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    The Natural, Stateside Beauty Brands Your Bathroom Needs

    Many of the beauty brands we're currently coo-ing over have been served up by the States. Leading the all-natural charge, the likes of {SkinOwl} and {Tata Harper} are refusing to compromise - determined to combine clean, organic ingredients with efficacy - to care for your complexions and wellbeing. ...Read More

    'I Had Skin I Was Ashamed Of' - Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl

    When the SkinOwl swung by CB Towers to talk us through her stunning range of skin care, we were all enraptured - not just in awe of her beauty, but inspired by her wisdom and enthusiasm...Read More

    Easy, 3-Step Highlighting with W3LL PEOPLE

    W3ll People's {Bio Brightener Stick} is a gorgeous, glow-bestowing magic wand no make up bag should be without....Read More

    W3LL PEOPLE's Expressionist Mascara: Before & After

    Clean cosmetics often get bad press - usually dubiously clothed (packaging's important people!), going 'green' will, nine times out of ten, involve sacrifice; whether its colour-payoff, texture (or Instagram-ibility), there's usually a list of 'cons' to contradict the chemical-free goodness. But, not any longer......Read More

    Meet The Team: Dimitra

    Our Digital Designer Dimitra is a bona fide BABE in all respects - as well as heading up our visual department, she also speaks *a gazillion* languages, is the owner of some bangin' brows and introduced us to designer childrenswear (hello Kenzo sweatshirts for 16 year olds #winning). She's also a walking gospel when it comes to cosmetic ingredients, favouring 'all natural', organic products over their synthetic siblings. Here she tells us which Cult Beauty buys she swears by...Read More

    Meet May Lindstrom (II)

    Following on from part I, here's the latter half of our interview with the beautiful May Lindstrom - skin chef, philosopher and entrepreneur - she's our collective new-best-friend crush, and her superlative all-natural skin care formulations are truly otherworldly...Read More