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    Every two or three years, I resume my quest for the perfect facial SPF. Reader, I'm pretty sure I've finally found it...Read More

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    Well, well. The over-50s have become the biggest beauty buyers in the UK, with the 45-54 bracket spending over 2K per year - per head! - on gunk to make them look better. So thank you to Cult Beauty for inviting me to 'represent' ...Read More

    The 50+ Beauty Blog: Creepy Crawly Skin Creams

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    The 50+ Beauty Blog: Age-defying Make Up

    No make up is going to give you cheekbones like Kate O'Mara's, but there are products around that will give them a discreet bit of oomph...Read More

    The 50+ Beauty Blog by Georgia Gatsby

    Meet the brilliant Georgia Gatsby - journalist and skin care aficionado, who's had more than her fair share of product disappointments... Which is why we've signed her up to help you navigate the anti-ageing maze, and reap the benefits of her seemingly infinite beauty-wisdom. ...Read More