The nemesis of blemishes, Huda Beauty's eagerly anticipated {#FauxFilter Foundation} has arrived and it makes light work of disguising every. single. pimple to ensure you look as gorgeous IRL as on your Instagram. The ultra full-coverage formula is not one for foundation phobics (steer clear if you like things sheer) but, if you strive to look as photogenic in the flesh as with a ring light and a filter, look no further.

Known for looking unfailingly flawless, it's no surprise that undisputed Queen of beauty's Insta-scene should ace the world's most-wanted base. With an impressive (and inclusive) colour range - there are 30 shades to choose from with a range of rosy, gold and neutral undertones - Huda's new foundation is a game changer. 

The ultimate camouflage, this disappears your dark spots, pockmarks, pores and scars... it even masks tattoos. When swept over skin with the specialist {Face, Buff & Blend Brush}, this unifies skin tone and sets with a demi-matte, powder-like finish that stays looking 'suede' without seeming too flat. 

Thanks to clever (and subtle) light-scattering pigments, {#FauxFilter} imparts a believable, 'soft focus' look that miraculously mimics the sheen of real skin without even a whisper of shimmer. You won't see any glittery or iridescent particles - this formula is matte but in the same way silk or velvet avoid looking one dimensional. We know... it's magical!

Suitable for all skin types, layer over {Complexion Perfection} primer to extend its (already impressive) longevity. This 'velcro' base is rich in rosehip oil to nourish and 'rebalance' skin while gripping your foundation - especially important if you're combination/oily and your make up's prone to slip. 

Swim and gym-resistant, this stays looking immaculate through pool-time, sweat (and tantrums), making it ideal for dancers, runners or those living in the great(ish) British Isles (you can never be sure when you'll next get caught short in a downpour). It's also brilliant for camouflaging bruises when you want to brave bare legs - just add a drop of highlight to achieve a pair of enviable, airbrushed limbs (that will not smudge).

Completely vegan and cruelty-free, we could bang on about this for days. We cannot wait for you to get acquainted with its face-perfecting prowess. Will you be buying Huda Beauty's {#FauxFilter Foundation}? Let us know in the comments below...