftsmanship of Japanese brush-makers (and Rae’s exacting standards).

Perfect for pros and beginners alike, each brush within the {Jishaku} range features featherweight, beautifully balanced, ergonomic handles, the highest-quality synthetic and natural fibre bristles (these brushes are cruelty-free but not vegan) and comes with a magnetic base so your brushes will ‘stand’ on a magnetised surface.

Harnessing traditional Japanese brush-making techniques (Rae’s chosen artisans have over 180 years of brush-making experience), each implement is painstakingly tried and tested by Rae herself, who then adjusts the fibres, balance, size or angle, depending on her specialist requirements.

The {Jishaku} brushes can stand securely upright on any surface a magnet will hold to (including Rae’s custom designed {Magnetic Frame} and {Plate}) – which takes up less space, makes the brushes extremely easy to organise and is incredible hygienic because fibres needn’t touch anything other than your face. Plus, you can secure the brushes upside down for drying after cleaning!

Beautiful, practical, simple yet avant-garde, these brushes are unparalleled and make a chic adornment to the most exquisite dressing tables. Like magical wands, they turn beauty beginners into make up masters – applying, buffing and blending product seamlessly for effortless enhancement.

#TeamCB’s favourites? Rae’s signature {Jikashu #26: Radiance} blends any textures seamlessly – softening the edges so that products ‘fuse’ together for a gorgeous, airbrushed finish. We also worship the {Jishaku #23.1 Mini Liquid Foundation} for flawless ‘real skin’ distribution of your base, and keep the brilliant {Jishaku #18.1 Mascara Applicator} in our handbags to eliminate the clumps and guarantee a soft, super-natural flutter.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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