With game-changing devices and precision implements to help you face the future looking fabulous, our tools will help to minimise fine lines and guarantee your make up looks immaculate. We’ve trawled the globe to bring you brand new sk-innovations from Korea, the app-powered gadget that has our Co-Founder in raptures and the best new make up brushes for an MUA-in-training. So, we think its time to revisit your tired beauty ritual and inject hi-tech wizardry to give your looks a leg-up… 

Effectively a workout for your skin cells, ZIIP Beauty's {Nano Current Skincare Device} is beloved by CB's Co-founder and Co-CEO Alexia Inge, who has THIS to say about its skin-transforming wizardry: "The ZIIP is an ‘electrifying’ miracle, especially for the over 35s. I love the 4 minute ‘Instant Gratification’ programme for a quick fix, but my favourite is the ‘Energise’ - 12 minutes of massaging upwards with the ZIIP will sculpt your face and de-puff the eye area – the effect on your face is like someone just tied your hair in a tight high ponytail. AND if you use this regularly it 'teaches' tired cells to build more collagen and elastane so the effects are long lasting as well..." And Lex isn't its only devotee... this cell-zapping device is loved by countless CB customers and none other than age-defying supermodel Natalia Vodianova, who recently told VOGUE about her ongoing affair with nano-currents: "If you saw me after an 11-hour flight you'd know why {ZIIP} is so essential. It uses currents to regenerate my skin in one touch."

Thought a toothbrush was only a toothbrush? Think again. You can now get that 'Hollywood' treatment at home with Apa Beauty's brilliant {Apa Clean White Sonic Tooth Brush} - game-changing brainchild of 'celeb dentist' Dr. Apa, whose expertise is behind the AAA-List's brightest smiles. Powered by sonic technology, it delivers 40,000 vibrations per minute and boasts three unique modes to clean, whiten and massage, for healthy gums and blindingly beautiful, pearly-white teeth you will want to show off.

Never used a {Derma Roller}? Team CB's Chikay is evangelical about the benefits of Ecooking's neat, somewhat scary-looking offering - but don't be deterred by it's spiky exterior. With teeny-weeny needles which convince your cells they're under attack, this 'pricks' your skin repeatedly to kick-start the creation of essential 'scaffolding' (the elastin and collagen that keep skin resilient), while stimulating cellular regeneration and repair (Sayonara scarring!). It also creates mini micro-channels which enhance absorption of your skin care - just try it. You'll love it.

Beloved by Huda Kattan, Nurse Jamie's innovative {TRIangle Facial Beauty Tool} has been painstakingly created to 'hug' every. single. contour of your face to tighten jawlines, lessen lines and swiftly reduce inflammation. With warm and cool modes, this is ideal for sculpting - exhibiting a rapid toning benefit which mimics the effect of an invasive nip 'n' tuck without the agony (or the expense).

A woman is only as good as her tools, so ensure your make up brushes do you justice with these beauties care of {ICONIC} and {Kevyn Aucoin} - the ultimate additions to your application arsenal. Essential for an airbrushed finish, {The Foundation Brush} is ergonomically designed and beautifully balanced (it has a satisfying 'weight' about it), while the high-quality fibres are incredibly densely packed, to effortlessly blend your powder, cream and liquid formulations flawlessly. And if you're keen on contouring then up your sculpting game with the {Pro-Evo Sculpt Brush}, which has 400,000 velvety-smooth synthetic fibres to grant you Kate Moss-worthy cheekbones without any tell-tale tidelines.

And no beauty kit is complete without a pair of eyelash curlers, so look no further than Charlotte Tilbury's pro-approved (aptly named) {Life Changing Lashes}. Not only do they look good (we're still not over rose gold) but they're basically a 'push-up bra' for lashes - lifting even short, stubbornly straight strands to open up your eyes and guarantee a flatteringly feminine flutter.