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    The revival of solid cleansers and why you need one in your life

    Hands up who else has been personally victimised (ie. dried out) by old school solid bar cleansers and soaps?...Read More

    New to the herd: Drunk Elephant's E-Rase Milki Micellar Water

    The E-Rase Milki Micellar Water whisks away make up, dirt and pollution to leave you perfectly prepped for your next skin care step....Read More

    5 new cult cleansers to spring clean your ritual

    It's not just your home that deserves a spring clean - treat your complexion to one of these new cleansing heroes...Read More

    Transform your complexion with Cult Beauty's Skin Care Month

    This February, we’re focusing exclusively on all things skin - from a guide to selecting the perfect exfoliant, to which masks are best for which skin type - we’re here to guide you through the overwhelming skin care maze...Read More

    Prepare to change the way you wash your face forever

    The latest fruits of our relentless Seoul searching, {Caolion} is tipped to change the way you wash your face, forever...Read More

    5 cleansers beauty editors can't get enough of

    Awaken sluggish cells or dissolve every trace of grime with our pick of the best new (and iconic) cleansing formulas the editors can't get enough of...Read More

    This Game-changing Cleanser Will Revolutionise Your Skin Care Ritual

    The brainchild of beauty oracle Caroline Hirons, Pixi's game-changing two-step cleanser will transform your skin care ritual...Read More

    Beauty Resolutions: Wash My Face

    I make this resolution every year - and it all goes out the window by the first Friday of January, when I totter home tipsy and dab (ineffectually) at my face with a wet wipe. But this year, things are GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. My visage will be consistently clean as a shiny new pin - which means double cleansing, muslin cloths, LUNA-ing consistently and possibly, even toning (I know)......Read More

    ‘The Best Make Up Cleanser I’ve Ever Tried’ (Co-founder, Alexia Inge)

    There are products we love, and products we LOVE and Bio-Essence's {Jelly Make Up Remover} falls very firmly in the latter category. Team CB has been raving about this miraculous 'thick water' (thanks Stacia), since it landed at HQ - read what our staff have to say about it....Read More