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    Milk MakeupKUSH High Volume Mascara 4ml<p>Guaranteed to give your lashes a dose of TLC, Milk Makeup&#8217;s ground-breaking KUSH High Volume Mascara is sure to become your go-to. On a mission to deliver 100% vegan products that are packed with good-for-you ingredients, Milk Makeup swapped beeswax &#8211; a common binding ingredient in mascaras &#8211; for plant-derived oils which have the nourish the lashes while ensuring that the colour glides on seamlessly from root to tip. The hi-tech product also contains hollow heart-shaped fibres that lock onto each individual lash for phenomenal (flake-free) fullness and of course, a mascara is <em>nothing</em> without a good brush &#8211; and damn it, does this one deliver. Named 'Puff Puff Brush' by the brand, the chunky wand is cleverly designed with criss-cross bristles that coat each and every eyelash without leaving any clumps. And, just when you thought it couldn&#8217;t get any better, Milk Makeup prove us wrong &#8211; the product is not only vegan, but cruelty <em>and</em> paraben-free.&nbsp;</p>MIL014_MINI1769308143330257424 stars, based on130 reviews 13.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

    Milk Makeup
    KUSH High Volume Mascara
    ( 4ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      The string of awards that KUSH High Volume Mascara has accumulated – OK Magazine’s 'Game Changer of 2018' Award and Influenster.com’s 'Reviewers Choice' Award are just two of the trophies on its mantelpiece – are enough to convince even the most hesitant of beauty connoisseurs that this mascara means business. Starring plant-derived oil, Milk Makeup’s unique vegan formula offers a hiiiigh dose of volume to your lashes, conditioning every hair and granting a creamy, glide-on texture (no clumps or snagging). Added to the mix are teeny, hollow heart-shaped fibres that cling to individual lashes for fl-utterly intense and long-lasting volume.

    • Description

      Guaranteed to give your lashes a dose of TLC, Milk Makeup’s ground-breaking KUSH High Volume Mascara is sure to become your go-to. On a mission to deliver 100% vegan products that are packed with good-for-you ingredients, Milk Makeup swapped beeswax – a common binding ingredient in mascaras – for plant-derived oils which have the nourish the lashes while ensuring that the colour glides on seamlessly from root to tip. The hi-tech product also contains hollow heart-shaped fibres that lock onto each individual lash for phenomenal (flake-free) fullness and of course, a mascara is nothing without a good brush – and damn it, does this one deliver. Named 'Puff Puff Brush' by the brand, the chunky wand is cleverly designed with criss-cross bristles that coat each and every eyelash without leaving any clumps. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Milk Makeup prove us wrong – the product is not only vegan, but cruelty and paraben-free. 

    • How to use

      Apply to lashes for instant long-lasting volume. For added drama, apply a second and/or third coat. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua, Eau), Paraffin, Glyceryl Stearate, Synthetic Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Acacia Senegal Gum, Butylene Glycol, Palmitic Acid, Polybutene, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Ozokerite, Aminomethyl Propanol, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil/Huile Végétale Hydrogénée, Phenoxyethanol, Stearyl Stearate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Nylon-6, Papaver Somniferum Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Dipteryx Odorata Seed Extract, Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Cire de Carnauba, Silica, Tropolone, Aframomum Melegueta Seed Extract, Helichrysum Italicum Extract, Iron Oxide (CI 77499)

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    Milk Makeup - KUSH High Volume Mascara

    Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara Reviews

    Fluffy but smudges
    Love how this looks when I first put this one (dramatic length and volume), but it gives me panda eyes every single time. I wear it at home for zoom meetings now, but not out because it just smudges!
    Great volume
    I really like the effect of this mascara, gives great volume and length. The first couple of uses can be a little clumpy but that soon wears off. I just wish it was a little easier to remove, I seem to spend forever with cotton wool pads on my eyes, rinsing & rubbing but there's still residue under my eyes the next morning.
    Honestly I've been through my fair share of mascaras and I can't claim they're all perfect. I religiously used Better Than Sex but got recommended this one by a friend. It is THE CLUMPIEST mascara I've ever used!!! I wore it like twice and never again since then, it's horrific. The first time I used it was like ooh okay this adds volume but since then... it's a no from me.
    Best Mascara ever
    Love it!! Makes my eyelashes look thick and long, and get's every lash, no smudging. I even went for a swim in the sea and barely had any black smudge under my eyes. I put one coat on, leave for a few mins and then put another coat and I get amazing thick long lashes. Love the container too. Feels like you've got a serious mascara weapon. I promise to never stray.
    I’ve honestly never found a mascara so clumpy before? When removing the wand there is so much product on the applicator and on the top part of the tube where you pull out the wand and it’s not smooth to apply and then difficult to remove clumps from your lashes. Very disappointing. You would get a better mascara for half the price at your local supermarket. Not worth the hype or money.
    Not my cup of tea!
    Unfortunately this mascara it’s a NO for me. I like the brush but far too much product, the brush ends up overload with it leaving the lashes clumpy not defined and always have to use a clean comb to remove the excess of product. Sadly I won’t but again.
    better than I thought it would be
    I know this mascara gets mixed reviews. I have oily eyelids and found this actually wears quite well as a day mascara and I got a great lift on the lash. The key to a good mascara for me is the brush, and I love the one on this. The tube is far too heavy though, and I can see how it affects application for some people.
    Very, very nice mascara.
    I love this formula. Thickening and not clumpy at all. Lovely packaging, really weighty. Another winner for this great brand.
    Wish I could give it 5
    I adore this mascara. I love the packaging. I like Milk overall as a brand. I love the look this gives, it's buildable. When applying you notice it stays "wet" for longer than your average mascara, which is great because it gives you time to work with it and layer it up if you want to. If you do make a mistake though, you do have to wait for a while until you can flick it off as you usually would because it takes some time to dry down. It separates the lashes and it looks stunning. It's easy to remove. BUT - it does smudge. I can't use it on my bottom lashes really at all and my top lashes definitely do smudge. I had read reviews that said it was likely, and I don't regret buying in fact have repurchased a couple of times but if you want staying power it's not there.
    Mascara a bit clumpy, travel size a bit heavy...
    I've bought the travel size of this mascara before and it was in a lightweight plastic unit, which is good if you're travelling. But now it's just a smaller version of the standard size one, in a heavier, metal (?) unit, which doesn't seem to make sense. I don't remember the mascara itself being as thick and clumpy as this new one is. I've got fine lashes, but
    Bought this product ct because of the rave reviews but really wish I'd bought the smaller tester size first. Its extremely wet and clumpy. I've been persevering with it but everything I try it still comes out awful and clumpy. I don't understand why so many people love this.
    Only buy if you have very fine lashes
    I wanted to love this sososo bad as I love Milk as a brand, but this is the product that made me realise I really don't like volume in a mascara. I have very thick lashes that are very short. It's super clumpy and heavy on me and doesn't lengthen as much as I would like, which is what I really need in a mascara. Gave it to my mum who has really fine lashes and she LOVES it though.
    Bought the travel-sample, it’s a lovely mascara & brush, goes on really easily and doesn’t clump. The downside is by the end of the day I had dark smudges under my eyes, I hadn’t put any mascara on my lower lash line, won’t be purchasing again.
    It all started with a tester in my sister’s cult beauty box. Let me tell something. When you get a mascara THIS GOOD, you won’t touch another mascara for a long time. I am in love with the way it makes my lashes look, I apply a few layers, tweak the outer corners and it just WORKS. I bought 5 of them and handed them to my sisters and friends and they’re in LOVE too.
    Got it as sample in the summer CB bag. This mascara made my thin short eyelashes incredible! Love it! Definitely will buy full size!
    Smudges very quickly
    Got this free in the latest CB goody bag/GWP. Really wanted to love it as it goes on beautifully but it smudges within 2 hours. I never rub or touch my eyes but sadly within two hours of normal wear I had dark smudges under both eyes, so it's going in the bin.
    Bad mascara
    This came as a sample in the latest CB bag. I was so surprised about how bad this mascara is. It does NOTHING for my lashes - no length, no volume. It just makes them darker but that's not enough! The formula feels dry, almost like an old mascara you've had lying around for a way too long. Maybe I got a bad sample but aren't samples supposed to be representative? Two stars instead of one just because it's easy to remove.
    Repurchased after getting a mini version in a set and really loving it. Good formula but I don’t like how big the brush is and definitely works more precisely with a smaller wand.
    So for the first few times I used this mascara it was amazing. And then all of a sudden when I took the brush out of the bottle it was covered in clumpy product ! And I have to wipe it off every time otherwise I'll end up with panda eyes and clumpy eyelashes. There is something wrong with the design of the neck of the bottle it doesn't seem to remove any product as you take it out and ends up just every where. I'll never buy this again.
    A fine mascara !
    This isn't the best mascara I have ever used but it isn't the worst either. The spoolie is very big so I find it hard not to get mascara over my eyelid. I only apply mascara to my top lashes so it doesn't run on me but I lent this to my friend once as she forgot her mascara (gross I know haha) and it had run down her face after about 2 hours. It does a fair job at separating my lashes but it does require a little effort to achieve the look I like. I will continue to use the product until it's done as it isn't awful, but I won't be repurchasing.
    Not great
    I wanted to love this mascara but sadly I don’t think it’s great. I don’t know if it’s the brush or the formula but this was very thick and tacky and made my lashes look like spiders legs (not my thing) and is overall really messy. I’ve started using it with a disposable spoolie which creates more of a natural look but after a couple of hours it’s still all over my face and under my eyes. I wish I’d bought the mini... Doh! Next time I will stick with my usual Hourglass mascara!
    no no no
    God bless I got mini - it doesn't stay, it messes up around your eyes in an hour. Panda eyes alert! The brush is nice, and the lash result is amazing, but the messiness is just not worthy.
    The only mascara I use
    This checks enough of the boxes for me to not use anything else these days. Sufficiently “clean” and vegan, I really like the texture and how well it goes on to my lashes. Stays on all day, although for some reason it always smudges in the left hand corner of my left eye (hence the 4 stars). It takes some work to get the excess mascara off the wand when you first take it out of the bottle but this is not unique to Milk. All in all, it’s brilliant stuff especially at this price point
    It was OK, flaked under my eyes at the end of the day, I don’t think it was worth the price and wouldn’t by it again.
    I’m in love!
    I’ve heard lots of things about the kush mascara, so thought I’d try it. It has not disappointed, worn it everyday since I got it. I’ve found it hasn’t smudged as much as my other mascaras. My lashes look super long and fluffy! It’s also super easy to take off at night! Definitely recommend!
    Fluttery, Long and Separated Lashes
    Makes my lashes look beautifully long and fluttery. I'm not into the clumpy lash look (I'm looking at you better than sex) so if you like that look I'd say stay away from this. Also, I did dock a star because it dries out pretty quickly
    Fantastic mascara does exactly as it says my go to product overall
    Updated Review
    I wanted to do another updated review on this product as I wasn't initially impressed. However, I now absolutely love it! Since using it I've noticed that my lashes are longer, fuller and a lot more healthy. It doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day - it stays put until I take it off at night. I'm now making my way through a full-sized tube and recommending it to all my friends.
    THE best mascara I have ever used!
    Anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with this brand since it launched! I have every skincare and make-up product they do from lipgloss and mascara to the new vegan moisturiser! But my absolute fave of all is the Kush mascara. Not only can I apply it without having to curl my (previously short) lashes but it conditions them and I can honestly say I have noticed a dramatic difference in the length and fullness of my lashes. I would recommend this if you have previously had short and flat eyelashes and are looking for something that will not only provide length but also a product that will look after your lashes.
    Honestly thee best mascara
    I have tried soo many mascaras that promise long, thick lashes but don’t actually do anything. However, THIS mascara is bloody amazing. It really does what it promises.
    It’s okay
    It’s okay, it does make your lashes really long and voluminous but it gets really clumpy so I had to use a spoolie and another mascara to get rid of the clumps. It also irritated my eyes when I washed it off because of the fibres
    Good masara
    I got the travel size of this to try out before getting the full size. The tube is quite weighty, which you get used to in no time and this makes it feel a lot better quality than ones in plastic tubes. The mascara itself has very little/no scent to it, which is perfect for me as I have sensitive eyes and they'll go bright red with say a Lancome mascara. They sweat and look like I've been crying. I don't think this creates as much volume as it says it will, but it's certainly lengthening, doesn't crumble or transfer on my oily lids and is easily removable. I'll definitely repurchase.
    Better than Better than Sex Mascara
    One of my favourites from my high end mascaras. Fuller lashes without clumping up.
    very smudgey
    I love the way this made my lashes look. Full but natural, a great daytime mascara. BUT it smudges really badly and I kept having panda eyes. I may stop using it. Quite disappointing.
    Not worth it!
    Really wanted to love this but unfortunately comes out in clumps on the mascara wand so really hard to apply without big clumps of the product all over your lashes, and then it just ends up all over your face by lunchtime and none left on your eyelashes! Massive disappointment.
    Save your coin, don’t buy this
    I bought the full size regrettably - mascara can be so hit or miss but the unique formula had me interested. It’s not the worst mascara, I haven’t had issues with panda eyes or smudges but it’s not building my lashes up as easily as other products. If you have pretty straight lashes stay away as this will do nothing for you. I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury mascara, that’s worth the money. However, this mascara does smell lovely although I don’t know if that’s good considering the eyes are a sensitive area. The packaging itself is probably the best I’ve ever seen in a mascara product - it feels luxurious and high quality.
    Hard pass
    This smudges very easily and by the end of the day ends up giving me dark circles! It doesn't clump, but doesn't give a great deal of volume either, if that's what you're after. I wouldn't recommend if you want a low maintenance and easy to apply mascara.
    Drying and smudging
    Got this as a sample size and so glad I did - I found it dried out and left smudges under my eyelids, also very difficult to remove. Went straight in the bin.
    Don't know how the reviews can be so good!
    Bought two of the big size mascaras - one for me and one for a present. The application is awful. Mascara comes out in clumps and consequently clumps up your lashes. I just don't get how many good reviews there are. I need to then spend at least 4-5 minutes separating my lashes. Only after which do they look ok. Not fabulous or brilliant in any way, shape or form. Really disappointing.
    The BEST mascara
    This mascara is truly a holy grail product for me. I have quite short eye lashes and this really lengthens and separates them without clumping! If you are looking for a new mascara, buy one of these now!!
    I love it
    I’ve been using this mascara since the first of February this year and I’ve never experienced the smudging or flaking others have mentioned, I also work in a hot cafe and constantly open a hot dishwasher but the steam has never made my mascara budge. My lashes look the best they ever have and the mascara I was using before had the same wand shape so I don’t find it hard to use at all. Wish I could give it more stars and I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I run out.
    Didn't live up to the hype
    I was glad I got a mini version of this in the 'Meet the Fam' set when Milk launched on Cult Beauty as this was one product I wanted to try. Sadly this mascara didn't live up to the hype, and I think I'll be sticking to my usual ELF mascara.
    Love it
    I can't fault this mascara. I get watery eyes when I go out in cold/windy weather and this stays put. No irritation and no problems removing it at the end of the day. I've had loads of compliments on how amazing my lashes look too.
    fab fab fab
    Picked up this mascara after hearing some pretty good reviews, and wow am I glad I did! Makes my lashes look unreal and doesn’t flake off throughout the day. One coat is all I need!! Can’t recommend this enough.
    Big Fan
    I have big lashes so not massively fussy about mascara, however, I really love this as the brush is big but gives good coverage. It makes my lashes look good better than the average mascara, I have been recommending to my friends and would be buying again!
    Love this product and formula, but the brush is a little too big and product can cling to the brush so have to wiggle the brush around the sides to get even coverage. Really fussy with how black masarca is but this is prefect.
    I like it..
    Ok the brush is too big. The formula is too wet and it is MESSY but even so, I love this mascara! It CURLS and LIFTS my lashes it is so good for that and it gives that really cool grungey undone look of thick nearly clumpy lashes. It is blacker than black it is comfortable. I find I have to go over it with my waterproof Bobbi Brown mascara to ensure no transfer and that it lasts, but I do that with every mascara to lock them down. Overall it's great if you can deal with the huge wand and the potential for mess!
    Great for Asian lashes!
    I honestly thought that I wasn't going to like this but it's one of the best mascaras I've ever tried. It separates and lifts all of my short, Asian lashes with one coat! When compared to other non-waterproof mascaras (I normally use waterproof mascara because I have super oily eyelid), I find that the staying power is amazing. It only starts to smudge slightly on me at the very end of the day (other mascaras tend to smudge after a couple of hours on me). For a fibre mascara, it doesn't flake on me either. It's nearly everything I want in a mascara (volumising, lengthening and almost completely smudge-proof). Just wish the brush is slightly bit smaller... I'm very scared of stabbing myself in the eye.
    My mum bought this for me as a treat and I absolutely love it! It gives me fabulous volume and length whilst leaving lashes soft and clump free. Very pleased!
    Hands down the best mascara I've used!
    I can honestly say I've never truly loved or liked any mascara I've used...until this one. I'd heard a lot of hype online and was curious to try the product. DAYUM! I love everything about it, from the smell of the product to the weightiness of the tube. My eyelashes don't feel stiff or flaky or gross. They don't stick out straight like they normally do. They feel conditioned and soft and fluffy. I'm absolutely in love. If this product is ever discontinued I'll flip this table and every other table I can get my hands on.
    Not sure
    I love how this mascara looks. Really adds length and a little volume. However, it does smudge which is annoying. I find it's under my eyes and flakes off by the end of the day. The brush is also quite big so hard to get a clean application, which isn't too much of a big deal as I can wipe little extra dots off. Will continue to use it and see if my opinion changes.
    Panda eyes
    I really wanted to like this product and it does make lashes fuller and longer. But it’s so flakey and ends up under your eyes half way through the day.
    Expecting better
    Quite smudgy and not volumising. Good for spiky lashes.
    I really like it, my lashes haven't grown since I first started using it every day for the past month though.
    Flaky as heck
    Same as everyone says really. It does make my eyelashes look the best they ever have (and I’ve tried a lot of high end mascaras), but it’s not worth the smudging. Halfway through the day my glasses and face are covered in black flakes and there solid black rings under my eyes - even when I don’t wear it on my bottom lashes!
    Fabulous if used with a bit of care
    This mascara is so beautifully lightweight - if you have sensitive skin around your eyes I would highly recommend (I suffer from eczema around my eyes and this has caused no irritation whatso ever!). The first day I wore this, I got the smudging as mentioned however, for the second use I powdered under my eyes and now does not smudge. Highly recommend if you love long lashes but hate weighty mascara.
    It smudges really badly
    I bought this after having waited for hours in the cold at the Milk Cosmetics event in Central London. What a waste of time! It gives a gorgeous definition to the lashes but then it smudges really badly to the point that it cannot be fixed. I kept reapplying concealer throughout the day to no avail. The other skincare minis which are part of the bundle I have bought are awful too, they smell rancid. I honestly do not understand the hype about this brand. It is a no no for me. There are other better products out there.
    Not worth the money
    The packaging feels luxury, looks awesome and expensive but the words printed on the outside barrel literally came off in my hand the first time I twisted it open which felt really cheap. It smudged really badly the first time I used it, the second time I used a (£2!!) Wet n Wild mascara on my lower lashes and made sure to powder heavily under my eyes as I thought maybe this would fix the problem but still got to the afternoon and looked like I had woken up from a mid day nap. Also didn't keep my lashes curled upwards the others do. This hasn't instantly gone to the bottom of my makeup drawer. If you're looking for a more expensive mascara, IT cosmetics or Too Faced are amazing, don't go for this.
    Super long lashes!
    Just starting off I have to say the packaging is so aesthetically pleasing! Feels like a luxury product straight away. This mascara gave me ridiculously long eyelashes, however, I did have to work with it quite a while and apply a fair few coats. I gave it four stars as I'd have preferred a little more volume, but my usual mascara is too faced better than sex, so I find that hard to complete with any mascaras.
    So good and tet not good enough!
    I was really excited to try this out and on first application was blown away. It made my eyelashes stand out and look so lovely and long, held a curl and immediately text a friend a picture showing the difference! However, by the end of the day it had smudged all down my eyes! I love this mascara but can't deal with the panda look. I will try layering something over the top to hopefully help it stay in place but I don't have high hopes.
    Hello Panda
    Recieved the mini version as part of the gift pack sent out on the launch day. I am so pleased I did not buy this myself!! I applied this to both my upper and lower lash I found the product was thick on the brush and I had to remove some prior to application. At first I was really pleased especially with the definition on the lower lashes however after I attending a business lunch I went to the bathroom and to my horror the mascara was smudged under my eye!! I looked like I had been in a storm!! I'm not sure if there is a way to make this product work but for me it's a solid no!!
    It’s volumizing, it’s not very lengthening though. Can look clumpy if you don’t wipe the applicator off on the tube, a lot of product comes out on the applicator. It’s quick to apply because you don’t have to build it up. It doesn’t hold a curl as well as other mascaras do if you have naturally straight eyelashes.
    I got this mascara last week and was so impressed when I put it on the first time. I have long lashes naturally, but they are quite fair so need pigment and definition. This mascara really delivers on this - great length and colour, very pretty and fluttery effect. Very large brush wand applicator - which I like but might not suit everybody. The first time I wore it I put it on in the afternoon & only applied it to my upper lashes. I noticed a very slight drop down by bed time but was still happy with it overall. I wore it again yesterday all day and applied to both my upper and lower lashes. After about 6 hrs wear I looked in the mirror and saw it was terribly smudged under my eyes - what a disappointment! Flaking and smudges - I looked pretty dishevelled! Overall I feel disappointed as I was so excited to use this and think the initial effect was lovely...I think I will keep trying it but will avoid using it on my lower lashes to minimise the amount of fallout/smudging. If it continues to smudge (as I fear it will) I think it will sadly be going in the bin as it's just not practical to wear on a daily basis. Don't think I could easily recommend to anyone now and unlikely to repurchase.
    New favourite mascara
    Tried this at the milk launch party and boy was it lovely. It is very good at multiplying my lashes and giving me a fluttery look. It is very smooth and light weight. It doesn’t have any scent or odd texture. It feels very comfortable. The only negative I can think of is that it’s a very heavy mascara.
    Terrible staying power!
    I’ve worn this every day since I got it at the pop up shop at the weekend. It’s probably the worst mascara I’ve ever used (I wear mascara daily- various brands from £5-£30 range). I put it on at 7am, reasonably ok finish but nothing amazing. By 11 am I had huge panda rings under my eyes, by 5pm I had big clumps falling on my cheeks and when I got home all the mascara on the tips of my lashes had gone. Maybe it’s because of the conditioning oils, but it’s no good conditioning my undereyes. It’s probably fine to put on, take a selfie then take off again. But if you want more than a couple of hours wear from it I would avoid like the plague.
    My New HG
    This mascara has quickly become the no. 1 go to for me. If you want fluffy, fluttery, natural but glam lashes then this is the one. I personally prefer fibrous brushes as I feel they give the fluttery effect way more than a plastic wand (those at always gives me spider lashes). I also love that it comes in a smaller size for travel, and the packaging feels heavy and luxurious. It does transfer slightly under my eyes after a full day in work but nearly every mascara does. I don't have any flaking with this either.
    Works great, bit of a weird smell
    Didn't think that this would literally smell like kush, but it works amazing - makes lashes longer, without clumping them together, can't advise on how long lasting though. A+ on packaging as well - made from actual metal, feels sturdy and cool
    Love the effect, but smudges
    Firstly, I got this in the travel size as recommended by other reviewers to avoid it being clumpy and that seems to have worked. I loved the effect: lightly fluffy, fuller lashes while still leaning towards the 'natural' than 'dramatic' side (very much an undramatic day mascara, but with some oomph). For note, I look for volumising, not lengthening mascaras, so this was up my street (my lashes already hit my glasses, making them 'longer' just means mascara streaks on my glasses, which no one wants!), but I wouldn't pick this mascara up if you're looking for a lengthening effect. The formula was also gentle for sensitive eyes and my lashes felt soft all day (yay!). It doesn't fully come off with just water, but comes off easily with cleanser. Why three stars then, if this was the type of mascara for which I was looking? It smudges! Even with a primer, sadly. First couple of hours my lashes look great, but by lunchtime, I have tale-tell smudges under my eyes (and I don't use mascara on my bottom lashes). The smudges can be removed with water, but, like most people, I don't want to have to check my face multiple times a day to see if my mascara's flaked and there are more smudges. Sadly, I'm unlikely to buy this again.
    Holy Grail
    This is my absolute fave mascara!! I've been using it for a couple of years now after switching from too faced 'better than sex' because I found it lengthens them more. I love the effect it gives, the fibres make your lashes look really thick and full. I can understand what people are saying about it being a bit clumpy but I've found if you buy the travel size, not as much product dispenses and it's perfect - it also means it doesn't dry out before you can finish the tube. If you have sensitive/dry eyes this is a must!!!
    More of a natural mascara
    If you’re wanting more of a natural-looking mascara this is for you. It didn’t give me the bold black dramatic lashes I was after, but it was nice for using on my more natural days and also was good for using before I applied fake lashes. One negative thing is that it did smudge on my lower lash line after wearing it for a long period of time. Overall wasn’t too bad and lasted a long time.
    Wouldn’t buy again
    Good length but very clumpy and hard to remove. Not a good natural every day mascara. The tube is too heavy and bulky as well.
    Smudges like crazy but very good
    I really like this mascara - it is easy to apply, very volumising and my lashes look great after I've put it on. It does smudge very easily, but if you layer a tubing mascara over the top, that mostly fixes the problem, so I would recommend it.
    I prefer the travel size?
    I loved the mini size but the full size applied differently?? The full size seems more wet and clumpy and the tube can get very messy. Oddly, I didn't get this in the smaller size. After trying the small size first and then repurchasing in the bigger size, I'm not sure if I would purchase again.
    Mascara a bit clumpy, container a bit heavy.
    The travel size used to come in a plastic container - I know plastic's bad, but it was lightweight which is useful if you're travelling. Now it comes in a smaller version of the heavy, standard size one - it seems like some sort of metal, and it's quite weighty. The mascara itself seems clumpier and thicker than before - I've got fine lashes and I'm finding it very difficult to keep them separated. I've bought this mascara several times before, but unfortunately I think this will be my last purchase.
    Don't like this
    It's not often a product is consigned straight to the bin, but this was. I gave it two chances, but I just don't like it, mainly for the reason a lot of reviewers have cited, it leaves panama's rings under your eyes by midday, I have really dry skin and this just doesn't happen to me with any mascara except this one. It's not a look that I favour, so even if everything else was right, this would be the deal breaker. The brush is so big and unwieldy and the product just doesn't go on nicely and ends up all over my top lid, and I'm a careful mascara user. If asked if I would recommend it or buy it again, the answer is a definite no
    This mascara survived 40ml of Amaretto that I accidentally threw in my eye while working in a bar. 10/10 would recommend.
    My absolute favourite
    I will never use a different mascara again. I have gone through a ton load of different mascaras and none of them measure up to this one. This mascara makes my lashes twice as long, it also conditioned them, making them really healthy and for once in my life I have natural long lashes... and putting on the mascara makes them even longer and fuller too!! It can get a little clumpy if you don’t wipe off the excess off the brush, as there is A LOT of product. This mascara usually lasts me around 3-4 moths, with everyday usage. I don’t have anything bad to say about it, it’s my absolute favourite.
    I got a sample in the June beauty bag, and I love it. Best mascara that I have tried and had so many compliments on my eyelashes since using this. Will be buying this when my sample runs out!
    So disappointed ☹️
    I read the reviews before buying and despite the bad ones I gave it a go. Well... I wish I could leave photos because the bad ones were right. Right from when I pulled out the wand there was thick mascara goo clumped at the base of the wand and the tip and I had to wipe it all off on the rim. This still happens every time I use this and it’s been about 3 months. This leaves a lot of product around the rim. The mascara is very thick and wet on the wand and I can’t put this on without the mascara going on my eyelids and have to wipe it off every time. It does nothing for my eyelashes. I have straight short lashes and all this does is make them black. It transfers during the day to underneath even though I don’t put it on my bottom lashes. I’ve tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but you can get WAY better mascaras for £10 in Boots.
    Milk mascara
    I am so confused by the mixed reviews After trying numerous mascaras over the years and many much more expensive than this one. In my view, this is the best it lengthens, conditions and stays put all day without smudging. My lashes have never looked better. It really is a fantastic mascara.
    Very Average
    I have quite good lashes already so don’t have to use much mascara so I haven’t found an issue with it being clumpy. In actual fact I quite like the volume, however after 8 hours or so wear there is quite an issue with fall out. Not great for long days.
    The best for volume and length
    I’m really fussy with mascaras as I like length and volume but ideally from just one product and I hate clumps! I also had lash extensions prior to lockdown so was used to a certain type of volume which I was desperately missing! I was a bit unsure about this product at first as it does have mixed reviews and also drastically strays away from the mascaras with the specific brush types I would always previously purchase but I’m so glad I gave it a go! This has fast become my favourite mascara as it gives me the very hard to get results I want so easily. I would highly recommend!
    So disappointed. Please listen to the reviews! Unless you are going for the clumpy spider leg lash look then I would stay far away. The brush is thick but has no definition to the bristles which means it goes on clumpy.
    Best Mascara I’ve Ever Used
    This mascara is honestly genius. It makes such a difference, with a tiny bit of product going such a long way. My lashes are curled, long and dark, with taking the mascara off leaving them feeling so soft, fluttery and moisturised. It even makes me feel as though they’ve grown. A cult classic.
    so average - not worth it
    It doesn't do something really amazing to my lashes. What I want is mostly volume and this is just ok. But for me didn't really do something. Definitely will not buy again.
    Very disappointed with this mascara. Its clumpy and sticky which is not look good on my lashes.
    Could be better.
    Bought the mini size to try it first - the mascara does give good volume and I like that it contains oils to nourish lashes. Unfortunately so much product comes out on the brush/over the sides, so for this reason I wouldn’t buy it again. Maybe the full size is different.
    Glad I only brought travel size
    Wanted to love this mascara after all the fab reviews but sadly it didn’t live up to the hype. Had better results from high street brands.
    I ordered the mini size, great mascara but each time you push the brush in it forces out mascara over the edge so it’s very messy. Might be different with the full size!
    Lovely lashes with this mascara! So light and not at all clumpy. I will be repurchasing soon as I only have a mini.
    Love It!
    Absolutely love this mascara. Doesn't flake or smudge, isn't clumpy and makes my lashes look really long and full. Recommend it to everyone.
    Makes my lashes so lush and long, without being clumpy or hard. I love
    First impressions from day 1
    Just taken my make up off which has been on since lunchtime, now in bed writing this. Applied for the first time, the case is weighty and feels nice. The product doesn't wow me as it goes on but I do notice how light it feels. Lashes don't clump but don't look particularly volumised or lengthened. At this point I didn't feel like it was worth the money. As the day I went on, I liked the look of it and loved that I couldn't feel it on. Felt so light like I had nothing on. When I got home my eyes were a bit smudgy underneath and a few flakes. Nothing really noticeable but I was a bit disappointed. Overall its nice but not worth the price tag.
    Came as the Kush trio
    I was looking to change my mascara to something more environmentally friendly. For me this was a disaster, it was so clumpy I couldn't even put it on properly and after a few days I gave up.
    Best mascara ever!
    I love this mascara! My lashes look so long and full and it builds wonderfully. I have not found it to be flakey on myself but I suppose everyone is different. Personally I really love it!
    Disappointing. It isn't a mascara you would have on all day . I found that when I do apply it to my lashes it makes them feel long and full but it did not stay on . It starts to flake and smudge pretty fast.
    Crumbly Flaky Mess
    Mascara goes on fine (wouldn't say a crazy impressive amount of volume and length takes a while to build) but omg it does not even last through an 8 hour work day. Completely crumbles and flakes without really any touching of my eyes. Disappointing, will not repurchase.
    I’ve been using this mascara for 3 months, trying my best to make it work but it’s honestly a mess. It flakes so bad so there’s dots of mascara all over my face. It smudges horrendously under the eyes not long after putting it on. It dries weirdly so when I apply false lashes my natural lashes with the mascara won’t blend with them and it looks horrible. It does make my lashes look long and evenly spaced out so if it wasn’t for all the problems I would love it. Bad Gal Bang is the best I’ve tried but I need to find a cruelty free mascara. I definitely would not recommend.
    Some conflicting reviews on here but this is the best mascara I've had! it doesn't irritate my eyes and I've had loads of compliments <3 also it's vegan + cruelty-free which is always a win. I will admit when I first saw the wand I thought it wasn't gonna work out but I apply one layer slowly and it looks super cute, I also clean around my lower lash line with a cotton bud + cleansing cream.
    Stays put despite bad hay fever!
    Love this mascara because not only does it make my fairly thin and weedy lashes look long and thick, but also because it stays on without smudging or flaking even through bad hay fever when I have super runny eyes. Really impressive. I’m on my fourth purchase :)
    I love it and hate it
    Once realising my old mascara wasn’t cruelty free, I needed a new one and loved the look of this. This mascara applies amazingly and makes my lashes look so full and long. But it’s not long before I have flakes and smudges all under my eyes. I can’t afford a new mascara yet and I really want to love this one so I’ll keep using it, I’m just a little disappointed with how it wears. If the smudging/flaking problem can be fixed this would be my favourite mascara. I love Milk Makeup but I can’t recommend the Kush Mascara x
    Fave Mascara!
    This is hands down my favourite mascara, my eyelashes have never looked so good! I was worried the brush would be too big but it isn't and I get the most separated and wispy long lashes from this mascara, I also like to layer it underneath Glossier Lash Slick & it's just the perfect combination.
    A no from me
    Initially I loved it and thought it was going to be my new favourite mascara, but quickly realised that it is a total pain to apply (it leaves smudges on my eyelids no matter how careful I am, and clumps lashes together), it crumbles within an hour and leaves flakes everywhere, and if I even touch my eyes by mistake I get instant panda eyes. I definitely won't be finishing the tube, let alone repurchasing it.
    SO GOOD!
    Love this mascara. When I first got it, I tried it the same day to see if it lived up to the good reviews and it did. My eyelashes look super long and the mascara does not clump my lashes but separates them, making them look voluminous. I wore it throughout the day and it did not flake off, smudge or move for the entire time. Definitely recommend!!!
    amazing formula - only mascara I'll ever use!
    This mascara is the ONLY one I've worn that hasn't made my eyes sting or water. It's super gentle with an amazing lengthening and volumising effect, making your lashes appear thick and luscious. The CBD infused formula really conditions my lashes and make for a smooth application. The packaging is really luxurious and heavy, and feels amazing to use. Plus the applicator is really beneficial to the end result. Would definitely recommend!
    Best mascara ever!
    I always used the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara but this has taken over! It really elongates the lashes and doesn't come off onto your under eyes like a lot of mascaras! Highly recommend.
    Beautiful mascara but flaky
    My eyelashes have never looked better than when I use this mascara. I cannot wear it when I need it to last a full day though because by lunchtime it is shedding underneath my eyes. Shame as if it could last it would certainly be a holy grail!
    So disappointing
    I usually stick to Lancome for mascara but had read a lot of good things about this so said I'd give it a try. It's got all of the bad things about a mascara in one! - Really clumpy going on so you have to spend ages brushing the mascara through the lashes. -The brush is really big so it's rare that there isn't some smudging on the top but that's not a big thing as it's manageable once you get used to it. - Initially, the lashes look great and full of volume but after about an hour, the lift underneath the lashes basically dropped and it looked like I was wearing no mascara, except underneath my eyes where it had smudged and flaked on to. - It flakes all over the eyes and smudges under the eyes Really not what I expected and super disappointing. Why change a winning team!? Back to Lancome I go.
    Good but doesn't last
    The big brush, though slightly messy, makes your lashes look amazing within like 2 seconds. The only downside to this mascara is it doesn't last all day, it crumbles off and smudges which is such a shame and an issue i hadn't heard of before from MILK so it's a big disappointing. If you're just going our for an hour though it's brilliant but I won't be repurchasing.
    Don’t get the negativity about this at all.
    When I ordered this I didn’t use it straight away as I was using up the mascara I was already had, but while I was looking what to buy next I started seeing all these negative reviews about the mascara, so I was a bit concerned. I thought I’d try it before my other mascara ran out in case it was awful. I’m not denying people may have had bad experiences with it, but I have not. The brush is massive so it does feel like your putting on your mascara with a pine tree, but it’s fine once you get used to it. I think this is really good mascara. I didn’t get any of the flaking or smudging that people are complaining about. I have a thyroid condition, which can make my eyes quite watery at times, and it’s been fine. I’ve been looking to convert all my skincare and makeup over to truly cruelty free brands. I normally use Benefit Bad Gal Bang, which I love, but as Benefit sell in China, where there is mandatory animal testing for all brands I’m trying to look for alternatives. I think I have now found one. Yay! Plus no beeswax so double yay for the bees!
    Not the best I’ve ever had ....
    I was all set to love this following the hype. But I’ve been very disappointed. Couldn’t get the length and volume I hoped for the formula was too wet for me. and after an hour or two I had panda eyes. So it’s a big no from me.
    It's good, BUT...
    I heard all the hype and I was eager to try something else besides my classic green-and-pink Maybelline or the Lancome Doll Eyes. So, I like the vegan/CBD ingredients. My eyes are not irritated when I use this mascara. It comes off with my Liz Earle face wash. When I used this, it looked like I had put on the most perfect pair of falsies. HOWEVER: it doesn't last. Well, sorta. My lashes look perfect all day... but there are huge (well, 2 mm long) flecks that constantly fall onto my cheekbones and the bags of my eyes. After lunch, it looks like I'm going for that grunge look that was popular in the 90s.. you know, when smearing your mascara on purpose was a thing? Anyways, I love everything about this... but maybe if they made this with natural beeswax it wouldn't be so flaky. Won't repurchase-- just not worth the money.
    MMMMMhhhh it's a no!!!
    I was so excited to try this mascara...but it turned up as a fail. It seems good when you apply it but after 20 minutes it's a mess, plus the volume seems to push down my lashes. Brush too big for my eyes, smudges everywhere. I'm so sorry because the formula it's so light that feels as you don't wear any makeup on you and that was the only positive side of it.
    I tried...
    I have really tried to love this product because it’s been so hyped up and looks great when first applied, but I can’t love it. By the end of the day I’ve got panda eyes and it’s flakes off so much and goes in my eyes so I’m constantly trying to get it out of my eyes and some people have commented on it! Sadly it’s an absolute no for me.
    love it
    I bought the smaller size back when I was in America, and I absolutely love it. I apply it over and over to give it thickness and length. Not sure why people are saying the writing rubs off the tube :/
    Good but needs work
    I really like that this mascara makes the lashes really long however the formula is very clumpy and this is what needs work, I have to remove a lot of the product after applying to get a clean finish. So I wouldn’t buy it again for that.
    Fluttery lashes
    I would like to have given more stars but I find it transfers to my under eye quite easily. Even though it does give great fluttery lashes, and mine are quite short.
    Best Mascara Ever
    I will never buy a different mascara again, this is absolutely the best mascara ever! It perfectly coats the lashes and lifts them so high and the smell omg, heavenly.
    Was really looking forward to trying this, first impression I thought it was decent but it just crumbles and clumps up and gives no curl my eyelashes just went straight. not worth the panda eyes!
    A great mascara especially with curled eyelashes. Packaging is great too :)
    Very wet mascara
    First off, I love the packaging. It has some weight to it, feels good to hold it and the metal of it makes it feel cooling on the hands, which I enjoy. As for the mascara itself. I really like how it lengthens and curls my lashes, without clumping. It holds the curl and length for the whole day, it's super easy to remove and I must say, my lashes do feel very conditioned after I remove it, unlike other mascaras that feel like they've stripped your lashes and they just fall off your eyes. But, I must agree with most of the bad reviews that it's a very wet formula which makes it really difficult to apply. For me, every time I apply it, I get it on my lid, which is not a big deal, as I just scrape it off with a spooly, but if you spend hours doing your eyeshadow, it could ruin it. I don't use mascara on my bottom lashes, so I don't struggle as much with bottom lashes smudging as most of the reviewers, but I still get a bit of smudging there at the end of the day, so I could see that being even worse if I did use it. So overall I love love love how this mascara makes my lashes look, but it does have a very wet and smudgy formula, so I do have to pick and choose the times where I can wear it.
    I was so excited to try this but it clumps so bad it makes my lashes short and stubby flaky lashes and pulls them down NO volume and it’s a lot of money for what you get DON'T BUY.
    Wanted to love this and so looked forward to receiving it. Huge disappointment - wet and clumpy. Have to say hugely disappointed with all the milk cosmetics.
    On the fence..
    I can't make my mind up about this mascara. I love the idea that it nourishes lashes and I like how it looks when I want a really suitable (no makeup makeup) look. However, I tried to build it up and it clumped together so much so that it flaked off. By the end of the day I had loads of black speckles all over my face. I think with this one, its more for those natural days rather than dramatic lashes. I will need to keep testing to really make up my mind.
    Overrated just average
    So, it's not that its a BAD mascara it's just not that great compared to others and is a bit messy. The wand itself is chunky and when putting it back into the tube it clunks up at the top, I've had it a week now and I've had to clean it twice. The lashes look long and thick, you can see quite a difference and the lashes look good and would be good if going out for a couple hours. This wear though on me only lasts about 5 hours, after it tends to smudge a bit under my eyes especially as I put it on my lower lashes or I get flakes under my eyes or on my glasses. So overall i'm a bit disappointed, I won't be purchasing again as it doesn't work for me.
    Very decent product for a sample
    I was surprised to like this mascara as it was a sample but it really popped my lashes.
    Disappointing Mascara
    After a lot of Instagram hip, I really wanted to try this mascara. It didn’t last very long, hardly felt like I’d put anything on apart from the panda eyes.
    Love it!
    I have been waiting for this mascara to try for so long!!!! It’s absolutely amazing!!!! Just one coat and my lashes lifted and open my eyes!!! Oh and the packing...beautiful.
    Best mascara!
    This is one of the best mascaras I've ever used. With one coat, it achieves the exact length and volume. It makes my lashes look a lot fuller but at the same time looks natural. It is very easy to remove and I think it is actually helping my eyelashes grow. It is now my go to mascara!
    Lash Lift!
    Doesn't disappoint. Lash life in a tube! It provides lift and curl with volume that is not clumpy.
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