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    A Lazy Girl's Guide To Brush Cleaning

    We all have so many brushes... and so little time, which is why we guarantee that this 'gizmo' is not a 'gimmick' - it's a life-saver for busy girls and lazy ladies (I'm the latter)...Read More

    What's Your Texture? Powder Vs. Liquid

    Whether you swear by the oil-absorbing properties of powder or prefer the youthful dewiness of creams and liquids, we make the case for both textures so you can make an informed choice about what's best for you...Read More

    The Simple Backstage Secret To A Perfect Glow

    Want skin that looks like this?? Er... oui!...Read More

    Most-Wanted: Anastasia Beverly Hills' Glow Kits

    One of the century's most-impatiently awaited launches, Anastasia Beverly Hills' {Glow Kits} are here and eager to be on your faces...Read More

    The Truth About Troy Surratt

    Having trained under the late, legendary Kevyn Aucoin, Troy Surratt has 'grown up' to become one of the beauty industry's most well-respected make up artists...Read More

    5 Things To Make You Look Fabulous, Fast

    When it's been one of THOSE weeks and you need all the help you can get... reach for these...Read More

    Understanding 'Skin Expression'

    Yep, as with most slightly weird-but-wonderful skin-phenomena, 'skin expression' hails from Asia - specifically South Korea - where those savvy (and breathtakingly flawless) women are of the attitude that more is more (but don't let that deter you)...Read More

    We Love This Next-generation Foundation

    It might look like a little space ship, but Clio's {Kill Cover Founwear Cushion} is in fact, the future of foundation...Read More

    This Under-the-Radar Foundation is a Make Up Artist Must-Have

    Having been a make up artist for the best part of 21 years I have been through a lot of foundations in my time – however, it would seem that I have stumbled upon the holy grail of bases; Oxygenetix {Oxygenating Foundation}...Read More

    Is This The Only Make Up Brush You Need?

    It might look a bit like a grandfatherly moustache (*adorbz*), but don't be deceived - BECCA's {One Perfecting Brush} is just as clever as its name implies...Read More