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    Lighten up with 5 breathable summer-weight bases

    The weather is slowly (but surely) hotting up, which means it's high time to think about switching your full-coverage foundation for something a little less suffocating...Read More

    Why oxygen is great for glowing skin

    With several brands launching oxygen-rich offerings, we go 'behind the science' to explain how these products can *actually* benefit your complexion...Read More

    This Under-the-Radar Foundation is a Make Up Artist Must-Have

    Having been a make up artist for the best part of 21 years I have been through a lot of foundations in my time – however, it would seem that I have stumbled upon the holy grail of bases; Oxygenetix {Oxygenating Foundation}...Read More

    Introducing Oxygenetix - Next-Level Breathable Treatment Foundations

    Oxygenetix {Oxygenating Foundations} were originally developed for doctors, to provide their patients with an ultra-lightweight yet camouflaging foundation, that would not only disguise signs of redness, stress and irritation - but also diminish the 'down time'. Learn more...Read More