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ZIIP Beauty’s game-changing device is tipped to transform your complexion

We spoke to {ZIIP Beauty’s} creator, Melanie Simon, about her brilliant cell-energising, face-changing device. It’s the nearest thing to Harley Street at home…

{Cult Beauty} ZIIP devices use different types of electrical current to ‘energise’ skin cells and effect an improvement in skin’s health and appearance. Can you explain, in layperson’s terms, how ZIIP works and why the electricity is beneficial?

{Melanie Simon} ZIIP uses different ‘electrical cocktails’ to treat your skin’s specific needs. All the treatments increase ATP production – think of ATP as the body’s ‘molecular currency’ – it’s essential for the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

As we age, we produce less and less ATP, but low levels of electrical current have been proven to increase production by as much as 500%. The problem is that ATP cannot be stored – which is why it’s vital to use a device such as ZIIP on a regular basis, to maintain ATP production and in turn, increase skin’s strength and resilience.

{CB} The prospect of ‘electrocuting’ your complexion might seem a bit daunting to some people. Can you reassure those who’re alarmed by the idea? What does the treatment feel like?

{MS} I specialise in low levels of electricity. Many treatments – such as the ‘Sensitive Energise’ and ‘Vitaleyes’ programs are so gentle, the user may not feel the current at all – while other, more intensive treatments – such as ‘Energise’ and ‘Total Clearing’ – will deliver small pulses of energy that can be felt.

Regardless of the program selected, {ZIIP} offers the most gentle ‘electrical cocktails’ on the market. We are the only device using nano-current, which is one billionth of one ampere (one ampere is roughly the the amount of energy it requires to fuel a lightbulb). Nano-current mimics the body’s own neurological impulses, to encourage cells to perform at their optimal level.

It is so wonderful that we are able to offer the ZIIP user our {ZIIP Electrical Cocktail App}. The customer can choose the ‘electrical cocktails’ that are most-suited to their skin type and requirements. I personally prefer the gentler programs, but it’s entirely up to the user to find out which ‘cocktails’ suit them best – we all have different electrical frequencies within our bodies – a bit like a fingerprint or an ‘electrical signature’ – thus everyone prefers different treatments.

{CB} Which skin concerns can ZIIP help to improve, and who can use the device? Is it safe for the sensitive-skinned?

{MS} There are currently four treatments, which can be mixed-and-matched to create a bespoke skin care ritual.

Energise – helps to tone and ‘tighten’ the skin. It’s ideal for normal skin types, looking for a long-term anti-ageing solution.

Sensitive Energise – is best for delicate complexions, or those with broken capillaries, high colour or rosacea. The program helps to unify uneven skin tones, minimise enlarged pores and re-densify delicate tissue.

Vitaleyes – is a quick, four-minute treatment that’s perfect for anyone who suffers from dark circles, fine lines or puffiness around the eye area. It’s a very gently treatment and effective for all skin types.

Total Clearing – this program works to counteract the positive charge of acne-forming bacteria and other blemishes, to prevent breakouts and quickly diminish existing imperfections.

{CB} What’s the purpose of the treatment gel? How does it enhance the efficacy?

{MS} The {Golden Conductive Gel} makes the skin as conductive as possible – it ‘pulls’ the electrical current into the skin, via a concentrated blend of electrolyte-rich dehydrated sea water and gold extract.

It is also packed with active ingredients, such as bio-placenta with five growth hormones to encourage cellular regeneration and repair, and haematite which stimulates the synthesis of collagen. This means the gel ‘treats’ the skin while creating an environment for optimal electrical dispersion. Without the gel, the {ZIIP} treatment will not work properly.

{CB} How often should you carry out the treatment? In the morning or the evening, and at which point in your usual skin care ritual?

{MS} This is entirely up to the user. The most important thing with nano-current electricity is regularity of use – ideally, {ZIIP} users should be conducting treatments 2-3 times a week. I encourage switching up the treatments to stimulate the skin more effectively. As each ‘electrical cocktail’ is completely unique, changing up your treatments can enhance the benefits, just as changing up your skin care can.

{CB} How long does it typically take to see results?

{MS} That depends on the treatment. ‘Total Clearing’ users see results within 2-3 treatments, while ‘Energise’ and ‘Sensitive Energise’ programs deliver results with in 1-2 weeks of use.

All of the treatments typically generate an immediate result, however it’s important to remember that {ZIIP} is not about immediate results – it is about the long-term health and beauty of the skin. ZIIP is a maintenance device that should be thought of as something to incorporate into one’s daily routine indefinitely.

{CB} It is operated by app. How do you select the setting and is it easy to interchange? For example, can you switch between the anti-acne and the anti-ageing modes?

{MS} Absolutely! it is very simple to switch to different programs on the app. Sometimes I will alternate between three different programs (I complete every one) within a 30 minute period. Simply choose the treatment you are interested via the app and select ‘Send this treatment to your ZIIP?’. It happens very fast so watch closely.

It was very important to us to make the process simple for the user. After you have selected your favourite ‘cocktail’, a step-by-step video will pop up on screen for the user to watch during the treatment. The video moves at the same pace as the treatment on your {ZIIP} so that you have a reference point at every stage of the treatment.

{CB} And finally, you currently have four settings: ‘Energise’, ‘Sensitive Energy’, ‘Vitaleyes’ and ‘Total Clearing’. Do you have other settings in development? What’s next for ZIIP?

{MS} Yes I have several different treatments in the works. Watch for the next one on your app early this autumn…


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