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    Milk MakeupCooling Water<p>Skin feeling hot, tired, puffy or parched? Reach for Milk Makeup&#8217;s unique Cooling Water. Not <em>just</em> for making your mornings more bearable, caffeine's the star of this impressive, blue-hued stick serum &#8211; energising sleep-deprived complexions by increasing micro-circulation. And its stimulating talents don&#8217;t end there; this intelligent formula has an immediate cooling effect when applied that's ideal for awakening sleep-deprived cells and de-puffing your overtired eyes. The soothing sensation is perfect for summertime, travel or helping to counter the afternoon slump, while the blend of marine extracts helps to calm stressed-out or irritated complexions. The icing on the cake (or froth on the latte) is that Cooling Water is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. Stay cool, Cult Beauties.</p>MIL005176788143330207544 stars, based on43 reviews 21.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Milk Makeup Cooling Water

    Milk Makeup
    Cooling Water
    ( 34g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      How best to describe Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water? Think: drinking an iced coffee on a baking August day. An innovative formula that's earned 'essential' status in the bags of beauty addicts everywhere, this ingenious balm grants an instant refreshing and cooling sensation when smoothed over skin. The perfect post-lunch pick-me-up, this icy stick's hydrating and cell-energising properties are amplified by caffeine which boosts micro-circulation to revitalise and leave skin looking super fresh and glowing. The ultimate cheat when you really need sleep (and a doppio shot of espresso), keep this within easy reach at all times.

    • Description

      Skin feeling hot, tired, puffy or parched? Reach for Milk Makeup’s unique Cooling Water. Not just for making your mornings more bearable, caffeine's the star of this impressive, blue-hued stick serum – energising sleep-deprived complexions by increasing micro-circulation. And its stimulating talents don’t end there; this intelligent formula has an immediate cooling effect when applied that's ideal for awakening sleep-deprived cells and de-puffing your overtired eyes. The soothing sensation is perfect for summertime, travel or helping to counter the afternoon slump, while the blend of marine extracts helps to calm stressed-out or irritated complexions. The icing on the cake (or froth on the latte) is that Cooling Water is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. Stay cool, Cult Beauties.

    • How to use

      Apply the Cooling Water to your neck, face and body whenever you need a hydrating boost. 

    • Full ingredients list


      Water (Aqua, Eau), Propanediol, Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, Sodium Stearate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Chlorphenesin, Caffeine, Nylon-12, Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract, Sea Water (Maris Aqua, Eau de Mer), Blue 1 (CI 42090)

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    Milk Makeup - Cooling Water

    Milk Makeup Cooling Water Reviews

    Good concept
    Its great concept having solid serums or moisturisers on the go, however, this brand has disappointed me. It literally has no effect on my skin apart it feels like I am applying glue. It is neither moisturising nor priming nor anything else.
    Amazing product
    it is a very refreshing product and helps depuff my skin!
    Soooo good
    When I purchased this item, it was in a special little box for it to keep it from getting wrecked. It also had a seal to keep it fresh. The product was amazing as well. It was so cooling and refreshing. Just to let you know, for a few minutes, it is a little greasy but that goes away. I have extremely sensitive skin and this works wonders for my skin
    Pretty pointless
    This is something you think is genius and you need but when you buy it it just sits in your makeup drawer untouched and you never find the time to use it nor do u need to. It’s like putting a glue stick all over your face and isn’t even that cold. Doesn’t sit well under makeup and just not all that great. Save yourself £20
    I loved it.
    I loved the cooling water. I feel very refreshed after applying to my face. I wish you got more for the price, as I feel for the price it should be slightly larger. Apart from that, it’s great!
    This product is fine. It's not really anything special but it's nice to have if you like cooling products. it uses up very quickly and when you use more than about 3 swipes the cooling effect isn't really good anymore and you have to leave it for a second. it does have a nice effect on the skin and doesn't tug, and the packaging is nice
    Very disappointed
    I LOVE Milk Makeup and wanted so badly to love this. I have puffiness under my eyes that could really use some help in the mornings. It did nothing for my bags. Not cooling. It does make the skin feel a little more moisturised but that's it. What a shame.
    Cool for sure
    This feels like ice on your skin and absorbs super fast. I love it! Defo worth it. The size is good and value for money. AMAZING!
    a what?
    glad to get this in a sample instead of paying the full price. It didn't melt into my skin at all, resembled a silicon pad, lol.
    Mixed feelings! Love the look and feel and the ingredients. Haven’t noticed anything crazy after using it for a while but leave it in the fridge overnight for added soothing and cooling effects for under eye, forehead, neck, etc.
    What's the point...
    I really don't get the point of this product. It really didn't do anything for me. It didn't glide over my face very smoothly - it's a lot thicker than you'd expect - and left chunks of product across my cheeks which I had to rub off. Another review said it feels and smells like the children's purple glue sticks which is a really good comparison. It's not cooling at all, my face just felt really greasy, and when I tried to put it on under my moisturizer it didn't mix well with it at all. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a toner, a serum, a stand alone moisturizer or what? I ended up wiping it off. Don't bother.
    Not for sensitive skin - caused irritation
    My friend had two sample pods from CB orders and gave me one. I’m so glad I had not bought this, as it is a huge “NO” for me. The product has a weird smell that lingers, it felt icky on my skin and with-in seconds my face felt itchy and it flared up. I do have sensitive skin, so perhaps, anybody with sensitive skin should be wary of this.
    New favourite product :)))
    Having very dry and puffy skin due to eczema and allergies I struggle to find something to soothe and reduce puffiness especially under my eyes and this is perfect. I use it every morning and my eyes have never looked so bright! It gives my face the hydration it needs and leaves it looking glowy without being greasy or sticky. Will definitely be repurchasing!!
    Really not that great...
    I found it to be barely cooling, especially when compared to something like Skyn Iceland's Cooling Lotion. In addition, it doesn't smell that great - it sort of smells like non-toxic glue in my opinion. It works alright on my face but that's all I can say about it.
    Ooooh cool!
    I actually love this! I have bags under my eyes almost as big as my bum (exaggerating a bit...nothing is THAT big) but since using this there has been a significant difference, it feels cooling and does not affect my sensitive eyes.
    Great for travel
    A good item for travelling to revitalise the undereye area. I keep mine in the fridge for an extra boost! It would be good on temples if had a headache.
    I honestly don’t know what this does, I could go a day without using it and it won’t bother me. I love putting it on due to the packaging, texture and the easy application but seriously I don’t see any change in my skin.
    Refreshing product
    Love the feeling of this product, especially under my eyes. I will definitely buy again but not giving 5 stars as I am not sure of the lasting effects.
    Mi piace questo prodotto, lascia il contorno occhi fresco e attenua le borse...peccato che sul sito non vendano le mini tagli o l’avrei già presa da tenere in borsa! *** I like this product, leave the eye fresh and softens the bags ... pity that on the site do not sell the mini cuts or I would have already taken to keep in the bag!
    Not sure if this was over-hyped on social media but I’m a tad disappointed. Have been using this since the launch and have seen little to no difference. I don’t even feel the cooling sensation. I replaced my Rosehip oil with this and my skin does not feel moisturised enough to place makeup over. Props to the great packaging though.
    Really like the product and that it is in a tube
    Where was this product during the heatwave 2018? Regardless it is lovely to use during the winter months too. Very happy with this purchase.
    So far, so good - this could be a new essential
    I have combination and sometimes sensitive skin. In the Winter my skin can get a little dry/chapped because of harsh wind and indoor heating, whilst also being spotty; I wanted to try this to calm and soothe any problem areas. So far I love this. Love the feeling - moisturised but light and fresh. Makes me think of lip balm for the face! It's too soon to notice if it affects my skin significantly but since I received it several days ago I have used it everyday and my skin is softer and less dry. I like how it feels like there is a moisture barrier against the elements. I think it's a great buy and would recommend trying out.
    Perfect as a primer!
    I love the product I ordered!, and you seem to be the only website in the UK who sells Milk makeup!!! The deliveries are so fast, mine arrived in 2 days! Even in these conditions, you are the best!!! I love it
    It was okay
    It was okay. Not something I would rush to buy again. I put it in the fridge and used it in the hot weather. A bit sticky, but nice and cooling.
    I have combo skin and I’ve used this for over a year now and it has never caused any problems for me, it goes on nice and smoothly. It might, however, feel a bit tacky if your face is completely dry. Overall great product I, I usually target it under my eyes, doesn’t really make any major difference, but it does keep my face hydrated.
    I have irritated eyes due to medical reasons so I tug at my eyes all day. However, this helps my eyes calm down before makeup and makes my powder and concealer last longer and look nicer all day long.
    Cooling for sure
    Not doing a thing for my puffiness but it does give me that cooling effect, and feeling of moisture
    Loving it so far
    This product is not designed to get rid of skin issues or even for heavy moisturising. It is just to de-puff and renew your skin, so I love it for that, but it is definitely not essential. If you want something that is so so so nice from Milk, try the stick bronzer in baked or the hydro grip primer and if you're into skincare the watermelon serum is really good. This is a product that's good to add on to an already existing collection of makeup from Milk but it is not their most amazing product.
    Fab product
    This was used on me at a wedding by a makeup artist that used it as a primer. It was fab so I immediately purchased! Lovely cooling effect, did not sit on my skin like other reviews have suggested, but clearly this is dependent on skin type. I have very sensitive skin and this did not flare my skin up at all. Would definitely recommend.
    Do not buy this If you have sensitive skin
    I received a sample of this product and it was 1. NOT COOLING AT ALL. 2. Smells like cheap non toxic glue. 3. Flares up my skin. I immediately threw this product away after I notice red patches on my skin.
    It's ok...
    I have been using a sample size of this, which is perfect for under the eyes. The product is slightly cooling but not as much as I would have expected from the name - 'refreshing' would be a better term for it. It does hydrate slightly and whatnot but if you're looking to reduce puffiness/dark circles, a simple caffeine serum is probably a better choice. This product isn't bad by any means but definitely overhyped.
    Not sure
    Hmm, I like this product for cooling and depuffing my under eyes in the morning but I’m not sure if the ingredients do anything for my skin. It’s hydrating but I still need to put an eye cream on top.
    This product smells disgusting I can’t stand it. And the scent lingers. The other things is that it’s not as cooling as described. It mostly feels like a cream that won’t sink in. Really aggravated my skin and just stayed on top and didn’t absorb well.
    This feels nice to apply and is cooling. It’s a strange texture that’s quite heavy and balm-like. Difficult to know how to use it in a routine (assumed it would be like a toner but it’s much heavier than that). I think it’s pretty strongly scented (like the smell of those purple children’s glue sticks!) but I like the smell. Overall this doesn’t really ‘do’ anything and I won’t be repurchasing.
    I love the convenient packaging and it feels so nice on the skin but it doesn't do much for me. It does a okay job of de-puffing in the morning but it doesn't layer so well with other products so it's harder to incorporate into a routine.
    Not good at all.
    I apply Cooling water to my face and after a few minutes I get an allergy - a big red rash. I will not buy it again.
    Amazing de-puffer
    This product is amazing. I tried a sample of it first which was this tiny little button thing. It was really cooling and I was blown away by how much it took down my morning puffiness around my eyes. So I bought the full size stick and I love it. Skincare is so individual so it may not be the same result for everyone, but it certainly works for me. In fact I personally have got on great with all the Milk Makeup products I have bought so far. I have quite sensitive skin and this hasn't caused any problems with that either. I will definitely repurchase this. Love love love!
    Feels lovely
    Cooling and hydrating and great for travel
    Great for puffiness
    I find this product great to use in the morning if I’m congested as it helps with the puffiness around my eyes. I also like using it for when I have a headache which regularly happens around my eye/temple. I massage the product into the area where my head hurts for a while and it just soothes the area.
    Not wow, but ok
    I was glad to get a mini version of this in the 'Meet the Fam' set when Milk launched on Cult Beauty, as this was one product I wanted to try. I agree that the cooling sensation doesn't last long and don't feel instant relief compared to my other eye products. However, I do think it's moisturising without being greasy plus it does seem to wake up my under-eyes in the morning.
    Interesting product...
    At first, I wasn't sure about this product, I was testing the pods I received and I was a bit worried I'd bought a big version of something that did nothing at all. However, when I couldn't be bothered faffing with samples anymore I opened the full size one and was pleasantly surprised! It's not as cooling as I expected, but it's still a very nice feeling and does make my face feel nice and hydrated. Also, I get quite bad dark circles and slight puffiness around my eyes in the morning and it feels really relaxing applying to that area and I'm sure they look much better after! I definitely think I'd recommend this.
    I bought this the day of the launch alongside the watermelon serum and both products have been bitter disappointments. The cooling water felt cool for a half a second and then just felt greasy there was no de-puffing benefits, it did not wake up my tired skin, it offered no aid to my parched skin and my skin felt exactly the same as prior to using it. As a huge skin care buff and consumer this is one of my worst buys in a very long time epic fail Milk.
    Really nice
    Feels so good! Really refreshing and cooling and also feels moisturising. This will be amazing in the summer.
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