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    What's the perfect nude for you?

    Founder of Nude Envie Isabel Madison was inspired to create a 'wardrobe' of nude lipsticks so that "every woman, no matter her ethnicity or complexion, can embrace her natural allure"...Read More

    How To: Contour Your Lips

    Whether you're naturally blessed or... a little bit less blessed, with the following tricks you can fake full lips in mere minutes...Read More

    Precious Metals: Would You Dare To Wear Metallics?

    It's not one for the faint-hearted, but the emerging micro-trend is metallic lip finishes - a modern take on 'frosting', metallic mouths are dominating Instagram... will your lips be gilded this summer?...Read More

    Team CB Reveal Their 'Holy Grail' Lip Products

    Meet the lip-smackingly good products that have the Cult Beauty team all of a-quiver...Read More

    Channel The '90s Look With THESE On-trend Lip Colours

    Lips are very much 'en vogue', so let yours do the talking with a statement shade of... beige. Yep, the lip colour du jour is a matte, brown-toned hue - in fact, any brown will do, from statement oxblood shades to muted, dusky rose colours - as long as there's a sepia-ish undertone, you'll score points for being 'on trend'...Read More

    The Lipstick Queen Talks Lip Enhancement

    If you want to know about lipstick, Poppy King is your gal. I recently caught up with her to talk about {Lipstick Queen}, so read on for her thoughts on all things smacker-tastic...Read More

    Need this Now: Lip Mask

    With autumn peeping 'round the corner - and berry stains and deep plum lipsticks beckoning us with their velvety matte textures and vampish, Jourdan Dunn allure - it's time to get lips ship-shape and voluptuous....Read More