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    The greatest Asian beauty exports

    Asia is leading the charge when it comes to cosmetic innovation - which is why we've rounded up our pick of the greatest skin care (and make up) from the likes of South Korea and Japan...Read More

    How to get the 'glass skin' glow with BECCA

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    The latest South Korean skin care innovations

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    K-LOSSARY: A Glossary of K-Beauty Buzz-words

    Baffled by 'essences'? Scared of snail slime? Our comprehensive glossary demystifies the world of K-Beauty...Read More

    Korea's Latest Make Up Craze

    Always approximately 5 gazillion beauty steps ahead of the rest of the world, South Korean women have been working the 'lollipop' lip look for æons (yes, æons)! The premise is simple (and adorable), and its youthful appeal is set to infiltrate the 'western' beauty psyche by the time we're due to bare our legs next... July(!?)...Read More