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    Gwyneth Paltrow loves Hydrating Floral Essence

    Gwyneth may have 'consciously uncoupled' from Chris Martin, but her affection for all-natural skin care shows no sign of following suit...Read More

    What We Use: Samantha

    Our Digital Marketing Manager Samantha is cool as the Cucumber Gel Mask she swears by... The go-to girl for all of team CB's most-complicated excel questions ("Er... how do I add up this column?"), she's also in-the-know about the next big things in beauty, fashion, footwear... sample sales! Our dwindling bank balances, and new-found Matcha Latte love are both her fault (and we adore her for it). ...Read More

    What's the Story? Moringa (Glory)

    The star ingredient of two of our most recent launches, moringa is extracted from 'Moringa Oleifera' - a species of tree native to Africa and northern parts of India, where its flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds and sap are used in cooking, skin care, hair care, medicine... you name it. {Emma Hardie} and {Aduna} have tapped into its myriad health and beauty benefits - harnessing its high levels of amino acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antibacterial agents to help cleanse your system and enhance your skin's resilience and radiance....Read More

    Ingredient in Focus: Clay

    We're totally potty about clay (ha), but with its spectrum of colours and myriad metals, finding the 'right' one is no easy task; there's kaolin, bentonite, french green and rose... and these different goops have distinct compositions, so here's a guide to help locate your skin's clay-based soulmate....Read More

    What We Use: Jenny

    Our effortlessly elegant Marketing Director (and cake maker!) Jenny, manages to look immaculate - in spite of the fact she has two year old twins, with opposing opinions about 'bed time'. Sleep deprived and constantly in demand ("Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!"), Jenny's skin care routine is a product pentathlon - a race to get things on her face without insult... or injury. So here's how she cares for her combination complexion, in less than five minutes (whilst looking for a 'left' shoe, humouring two tiny persons and trying to get through the door without porridge-y hands on her skirt hem)....Read More

    How To: Brighten Dark Spots

    Freckles are indisputably cute - (so cute I've been known to fake a smattering with {Brow Wiz}) - but 'liver spots', acne scars and hormonal pigmentation patches are a little less adorable; they make skin look older, and are literal blots on the clarity of your complexion. But... without getting overly 'Lady Macbeth' on you, you can expunge those 'damn spots' from your visage – just look for 'damn spot ousting' on the label (we jest)....Read More

    Meet the Founder: Emma Hardie

    World-renowned facialist and Cult Beauty expert, Emma Hardie set the beauty world a-buzz way back in 1996, with her signature 'Natural Lift and Sculpting Facial' - a way of massaging and 'kneading' the face to help maintain its strength and resilience. Celebrities, beauty editors and the skin care-savvy flocked in their droves to her swish Mayfair clinic (and continue to do so), to benefit from her unique technique. And now, with the launch of Emma Hardie Amazing Face, you too can emulate the EH method at home; the small (but perfectly formed) capsule collection of multi-use products - together with Emma's prescribed application - will help restore skin's former strength, luminosity and lustre. So go get your glow on......Read More

    What We Use: Jennifer

    Our Marketing Manager Jen is our resident raver and festival goer. Always enviably attired - mod floral mini dresses (think Alexa meets Moss), and immaculate winged liner (which she can accomplish with her eyes closed #jealous) - Jen has perfected the 'artful insouciance' that most of us strive for... She's a festival professional, and never looks anything other than effortless *sigh*. So here the must-haves she packs for a few days of sun, rain, mud, sweat (and cider)....Read More

    Beyonce loves Youthmud

    Undisputed queen of the #nomakeupselfie, Beyonce is always on top of her beauty game - no mean accomplishment, given she's taming a two year old, dancing like her thighs don't lie and basically running the world (gurlz). Whether she's 'grammin' her bare face first thing, or making the populous bow down in awe as she rocks the red carpet, Bey is consistently flawless - thanks (in part) to GLAMGLOW's Youthmud; the tingling, radiance-boosting, pore-purifying black goop that tones, tightens and banishes bags in an instant. If it's good enough for pop royalty......Read More

    What We Use: Alexia

    Cult Beauty Co-Founder Alexia Inge puts the latest and (sometimes not-so) greatest skin care products through their paces... and has the nerve to call it 'work' *scoffs* (she does do lots and lots of 'proper' work as well). It means she's very well equipped to spot a beauty good'un, and is quick to relegate the 'okays' to the reject pile. Here are the products she turns to each evening, to help take the day off and leave her skin luminous (believe me, she glows)!...Read More