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    My Top 10 Beauty Products from 2014

    'Tis the time to ponder the year gone by, while vaguely setting plans to then largely ignore in the one to come. What better moment to note and celebrate some of my favourite launches from 2014. In no particular order here's my top 10:...Read More

    The Most Incredible Exfoliant You've Never Heard Of

    With ready access to the latest beauty products on the market, Jenny has tried almost every scrub, mask and treatment in existence. There are some she likes, some she doesn't and some she loves almost as much as her super cute, two year old twins (not really but, sort of). Here, she pays homage to Earthen's {Instant Peel}, in all its slightly obscure but totally AMAZING glory......Read More

    In the Spotlight: The Problem Solver

    If our beloved Co-Founder Alexia's ode to May Lindstrom's {The Problem Solver} doesn't make you want it... we don't know what will......Read More

    What We Use: Anastasiya

    Our customer Service Manager Anastasiya is not only breathtakingly beautiful IRL*, she's also mind-bogglingly photogenic (woe is us (me), who look stunned and vacant whenever a camera is in the vicinity). What's more, Ana is soon to become the ultimate yummy mummy - a babe with a babe (and we can't wait to be acquainted with our littlest CB mascot). Here's how she's keeping her (newly) parched skin feeling comfortably nourished and looking as blooming as she is....Read More

    What We Use: Samantha

    Our Digital Marketing Manager Samantha is cool as the Cucumber Gel Mask she swears by... The go-to girl for all of team CB's most-complicated excel questions ("Er... how do I add up this column?"), she's also in-the-know about the next big things in beauty, fashion, footwear... sample sales! Our dwindling bank balances, and new-found Matcha Latte love are both her fault (and we adore her for it). ...Read More

    What We Use: Jenny

    Our effortlessly elegant Marketing Director (and cake maker!) Jenny, manages to look immaculate - in spite of the fact she has two year old twins, with opposing opinions about 'bed time'. Sleep deprived and constantly in demand ("Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!"), Jenny's skin care routine is a product pentathlon - a race to get things on her face without insult... or injury. So here's how she cares for her combination complexion, in less than five minutes (whilst looking for a 'left' shoe, humouring two tiny persons and trying to get through the door without porridge-y hands on her skirt hem)....Read More

    What We Use: Jennifer

    Our Marketing Manager Jen is our resident raver and festival goer. Always enviably attired - mod floral mini dresses (think Alexa meets Moss), and immaculate winged liner (which she can accomplish with her eyes closed #jealous) - Jen has perfected the 'artful insouciance' that most of us strive for... She's a festival professional, and never looks anything other than effortless *sigh*. So here the must-haves she packs for a few days of sun, rain, mud, sweat (and cider)....Read More

    What We Use: Alexia

    Cult Beauty Co-Founder Alexia Inge puts the latest and (sometimes not-so) greatest skin care products through their paces... and has the nerve to call it 'work' *scoffs* (she does do lots and lots of 'proper' work as well). It means she's very well equipped to spot a beauty good'un, and is quick to relegate the 'okays' to the reject pile. Here are the products she turns to each evening, to help take the day off and leave her skin luminous (believe me, she glows)!...Read More