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    Milk MakeupHydro Grip Primer 10ml<p>Take your skin on a trip (geddit?) with Milk Makeup's brand new, green-tinted liquid Hydro Grip Primer. Boasting a heavy hit of plant-derived oils, as well as moisturising, soothing <em>and</em> balancing aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, and B vitamins, this hard-worker deeply hydrates skin for a smooth and blissed-out finish.&nbsp;While the game-changing addition of blue agave extract forms an invisible layer to grip make up for all-day hold. In fact, in a consumer study 100% of subjects said their skin felt more hydrated, had a healthy-looking glow and their make up lasted longer as long as 12-hours post application! Just allow the formula one minute to fully absorb to activate full grip effect and then apply your make up as normal to create a flawless and long-lasting make up look.</p>MIL034_MINI81433302498-15 stars, based on87 reviews 13.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

    Milk Makeup
    Hydro Grip Primer
    ( 10ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Screaming at your face to - quite literally, get a grip? Let us introduce you to Milk Makeup's all new Hydro Grip Primer. Packaged in their quintessential packaging, this green-tinted liquid primer will effortlessly add deep hydration - it's boosted with aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and B vitamins - while forming an invisible, velcro-esque layer that grips your make up like its life depends on it. Just give it a minute to fully absorb before make up to activate 'turbo grip' mode.


    • Description

      Take your skin on a trip (geddit?) with Milk Makeup's brand new, green-tinted liquid Hydro Grip Primer. Boasting a heavy hit of plant-derived oils, as well as moisturising, soothing and balancing aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, and B vitamins, this hard-worker deeply hydrates skin for a smooth and blissed-out finish. While the game-changing addition of blue agave extract forms an invisible layer to grip make up for all-day hold. In fact, in a consumer study 100% of subjects said their skin felt more hydrated, had a healthy-looking glow and their make up lasted longer as long as 12-hours post application! Just allow the formula one minute to fully absorb to activate full grip effect and then apply your make up as normal to create a flawless and long-lasting make up look.

    • How to use

      Pump 1-2 shot(s) of primer on the back of your hand. Blend a thin layer onto clean skin before make up application. Allow formula one minute to fully absorb to activate grip for all-day hold. Layer foundation and other make up on top for smoother application that lasts all day, or wear alone for fresh-faced, glassy skin.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, Water (Aqua, Eau), Glycerin, PEG-150 Distearate, Alcohol Denat., Polyglyceryl-10 Eicosanedioate/Tetradecanedioate, Diglycerin, PVP, Benzyl Alcohol, Sorbitol, Pullulan, Inositol, Betaine, Carbomer, Maltose, Xylitol, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Phytate, Benzophenone-4, Dehydroacetic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Agave Tequilana Stem Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Vegetable Amino Acids, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Extract, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Flower Extract, Prunus Avium Flower Extract, Citric Acid, Benzoic Acid, Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Red 33 (CI 17200)

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    Milk Makeup - Hydro Grip Primer

    Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer Reviews

    Great product
    I took the plunge and got this after reading VERY mixed reviews, and I love it. You get a massive 45ml of product as opposed to the 30ml you usually get, which is a big plus. Other reviews said that this pills up but I’ve been using this for a month and I’ve never had that happen. I even use this over a pore filling primer in the t-zone and it still doesn’t pill up. My makeup doesn’t budge when I wear this (it will last through long sweaty shifts at work), but I do still find myself getting oily. So be warned that if you’re like me with very oily skin this won’t keep oil at bay, but it will keep your makeup on.
    It’s ok
    I’m still trying it out and it’s just ok. It feels really nice on the skin but I don’t feel like it does anything out of the ordinary with keeping my make up on. It is a nice consistency and I’m happy to continue using it. I might try a few others before deciding to buy this again.
    Best primer I have tried... so far
    This primer has some serious staying power. When applied it is very tacky (good sign) and I imagine if you have dry skin (my skin is normal) it will help disguise that whilst helping your makeup stay all day. It does not help with oil though, my t-zone has a tendency to get a tad shiny after a few hours of wearing any foundation and still did that using this primer. I tried this with a few different foundations e.g Huda Beauty Faux Filter and the new Charlotte Tilbury AFF and it helped their staying power but also added a bit of life into their matte finishes so I really liked it. Worth a try, especially as you can buy a travel size first.
    I've never really bothered spending lots of money on primers, but I went into Sephora and just tested this on my hand to see if it was any good AND. I. FELL. IN. LOVEE... this is is by far the BEST primer I have ever had and makes my makeup last pretty much all day - which is really impressive as I have quite an oily/combo skin type. DEFINITELY WILL BUY AGAIN.
    Balls up my foundation
    I am really disappointed with this primer. I have been looking forward to buying it for ages and when I apply it and leave it around 5 minutes and then go to apply my foundation it ends up balling my foundation. I changed my foundation and the method to see if it still balls up and it does.
    I wanted to love this but...
    I would love to give this primer a higher rating as it did keep my makeup on lovely. However, after just one use, my cheeks broke out in a bright red rash that looked awful and was very difficult to cover up. This was the only new product that I had used that day so I know it was definitely this. I’ve also noticed that Alcohol Denat is quite high up on the list of ingredients, which may be why it affected my skin so much. Try at your own risk!
    Milk Hydro Gripping Primer
    I’m still experimenting with this product. It works really well if I put it over bare, cleansed skin, and is ok over a little serum, but that leaves my skin feeling tight. If I put moisturizer on, it doesn't have the same grip and works only as well as a normal primer.
    I have combo skin. My makeup stays put all day no sliding around love it best primer I've used and I've tried a hell of a lot
    so worth it
    I love this! it's not too heavy, but it's glowy and looks fresh on my skin. I usually wear this with just some concealer and powder, but it holds up really well with foundation too. It smells a little odd straight from the bottle, but the scent doesn't linger at all
    breaks me out
    Good product for extending the longevity of your foundation but breaks you out terribly.
    Love this!
    Tried this primer when given a sample and for me, it really helps my foundation to achieve an even finish and stay put. Does not dry / make my foundation look cakey or flaky. I do have dry skin and notice many who get on with this also do, so perhaps not for those with oily / combination skin. Do make sure you allow a good minute (as per instructions) for the primer to dry, otherwise it grips foundation in patches causing an uneven finish.
    I have never wanted to return a product before. This is genuinely awful. Feels fine when I apply it on my skin but then when I put make up on, it pills and makes my foundation look terrible! It enhances my pores & makes my makeup look cakey. I’ve tried with Fenty Pro Filt’r and Nars Sheer Glow and it does the exact same thing with both. Don’t waste your money!
    I LOVE this primer. It glides onto the skin beautifully, feels weightless and non-greasy and even gives me that glow right after application! The only issue I came across was that I found it didn’t really last over the course of the day, and I didn’t really notice it particularly holding my foundation on (although that could be more down to the foundation I use and how much I put on). For real, if this stuff kept my skin looking and feeling the way it does when I first apply it, I would have an endless supply of it. Excited to see how it affects my skin with extended use!
    I like it!
    I purchased the smaller size of this product to see if I liked it for a couple of weeks... it did not last long at all, the small bottle is TINY. In terms of value for money the bigger is better, I’m surprised there was enough in the small bottle to allow enough time to see if I really did like the product. However, I did! I wear make up for long amounts of time and this really helps it to stay on all day. It hydrated my whole face and especially my dry areas and leaves my skin glowy. I’m going to go for the larger bottle this time. Another issue I had with the bottle is that it’s really hard to get every bit of product out, the structure of the bottle doesn’t allow you to open towards the end to get everything out and some product gets wasted, because of this I wasn’t able to recycle the plastic. 4/5 could earn another star is packaging was rethought!
    Nah, this ain't it
    Was really hopeful for this primer - me having dry skin and this being sold as hydrating. But nope - can't get it to work with moisturiser under it or not. If I bother at it too much with my beauty blender when applying Milk foundation, it all sheers off in little clumps. Really frustrating. Kudos for cute packaging and being cruelty-free - that's great - but the amount you get is ridiculous (tiny bottle). Heading back to my Primeriser, because this ain't it.
    Great primer for dry skin
    Use on top or after your moisturiser. I find using it on top helps my makeup to look flawless and hold for longer. Very good product and worth buying.
    Heat melted makeup? Not with Milk!
    This primer is sensational. Forever I have struggled to find a primer/setting spray to stop the dreaded melted patchy makeup look. Hallelujah, I have found it! I used to suffer constantly with oily patches throughout the day & consequently white lines either sides of my specs after wearing them! Not with this amazing primer - so good it was goodbye setting spray! I use this with a translucent powder to hold my makeup in place & lasts all day. Even after sitting in a tinned roof warehouse office building in 28 Celsius weather - this phenomenal product makes my makeup look good as new. I highly recommend. Only thing I’d advise is to not keep this in your makeup bag on its side - it takes forever to fall down to the bottom & for the pump to collect it (and no way to open the container).
    Holy Grail primer!
    Wasn’t sure if this would work for me as I have super combination skin with an oily t-zone but honestly... it’s been amazing. My makeup lasts all day and still looks fresh - I’ve even used it under makeup for a gym sesh and my face was pretty flawless even after sweating.
    Think I might be doing something wrong?
    Everybody RAVES about this primer but for some reason on my skin it’s really hit or miss! I don’t know if maybe I’m using it wrong or maybe it doesn’t react well with the moisturiser or SPF I tend to use but sometimes it gives me a beautifully smooth base and other times the foundation comes off on my nose and sometimes I get streaks and spots left if I leave my foundation/concealer too long before blending! Real shame bc I was so excited for it after all the reviews.
    Milk Magic!
    Loving this primer. Makes my skin look even more youthful and glowy, and helps makeup sink into the skin like butter! It’s a must-have for your collection!! Go crazy!
    Best Primer Ever!
    This is my new go to primer. If you apply a layer, leave to dry and soak in, then you are set for a long lasting finish all thanks to this little gem. It feels lovely and cool when you apply it too.
    This primer got me GRIPPED!!
    My skin is combination; dry chin, sides of my nose and cheeks, whilst the bridge of my nose and forehead are on the shiny side. I continuously have an issue with getting foundation to stay put on my nose all day until this primer came along. It hydrates the areas that need it most and grips where I'd normally find foundation disappearing. Love, love, love and recommended to my friends too!
    A must have!
    My favourite primer. Perfect if you want a hydrated, dewy finish with your complexion. No strong smells and feels lovely and gripping after you let it sit for a minute.
    I love the idea of extra hydration and benefits such as B vitamins for my skin. Unfortunately, this primer doesn't work with any of my foundations. Makeup looks patchy and cakey.
    Great, but....
    It’s a great primer, even more so if you have dry skin but the scent is so strong and it takes a minute to get used to. Other than that, it's great!
    This is one of the BEST primers I’ve ever used! So worth the money. It keeps my makeup on the whole day and still looks amazing/fresh by the end of it. For reference, I’m normal to combination with an oily t-zone. If you’re sleeping on this, don’t... It’s that good.
    Not really
    I bought a couple of primers to try out before my wedding, and this wasn't that good. It feels like it should be really effective, because it goes on so nicely like an aloe gel, and then quickly transforms on your face into a really tacky base that was quite nice to apply makeup to. So far so good. The issue was that compared to other primers it didn't really keep product on my face. In my T-Zone I'm quite oily, and after a few hours I noticed patches where my foundation looked like it had just slid off. It doesn't normally do that, even when worn alone, and I wore it with setting spray. Nice base to apply make-up to, but the grip part of the product seemed mostly for show.
    Makes your make up last
    I use this and it really works. My skin is oily and make up stays in place, despite the weather or activity. I love it. I use 1 - 2 pumps and leave it to dry. Make up doesn't seem to move and creases seem to be less. Skin does look healthy with it on.
    I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on a primer but when I read about this one, I was really excited to try it. I have very dry skin and makeup tends to cling to the dry patches on my face so thought that this primer could prevent this from happening while also making my makeup last much longer. Unfortunately, I’ve found that due to the sticky nature of this primer, it makes my makeup cling to dry patches even more than before and after a full day at work my makeup looks terrible! I will be on the lookout for a moisturising primer to replace this one.
    My favourite go-to primer
    I love this primer! It goes tacky once on and as you apply your foundation over the top, you can feel that it has a grip. Holds your make up in place all day.
    Twice tested - very poor each time!
    I was so excited about the release of Milk Makeup on Cult beauty and decided to go with Milks newest primer - how disappointed I was! It left my make up patchy, cakey and slipping off my face in patches throughout the day...I looked awful and never been so self conscious about my makeup before. Tried to give it the benefit of the doubt and pass it on to my friends to try out - maybe it was just me. But no the same happened to them! Such a shame considering the hype around this brand - money not well spent on this occasion
    Massive Hydro fan
    I really like this primer. I have dry, sensitive skin and it gives me such a dewy look without any foundation. Sometimes I just wear it on its own with a bit of bronzer and blush - makes every day makeup super easy!!
    I'm torn on this one.
    I want to love this so badly. It feels lovely when applied but I do find myself struggling to make it work. If you apply foundation with a sponge, don't panic when you see splotchy application dots in your magnifying mirror. Give it a few minutes and it settles in beautifully. I learned this after about the 6th attempt. Also, don't get it near your eye area, as it doesn't allow for easy concealer blending. It may sound obvious but anything goes on the first cuppa. My dry skin doesn't feel dry during the day when using this, but I do find that my foundation still cracks after a few hours, even after adding a drop of oil to it. That's retinol face for you and I guess this primer isn't a miracle worker. It doesn't play nice with most sunscreens. I find it difficult to layer with other priming products, so maybe it's not meant to, but who only uses one primer these days?! I want hydrating, pore filling, radiant, transfer resistant magic in a bottle. It's quite tricky to find more detailed user info in online reviews, so I'll play some more.
    Say Yes to this Primer
    I never post reviews about anything, which is hypocritical as I heavily rely on this, however this Primer is simply magical. Never has anything lived up to the hype like this before. Whatever miracle they have harnessed to make everyone’s makeup (regardless of skin type, age or colour) stay ALL DAY AND NIGHT is alright with me. Buy it now and you will never be shiny again. Got Milk?! Yes please.
    Best primer EVER!
    I was slightly pessimistic about all the rave reviews for this primer, I was doubtful that a primer could be THAT good. But this did not disappoint. If you have dry/normal skin then you will LOVE this! It feels so hydrating on the skin and applies nicely onto the face. It leaves a tacky feeling which I really like because then I know my foundation will stick but if you are using it as skincare then it does eventually dries down and doesn't feel sticky once dried. I tested this out on a week of work experience in London and let me tell you my foundation did not budge. Usually, I have patches of foundation that break away around my nose and forehead but not with this primer. It truly kept my makeup fully intact and I have never had a primer make a noticeable difference to my makeup longevity. If you want your makeup to last but don't want to dry your skin out this will be your new best friend!!
    Best primer ever! I love how this makes my skin look and feel (with and without makeup) This product genuinely is worth the hype, leaves your skin so hydrated and so fresh. It feels like nothing is on! I never leave reviews but this one definitely warranted it
    I knew I was going to get this when I first saw it as I had been having trouble with my skin and the claims really appealed to me. I'm so glad I did! Provides the perfect sticky base for any foundation and I can really see that this grips on my foundation, as it stops it from transferring so much from my nose when I wear glasses! It prevents my skin from getting so incredibly oily over the course of the day as it usually would, but still provides moisture. It also makes my skin look really smooth. Literally couldn't recommend it enough.
    Amazing but
    Absolutely love this primer. Feels like nothing is on your skin when you’ve got your whole face of makeup on. But it’s made me breakout on my chin and on my cheeks which are usual clear
    Lovely primer.
    Great primer, I have really dry skin and this helps to make my skin hydrated all day. Foundation looks flawless, and it really does grip foundation and is great for full coverage. No flaking or dry looking face which I get with many primers. Fab, highly recommended and will definitely repurchase.
    I love it.
    This primer is really good, my foundation stays on all day, I love it!!!
    This really works
    So many beauty products never live up to their name. I don't often share a review - but this product is worth it. With the trend for cream based blush and highlighter ... you really need something to help with longevity. This is it! I'm 52 and am lucky enough to have a relatively youthful complexion ... and going cream based makes it look even younger. Love this product ❤️
    Great find
    Didn’t think Milk as a brand was aimed at me being on the (seriously) wrong side of 40 but I took a chance on this. Have basically used it every day since it arrived. My dehydrated skin loves it and it truly does keep my foundation looking good for so much longer. Great find.
    The best combination!
    Milk Makeup is a rare breed in that they are cool and hip (unlike me for using words like 'cool' and 'hip') with really fun, travel-friendly packaging, AND the products are of spectacularly good quality. I'm talking as good as the luxe brands. This, their latest launch is a case in point. This is the best Primer I have ever used (for my 40 year old, dry skin) and the lack of silicone stops it and the make up on top of it straying into my smile lines through the day. It's hydrating and acts like an under-carpet to makeup, smoothing the lumps of the planks beneath :) It also makes my foundation stay on like spray paint. I am really in love with this brand, if you have older skin don't make the mistake of leaving this joy for your daughters. I highly recommend this for all makeup wearers who don't have time for touch-ups, it's bloody brilliant!
    Game changing
    Not usually one to leave reviews but never in my life have I found a product I am so entirely besotted with. I have acne prone, oily skin and this is by far the best most game changing product i have ever used. I am speechless. I will 1000% recommend this to everyone and anyone...if i don’t buy their entire stock first.
    It’s a heavy weight champion
    Never into primers because of their ashy feeling on the skin during and after application. Besides they never seems to hold make-up in place. But among all the heavy weight, high priced primers this one is a champion. Now even if I’m not wearing makeup I still wear it mix with a little Huda Beauty face a body shimmer. This primer takes the Cult Crown❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    THE BEST PRIMER EVER!!!!!!! I have tried every primer out there. Becca, Huda, MAC, YSL, Hourglass, Fenty, Smashbox, I have a box full of half-used primers. Some do nothing, some settle in every fine line and emphasise texture, some turn my face into a greasy, hot mess. This holds my makeup, doesn’t affect how the foundation looks and keeps it looking fresh for 10 hours before I get a little (and I mean tiny amount of shine breaking through. It minimises my dinner plate pores to almost invisible and leaves me with a smooth canvas for my foundation. I’ve used it with YSL foundation, Armani and MAC and if the formula is dewy it stays dewy, matte and it stays matte. This is my holy grail. I’m 40 with oily skin that has hormonal breakouts and this has changed my makeup routine. Just make sure you give it 60 seconds to dry before you put on your foundation to let it dry. LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    Amazing primer! My makeup sits so nicely on my skin and lasts all day long! I have combination skin and it doesn’t stick to my dry patches and also controls oil on my t zone! Would definitely recommend this primer!
    Grabs your make up and doesn’t let go
    If you like your make up to stay where you put it, this is the primer for you. Does a brilliant job without drying out your skin.
    Perfect base
    This primer really is the perfect base it preps your skin and your makeup does not move or wear off where it normally would. Would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing, you won’t regret it.
    Ok but not brilliant
    Product is ok. Takes a while to figure out how best to use. Isn’t outstanding
    Staying power is great but ...
    I read about this primer on a few online sites and wanted to give it a go. The staying power is great. My foundation literally did not move the whole day. But it did make my skin look and feel a little taunt. It’s recommended for dry skin but not sure I would agree. It takes away the glow my foundation usually gives. Definitely recommend if you have an event or a night out but not for everyday use.
    Hydro Gripping Primer
    This is the best priming product I’ve ever used!! Beautiful on myself and clients. I have super oily skin and after a long day of full makeup and partying hard at pride none of my foundation on my t-zone has budged or moved a single bit, this used to happen all the time. I also use this for weddings, runways, etc and each client and model felt joy with how long their makeup lasted. Highly recommend!
    Genuinely brilliant product!
    I absolutely love this product, it makes my skin look radiant and lasts the whole day through! How brilliant to get a product that lives up to its promises!
    Genuinely Rubbish
    Don’t waste your money on this; it feels tacky and when I put my foundation on it spread unevenly. It’s so tacky that the foundation and primer adhered to the sponge and lifted it off again creating an absolutely horrific base. I wish I could get my money back, truly one of the worst purchases I have made in a while.
    I really love this primer! A small amount goes a long way. Use it everyday and really helps my makeup stay put! Will be purchasing again for sure.
    I've seen this all over Instagram and tried my luck... it didn't go down well. Not a great value for money at all, 10ml for £13 seriously? I could easily go to the drug store and get more of a value for money with the same ingredients and effectiveness. Additionally, the bottle wasn't even filled up to the top! I mean what a scam, such a small bottle as it is, yet they cut a lot of product out! Will not be purchasing any Milk products going forward.
    New fave
    I like that it's hydrating and slightly tacky, meaning my foundation will not budge. I also like that my skin doesn't get too oily in the t-zones. I like the glow from within it gives too. It won't blur out your pores or anything, but does give a refreshing, healthy, like you've drunk 2 liters of water look.
    A God Send
    This primer is the best primer I've ever used! It works so well and holds my makeup in place all day and makes it last longer. I use Lush Cosmetic's foundation and Glossier Stretch Concealer and by the end of a long day at work my makeup still looks fresh and does not crease one single bit! Highly recommend!!
    I bought the mini to try it... Awesome!
    You know sometimes you see the Youtubers you follow all raving about something and you want to believe them and when you buy what they recommend and it’s better than you thought? THAT’S a good day. I got this with the pay day treat of 20% and if it finishes before the next one, I will buy it anyway. My make up lasts all day, goes on flawless and always looks fresh. I like to layer my primers because of the nature of my skin but this is the one that goes on last to lock them all in place and it is lovely. I would definitely recommend and I will definitely buy it again... and again... and again.
    I personally think it's a bit over-hyped. Doesn't seem to do much than other cheaper primers I've used before. If you're buying this in the hopes of it working with annoying smile lines, etc. I wouldn't really get too excited. It does grip your makeup and make it last longer but it's a bit hit or miss, depending on what type of moisturiser you use under it.
    Game changer!
    This primer is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. It’s amazing at keeping makeup in place, doesn’t clog pores and therefore stops my skin getting oily so quick. It doesn’t do anything for creating a smooth canvas so I’ll sometimes still use Porefessional underneath then this locks my foundation on. Even on holiday with humid nights, still worked perfectly.
    Amazing Primer
    Amazing primer, good for dry skin and made my foundation smooth. Love this so much.
    Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer
    The scent of the primer is not pleasant and pretty fragrant, it also dries VERY fast. However, it does make your makeup look great and last all day long, but I wouldn’t necessarily say this is the most ‘hydrating’ (as it claims to be) primer which I’ve ever tried.
    Best primer on the market
    Hydrating, high performance, amazing price point. At almost 50 with fine lines and dry skin, this product gives me a flawless finish. HIGHLY recommend. I'm now on my 2nd bottle. Although I have Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and Becca primers, this is by far my favourite.
    Honestly the best primer I've ever tried.
    I have incredibly sensitive and dry skin, most silicone primers and normal gel primers dry me out and irritate my skin. This one, however, is very refreshing and moisturising - it makes my skin texture look smooth and flawless.
    Travel size
    I bought the travel size to test it before diving in and getting the full size. Firstly, the travel size is tiny. Like I hadn’t expected it to be that small so I should’ve just got the full size in the first place but for travelling it will be really good. I bought this primer because it’s got such a hype around it and I have really oily skin and people I watch that have oily skin rave about this. I love the packaging, you only need 1-2 pumps for your full face. It has a cooling almost tingling sensation when it goes on and then it has a tacky base. It worked really well with my matte foundation and my skin looked really good and healthy. In terms of longevity, I don’t think it’s made a huge difference but I’m still testing it out. I do recommend this and I think I will probably buy the larger size.
    Milk primer not for me
    I was so excited about this primer as it has gotten so much hype. But it just didn’t do anything for me. At all. And my skin looked funny towards the end of the day.
    Buy This!!
    My makeup looked so flawless after applying this! It lasted so long and it gave me a healthy natural glow look which didn’t get greasy towards the end of the day. I have dry skin with combination in my t zone.
    Re-purchase? YES I’ll take another one!
    I bought this off the back of reading soo many great reviews. I love that the brand is so eco-friendly and sustainable and the hemp derived ingredients in this primer, sold it to me. I’ve tried it several times now and only need one pump really as that does the trick. It says to leave it for a minute to fully sink in, but I find it’s good to go after about 30-40 seconds. The finish isn’t as glassy as it looks on the models, but it leaves my skin feeling really smooth and definitely grips my make up. If you struggle with a lot of primers where it flakes or feels too sticky or too greasy (like myself), then this is definitely worth trying!
    I was hesitant to try this as there are so many mixed reviews but I did eventually and I wasn't disappointed. I have combination skin, my under-eyes, cheeks and forehead can get quite dry but my nose, eyelids and chin can get kind of oily. First of all, you can really feel that grip effect when you use this, I apply 1 pump all over my face and let it dry down for about 1 minute. It's really lightweight and has a sort of cooling effect. I found my foundation visibly sits on my face better when I use this primer, it makes application so much easier, and I find I also use less, which is good. I've tested it with a few products including my everyday foundation which is basically a tinted moisturizer all the way up to my Huda Beauty Faux Filter and they've all worked really well with this primer. I think not overloading this product is the key to this primer working. Seeing as it sticks down so well, adding more on top sort of makes it shift around and go clumpy. Also, this might not be the best for people with really dry skin as It can be quite drying on my dry patches of skin but that's balanced out with using a moisturizing foundation and I also use Pixi glow mist which is good for boosting hydration throughout the day. In all, this is a really unique formula and it works really well. I would definitely recommend!
    Great for me!
    I’m not a big wearer of makeup, Usually I just wear concealer dotted on spots I want to hide, and some highlighter, as well as my eyebrows, and that’s it! I’m very lucky and my skin is very healthy and spot-free so I don’t wear foundation and just use concealer. My skin is dry and sensitive and this product works great; I look dewy and my skin feels moisturised all day, but once it did irritate my eye a little bit. I think I just applied it too close to my eye, so be wary of that! Over all great product!
    Beware if you have sensitive skin
    I went to a music festival in Malta last weekend and wanted to make sure my makeup stayed on all day while enjoying the music. Ideally, something that wouldn't budge for several hours of dancing. To put on the primer is sticky and really does grip the foundation, though I find it most effective when I applied by hand. Though the makeup didn't budge, my eyes were really irritated by the product, which lead to my mascara running down my face. I tried it again a second day and was again left with red, teary eyes and the skin beginning to crack in the crow's feet area. I will not be using it again myself but might be ok if your skin is less sensitive.
    One of the best primers I have used. It doesn’t lie when it says it’s hydrating. My skin feels so fresh after using it. It applies easily and the pump bottle makes this nice and easy. My makeup stays on all day using this primer.
    This primer is wonderful! It feels cooling and refreshing to apply, contains some good ingredients to help with bacteria and inflammation and really does hold makeup in place all day. It does have a strange scent, almost medicinal but it is fantastic!
    This prolongs my makeup all day! I wear super dewy products and this helps them from breaking down and it makes it last so much longer. 100%
    Best ever primer?
    Ok so I’ve tried loads of primers, but this is the only one which really holds your make up in place by the end of the day. Face and even eyeliner stays put for longer. Needs a bit of drying time, 2-3 mins but that’s the only tiny negative. Love!!
    Didn't work for me
    I tried a variety of foundations and cc creams with this primer but it just doesn't work for me. I have combination skin and it dried out my 'normal' bits while not seemly managing any shine prevention on the more greasy bits.
    Believe the hype
    This primer goes on like a dream and keeps your foundation in place all day. I look forward to trying more from this brand
    I am so happy I bought this!
    TL/DR? If you have combo skin with redness and like a medium coverage look, this primer is amazing. If you have large pores you may need a dedicated primer in those areas. This primer does not claim to blur pores. Try a sample if you use super full coverage formulas. I have what I like to call extreme combo skin - i.e. my t-zone, chin and cheeks are like an overfilled frying pan while the rest of my skin is as dry as the Sahara during a drought. This primer works well on my whole face and seems to calm my redness right down. I know this has a green tint, but it actually physically seems to calm my skin and rosacea. I was not expecting that to happen, so I now wear this everyday regardless due to the calming it does. If you have dish plate pores like me, you will need a pore filling primer in those areas, but the primer doesn't claim to fill pores so I can't complain about that. I use IT cosmetics CC cream or Wet n Wild Photofocus, Coty Airspun powder and urban decay concealer, I have not experienced cakey-ness personally, but I do not use super full coverage formulas. If you like a very full coverage foundation I would maybe try a sample if possible, other reviews seem to point to cakeyness in some cases. Some people with oily skin mention breakouts, I haven't experienced this personally but everyone is different. I have mild/moderate adult acne, rosacea and eczema, and my skin tolerates this if that helps anyone to make a decision. Sorry for the long review, it seems hit and miss for others, but for me this is what I have been looking for since I was 14. It's a big deal to me and I hope this review will help someone who may be similar to me. Have a great day all!
    Don’t believe the hype.
    I bought this after reading the amazing reviews and I thought this primer will be the best thing. How wrong was I. I have combination skin and wore this primer with my Nars foundation and my face has never looked so cakey. I thought maybe it’s the type of foundation I’m using and should perhaps try one for drier skin, so I wore this with my IT Cosmetics CC illumination cream and my face once again looked matte and cakey and everything on my face was showing such as pores etc. The texture on my face was no way smooth and it just looks so unnatural. I seriously don’t know why it’s getting all these great reviews. P.S. I waited a whole minute before I put foundation on.
    Literally the best primer I have ever used!! Generally does exactly what it claims to do! I will definitely be buying this again!
    Great for some, but not for me!
    I love everything about this product... apart from how it works with my skin. I am unfortunately oily skinned and this silky smooth primer accelerates my foundation slipping off and becoming cloggy. My makeup looks worse with this primer than without. Having read the other reviews I can see most people that love this product have dry skin, so I thought it's worth mentioning that it does not work the same wonders for oily skin. On the plus side, the quantity they give you is huge! Such good value for money, it is cool and silky and sinks in really fast. I will absolutely be trying more Milk products despite not getting on with this one!
    I’m constantly buying primers as my skin is dry and no matter what primer I’ve used the foundation was still latching on to my dry patches and my foundation looked a mess by the end of the day. When I saw this primer I knew I needed to try it! Not only does the foundation grip on to my face but it keeps it hydrated all day as well! After wearing my makeup after 8 hours today it stil looked amazing, I’m over the moon with this primer everything I’ve been looking for!!
    Absolutely can’t express how amazing this primer is. Foundation glides on and stays put all day. Keeps my skin feeling like it can breathe while it’s being hydrated. My Best buy hands down.
    Best primer
    This has got to be the best primer I have used in a long long time, possibly ever. Goes on my skin so nicely and makes it such a smooth canvas for my makeup and it is gripped to last hours and hours and looks flawless, exactly the same as when I first apply it.
    Holy Grail status in ONE day!
    I ordered this yesterday morning when it came online, all the blurb screamed that it would be just what I wanted. Cult Beauty delivered today although I didn't request next day delivery which is really impressive. The hype was right. I quickly cleansed half my face and set to applying this and my foundation. It is amazing on my normal-dry skin.Smooth and hydrating but not sticky. My foundation went over the top like an absolute dream and I used far less of it than usual. Dewy, glowy skin but not greasy which is what I need for my tired skin, it didn't crease and I didn't need to set with powder. It's amazing and I can't wait to put it on again tomorrow. Massive amount for the price, fresh scent but not like it's fragranced more like it's the ingredients. This has already replaced my other HG primer which was a lot more expensive for the same amount. LOVE IT !
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