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    How to: pick the perfect Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

    Because there's a bit of confusion surrounding who needs which {Anastasia Beverly Hills} contour kit - and because most of you could actually benefit from owning {both} - we asked Anastasia's gorgeous daughter, ABH brand ambassador and Instagram sensation Claudia {@norvina} to share her pearls of sculpting wisdom...Read More

    How To: Contour Very Pale Skin

    Cut-glass cheekbones aren't restricted to the naturally (or not-so) bronzed. Follow these foolproof tips to sculpting like a pale-skinned Kim K......Read More

    Trend on Trial: Simple Two-minute Strobing

    It's the beauty trend everyone and their grandmother is talking about. Strobing - the less-scary version of contouring - is the latest make up craze and, we can totally understand why...Read More

    What is Strobing?

    I do love a make up craze, but being more alabaster than amber I've found the contouring phenomenon a little challenging...Read More

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is Back in Stock!

    The much-hyped, bestselling Anastasia Beverly Hills {Pro Series Contour Kit} is back in stock, and causing no less of a furore than expected. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or contouring novice, this kit makes it easy to fake a set of Kate Moss-worthy cheekbones, and quickly draw attention to your favourite features...Read More

    Tutorial: Anastasia's Pro Series Contour Cream Kit

    The eagerly awaited cream incarnation of {Anastasia Beverly Hills} bestselling {Pro Series Contour Kit} has landed - and is available exclusively on Cult Beauty, here in the UK....Read More

    Choose the Best Contouring Product for You

    With the contouring craze showing no signs of dwindling, there are now more sculpting and highlighting products than most women know what to do with. So, if you - like most - are a little overwhelmed by choice, then read on to learn which does what... ...Read More

    Easy, 3-Step Highlighting with W3LL PEOPLE

    W3ll People's {Bio Brightener Stick} is a gorgeous, glow-bestowing magic wand no make up bag should be without....Read More

    How To: Contour Your Eyebrows

    We've called upon the perfect brows (and talents!) of Digital Designer Dimi yet again - this time, to show you how to define and outline your eyebrows using Anastasia Beverly Hills...Read More

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Refills

    All 28 {Contour Kit Refills} are available exclusively at Cult Beauty - so you can replace those sad, metallic 'holes' in your treasured {Pro Series Contour Kit}, or swap out unused colours for something better suited to your skin tone...Read More