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    Kool from Korea: products tipped to trigger an addiction to K-Beauty

    Whether you're yet to embrace So-Ko's super-cool exports, or are already au fait with Seoul's saviours, we've curated an edit of the latest have-to-haves from the world's beating heart of beauty innovation...Read More

    Anti Pollution Products - The Beauty Trend Your Skin Will Love

    Slathering on the SPF to protect against UVs is more or less a given nowadays - but more and more of us are now also turning to "Anti Pollution" products, a trend thanks in no small part to those skin-literate beauty gurus in South Korea ......Read More

    It's a Thing: Fermented Skin Care

    Fermented skin care is fast becoming ‘a thing’ – especially in (you guessed it), South Korea, where beauty innovators are always a few a great many light years ahead of the West. Learn more about the latest (strangest) beauty craze...Read More

    The 50+ Beauty Blog: Creepy Crawly Skin Creams

    Our discerning contributing editor's back - this time she's being 'grossed out', then converted to South Korea's strangest skin care exports. ...Read More

    Backstage Beauty Heroes

    Fashion month is pandemonium - but in the midst of new, exciting and occasionally terrifying trends, these two beauty heroes consistently weather the storm of change......Read More

    Back to Beauty School: Boosters

    Performance enhancers aren't solely for naughty athletes (and er... the kinkily-inclined), beauty boosters are an amazing way to amp up the efficacy of your skin care. Concentrated oils, 'essences' and elixirs have been used by clever South Korean women for years, to target specific concerns with extra high levels of active ingredients. Lightweight and (usually) runny - or powdered - in texture, they're best applied directly onto just-cleansed (slightly damp) skin - either pre- or post-toning - to supercharge your regimen, and give lazy skin cells a kick in the mitochondria......Read More

    South Korean Skin Care Secrets

    South Korean women are renowned for their beautiful skin - but their flawlessness isn't just down to good fortune, for many it's hard-earned through a dedicated (and elaborate) skin care ritual, that makes even the most devoted 'double-cleanser' look as lazy as an adolescent boy. ...Read More