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    August Favourites

    In a bid to keep my 'glow' and make sure I was prepped for every outfit-eventuality, I returned to these beauty best friends throughout August...Read More

    August Favourites

    I feel like August was a skin care success story - I've established a 'regime' (whoop! #grownup) that I'm very happy with, and it's incredibly good looking (endless Insta-opportunities)...Read More

    June Favourites

    It's that time of the month (in a good way) - time to reveal the beauty must-haves I've been turning to, to get me through four weeks of sweat and weddings. ...Read More

    May Favourites

    I've may-de some a-may-zing discoveries this month... (see, SEE what I did there *grabs pun klaxon*) - not least, discovering just-the-right-sized cactus for my empty {Lion Candle} *smug*...Read More

    March Favourites

    I have somehow made it through another winter without bankruptcy-by-boredom. There is something about cold weather and zero sunshine that makes 'retail therapy' a necessity - I'm re-branding it 'buy to survive' - and survive, I, have *pats self on back*. Here are some things I've been a-buyin' and a-likin'....Read More

    January Favourites

    Whoop. January is officially, ovah. Quite possibly the most miserable month of my existence thus far, here's a peek at all the beauty trivialities (and life SAVERS) that have been in (very large) part responsible for salvaging the last 31 days of doom...Read More

    December Favourites

    Northumberland finally feels like the winter I've been waiting for - sub-zero temperatures and beautifully sunny, but bitterly frosty mornings - and because I foolishly took my foot off the life-accelerator, I've become an incubus of viral plague....Read More

    November Favourites

    Apart from my snazzy new copper caddy (it's vintage #sorrynotsorry), November has been a month of skin care discovery and rekindled affairs with old flames....Read More

    September Favourites

    Summer is so ovah − but that's okay, because it means I get to legitimately sing my favourite seasonal song: "Autumn days when the grass is je-well-ed" ("and the silk inside a chestnut shell"). It also means I get to wear sweaters, and re-watch Harry Potter films (because you can only watch Harry Potter when its dark outside, obvs). I know, I know. I'm very cool....Read More

    August Favourites

    It's September which means it's (nearly Christmas) August Favourites time! It's been a month of experimentation (a family holiday in the Northumbrian wilderness leaves lots of scope for face mask application) - in which I've reacquainted myself with old flames, and fallen for some new(ish) things I can't believe I've been this long without......Read More