Veganism isn't just a diet - it's a lifestyle - which is why we've rounded up some of the most incredible, completely vegan formulas for those who want their beauty products cruelty-free and effective...

Firstly, it's important to note that 'cruelty-free' doesn't automatically mean vegan. Although they're not tested on animals, 'cruelty conscious' products can still contain animal-derived ingredients (such as lactic acid from milk, or beeswax from honey). There also aren't (yet!) very many brands 'spelling out' their stance on vegan - but this is set to change with an increased demand for vegan skin care and cosmetics

Starting with skin care, cleanse in a cruelty-free way using {Black Chicken Remedies} {Cleanse My Face}, or January Labs' (5* Rated) {Pure & Gentle Cleansing Gel} - both of which come highly-recommended by Cult Beauty customers.

To tone, try a spray - {Allies of Skin} {Molecular Toner Mist} is phenomenally active yet completely free from any ethically-questionable ingredients. The ultimate (animal-friendly) upgrade, this is a WORLD away from all those common-or-garden mists you buy in the shops; hydrating, blemish-battling and protecting skin with every spritz.

To hydrate? REN's {Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion} is overflowing with moisture-retaining extracts to diminish fine lines and maintain your skin's 'bounce', while {Tata Harper's} {Replenishing Nutrient Complex} acts like an 'umbrella' for your complexion - keeping all the 'good stuff' in while deflecting the ageing effects of environmental stress. It's the perfect 'top coat' in your skin care wardrobe.

Make up-wise, ace your base with {W3LL PEOPLE's} {Altruist Foundation Powder} - a blend of pure, skin-perfecting pigments that create a flawless canvas - and apply with one of Morphe's {Vegan Brushes}.

Enhance your eyes with Rituel de Fille's {Ash and Ember Eye Soot} in one (or several) of the following shades: 'Sigil', 'Obsidian', 'Love Spell' or 'Golden Age'. {Rituel de Fille} does not position itself as a vegan brand - they do use pigments such as carmine (from insects) - however, they are HOT on transparency, so everything that makes the vegan grade is named (and celebrated)!

And if you love a vibrant, long-wear liquid lip, Beauty Bakerie's {Lip Whips} (and {Metallic Lip Whips}) are all 100% vegan and completely kiss-resistant.

We haven't found a vegan mascara just yet (the majority contain beeswax), but we're working on it! Will let you know when we hit vegan gold!