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    Lighten up with 5 breathable summer-weight bases

    The weather is slowly (but surely) hotting up, which means it's high time to think about switching your full-coverage foundation for something a little less suffocating...Read More

    The Biggest Beauty Trend to try from London Fashion Week

    We've heard complexions described in some weird and wonderful ways, from dewy to 'gym' - but 'relaxed'...? We're calling it. This autumn beauty trend is one to watch...Read More

    Understanding 'Skin Expression'

    Yep, as with most slightly weird-but-wonderful skin-phenomena, 'skin expression' hails from Asia - specifically South Korea - where those savvy (and breathtakingly flawless) women are of the attitude that more is more (but don't let that deter you)...Read More

    How To: Make Your Base Look Like Real Skin

    Unless your initials are KK - disciples of the 'more is more' make up doctrine - most of us like our make up to look 'natural'; particularly when it comes to its foundations. A 'your skin but better' effect is what the majority of us strive for, so here are some top tips to achieving believable, real life-ready complexion-perfection...Read More

    Introducing Oxygenetix - Next-Level Breathable Treatment Foundations

    Oxygenetix {Oxygenating Foundations} were originally developed for doctors, to provide their patients with an ultra-lightweight yet camouflaging foundation, that would not only disguise signs of redness, stress and irritation - but also diminish the 'down time'. Learn more...Read More