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Why everyone is talking about farm to face beauty

Verity Douglas
Writer and expert7 years ago
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The next generation of ‘natural’, the Farm to Face movement is taking the skin care and make up industry by storm. With increasing concern from consumers regarding the provenance (and sustainability) of their cosmetics, a growing number of beauty brands are owning the entire formulation process - from seed to serum.

Boasting super-fresh, home-grown ingredients, painstakingly nurtured and carefully cold-pressed, distilled or blended to enhance their skin-perfecting potency, this is the ‘field-to-fork’ of skin care.

Brands are now 'hand-rearing' the bulk of their ingredients on site - planting and cultivating the herbs, fruits and vegetables needed to make their specialist complexion-perfecting recipes. The surest way to guarantee each precious oil, extract or distillate is unadulterated - untouched by potentially harmful insecticides, and totally non-GMO - these brands have brought production 'in house' to create the 'cleanest' (and most powerful) end products.

Mostly made in small batches to maximise freshness, ingredients are harvested when they are in their 'prime', then subjected to painstaking (synthetic-free) extraction processes to capture all the goodness. We now all know that boiling a cabbage dilutes the 'good stuff' (it ends up in the thrown-away water), which is why these raw ingredients are treated with respect; laboriously cold-pressed and lovingly blended to ensure that every last drop is exploited.

Rich in all manner of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and bioflavanoids, these Farm to Face products all guarantee purity and transparency - empowering consumers to make informed buying choices. Leading the charge are established brand names such as {Tata Harper} - whose products start their lives as saplings on her Vermont farm - while burgeoning brands (such as {FARMACY}, {SkinOwl} and {Vintner's Daughter}), are now making their mark on this fast-growing niche.

A reaction to our ever more fast-paced culture, Farm to Face puts the care in cosmetics. With emphasis on quality, integrity and eco-conscience, this is 'soul food' for your face - made with patience and laced with a dollop of love.

This is skin care to make you both look and feel good. Watch this space...


Verity Douglas
Writer and expert
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Cult Beauty’s Content Editor and a Cult Beauty OG, Verity loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm. A quintessential Libran, she’s a self-professed magpie for luxury ‘must-haves' and always pursuing the new and the niche — from the boujee-est skin care to cutting-edge tech. Balancing an urge to stop the clock with her desire to embrace the ageing process (and set a positive example for her daughter), Verity's a retinol obsessive and will gladly share her thoughts about the time-defying gadgets, masks and treatments worth the splurge...