Jenny Chiu - Cult Beauty Marketing Direcotr

"My morning skin ritual sometimes feels like a competitive event. It's a race to get ready without interruption, and I'm invariably trying to dance 'round one - or two! - mini mischiefs, whilst attempting not to blind myself with a mascara wand. I start off with {Ceramic Slip Cleanser} - something about the clay helps dispel the night's 'grub' - and it smells amazing, which instantly revives me when I need an extra jump-start (always). I tone with a quick spritz of Omorovicza's {Queen of Hungary Mist} - sod cotton wool; too time consuming! Just a mist of this works perfectly (and is the icing on the 'wake up' cake). I then apply an ultra-thin layer of Payot's {Spéciale 5} to my hormonal-chin-spot area - I know it looks worryingly white, and is intended as a night-time treatment - but when spread evenly it works well under make up, and helps prevent unwelcome facial visitations. I dab the merest smidge of Sunday Riley's {Start Over Eye Cream} 'round my eyes (it's bloody expensive!), to prevent/un-do oncoming wrinkles - the inevitable side-effect of being 33 with twin two year olds. Then I liberally smear Embryolisse {Lait-Crème Concentré} all over - a pea sized blob does the job, but it's so reasonable, I needn't be so anxious about eking out the contents of the tube. Light and non-greasy, this sinks straight in so I can slap my make up on in minutes. Make up *if you can call it that* consists of Resultime by Collin's {CC Cream} applied with a {Beautyblender}. Then, if all else fails (blush, mascara, eyeliner), at least I have natural-looking, long-wearing base that makes me feel marginally more polished."