Sigma Beauty Mascara

Not only are {Sigma Beauty} responsible for bringing us some of the greatest make up brushes we've wielded (their {Round Kabuki Brush} though... *praise hands emoji*), but they've also created some of the most incredible mascaras we've come across (we know).

Do you have a have a mascara wardrobe? No? You're going to need one... Sigma's trio of magical wands allows you to create a custom eyelash look - building incredible length, curl and volume, depending on your own eyelash requirements.

Short and 'stumpy'? Go for {High Caliber Lash} to create enviable elongation. This slim, straight brush grips and separates each strand to maximise length and achieve soft, fluttery definition.

Determinedly straight? You need {Sinuosity Lash Mascara} which 'shrink wraps' each hair to achieve 'lift' and long-lasting curl. The moulded plastic brush grips and evenly distributes the pigment - gently 'pulling' lashes up and outwards for an instant, eye-opening effect.

And if you're sparse of lash, or like a high-impact eye make up look, opt for {Monumental Lash Mascara} - a volumising formula that adds root 'oomph' and fullness to create a set of full-on, breeze-inducing fringes.

Or, if you need a bit of everything, you can mix-and-match to tailor the result. Want length and volume - follow 'High Caliber' with 'Monumental'. Need curl and length - do 'Sinuosity' then 'High Caliber' - the formulas are all clump-free, smudge-, flake- and water-resistant, so you can choose one coat for subtle lash-enhancement, or apply 2-3 for full-on, knock 'em dead drama.

£15 each, you can snap up all three for just £36 with the {Structural Lashes Mascara Set}. We promise you'll always look mesmer-eyes-ing.