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Everything you need to know about NIOD

Verity Douglas
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Hailed as 'skin care for the hyper-educated' (although we like to think of it as 'beauty for boffins'), you'd be forgiven for finding {NIOD} (more than a bit) baffling. With product names you'd expect to encounter on shelves in a lab - from {Copper Amino Isolate Serum} to {Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester} - this pioneering, science-driven brand is far from 'obvious', but don't let that deter you. Standing for 'Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science', these products are phenomenally high-performance - transforming your complexion with pure, potent skin solutions.

{Copper Amino Isolate Serum}

A comprehensive, age-defying daily treatment, this powerful serum + activator duo is a synthetic equivalent to naturally-occurring peptides, which boosts skin's inter-cellular communication to strengthen the foundations of skin health. Found naturally in skin (although levels decrease from around age 18), CAIS is responsible for maintaining its youthful 'bounce', vitality and tone.

When applied topically, this is effectively your skin care 'ground work' - enhancing cell efficiency so they're able to utilise the product applied subsequently. Choose from a {1.0%} or {5.0%} pure Copper Tripeptide-1 solution, to be mixed with a specialised activator, to 'educate' your skin and help it thrive.

{Flavanone Mud}

Unlike most masques, which require a thick layer to be applied to cover the entire face (largely due to the difficulty with dispersion), Flavanone Mud avoids the use of aggressive clays, direct acids, low or high pH, exfoliating agents or any material that would disrupt dermal balance and it applies effortlessly to purify, protect and decongest. Great for city dwellers or those prone to clogged pores, blemishes or breakouts, this once-a-week treatment keeps skin clear and luminous.

{Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate}

Developed to tackle all signs of ageing around the delicate eye area, this cocktail of 28 clinical technologies is proven to improve the visibility of dynamic lines, static lines, superficial under-eye lines, loss of elasticity, dark circles, puffiness and textural unevenness - with noticeable results within as little as three days.

{Hydration Vaccine}

This 'breathable' seal helps to boost the skin's levels of 'Natural Moisturizing Factors' which in turn, inhibits water loss so your face feels consistently plumped-up and dewy. Ideal for dry skin or those working in harsh, air-conditioned environments, this enhances skin's barrier function so your complexion exudes health and recovers its youthful elasticity and 'bounce'.

{Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate}

With an impressive blend of cutting-edge ingredients, this pout-perfecting serum has both quick and cumulative benefits - stimulating circulation so your lips appear smooth, supple and voluptuous. Borrowing from peptide technology, this game-changing serum has a rapid 'volumising' benefit - promoting colour and defining your lip contour without pigment or the risk of irritation.

{Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester}

A cleanser but not as you know it, this innovative elixir contains no cleansing plant oils, no detergents and no water but instead, uses isolated sugar and avocado esters to remove every trace of dirt and make up whether your skin's dry or wet. Leaving your face feeling comfortably hydrated (never stripped!), this also acts to maximise the benefits of product applied afterwards - enhancing deliverability so your cells can function optimally.

{Photography Fluid - Opacity 12%}

Changing the face of foundation, this priming potion has a silky, serum formula that boasts a wide array of light-scattering prisms, tone-and-hue correctors and topical, photo-finishing technologies - it's basically a 'real life' Insta-filter. A brilliant base for your base, it blurs imperfections for skin that looks instantly HD-ready (it isn't 'tinted' though - you'll need to follow with foundation if you like a bit more coverage).

{Mastic Must}

This 'must's' a must... perhaps its not the most appealing name for something so miraculous, but this deep-cleaning treatment is a joy to use. A see-through mask, this harnesses the dirt-attracting properties of 'mastic' - a sticky gum - to purge your pores and eliminate even embedded impurities. Here's an analogy for you... imaging rubbing chewing gum across your carpet and you have a 'grand scale' idea of this mask's decongesting prowess.

{Sanskrit Saponins}

A gorgeous skin-softening cleanser (its great as your 'second step' cleanse), this potent blend of Ayurvedic plant surfactants is completely pH balanced, to respect your complexion's equilibrium while leaving a fresh 'squeaky' clean feeling. There's no residual tightness - just peachy-soft skin that exudes health and radiance. The results are rapid and cumulative - its great for promoting a clearer, more luminous visage.

{Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex}

As outlined in our recent piece on {hyaluronic acid}, HA molecules are often just too big to have any effect - they sit on top of skin (where they do precious little). But, not any more... this blend of 12 differing weights of HA means that the molecules can penetrate much deeper - having both a superficial plumping and hydrating impact, as well as a much more intensive line-smoothing and protective effect. Ideal used with {Copper Amino Isolate Serum} (apply this immediately after), its also an ideal pre-cursor for {Hydration Vaccine} - super-charging your moisturisation.


Verity Douglas
Writer and expert
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Cult Beauty’s Content Editor and a Cult Beauty OG, Verity loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm. A quintessential Libran, she’s a self-professed magpie for luxury ‘must-haves' and always pursuing the new and the niche — from the boujee-est skin care to cutting-edge tech. Balancing an urge to stop the clock with her desire to embrace the ageing process (and set a positive example for her daughter), Verity's a retinol obsessive and will gladly share her thoughts about the time-defying gadgets, masks and treatments worth the splurge...