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    W3LL PEOPLE's Expressionist Mascara: Before & After

    Clean cosmetics often get bad press - usually dubiously clothed (packaging's important people!), going 'green' will, nine times out of ten, involve sacrifice; whether its colour-payoff, texture (or Instagram-ibility), there's usually a list of 'cons' to contradict the chemical-free goodness. But, not any longer......Read More

    How To: Apply Anastasia's Waterproof Crème Colour Liquid Eyeliner

    Our gorgeous Marketing Communications Manager Jen knows her eyeliner. Having tried virtually every gel, kohl and felt tip in existence, there was no better babe to showcase the brilliance of Anastasia Beverly Hills' {Waterproof Crème Colour}...Read More

    How To: Achieve Flawless Skin with BECCA

    If you can get beyond my wonky 'do', awkward eye rolling (where's a girl to look?) and forgive the '7 year old boy' outfit, you can see my skin transformed by the wonderful Ana from BECCA - demonstrating how to achieve the brand's signature, natural 'lit-from-within' look...Read More

    Studio 10 Anti-ageing Make Up

    Since turning 35 a year ago my skin has changed - the invincible 20s and all of those 'sod it' moments - have finally caught up with me. {Studio 10} is designed to complement the needs of older skin... and I'm besotted....Read More

    ‘The Best Make Up Cleanser I’ve Ever Tried’ (Co-founder, Alexia Inge)

    There are products we love, and products we LOVE and Bio-Essence's {Jelly Make Up Remover} falls very firmly in the latter category. Team CB has been raving about this miraculous 'thick water' (thanks Stacia), since it landed at HQ - read what our staff have to say about it....Read More

    DipBrow Pomade: Before & After

    Whether you're Titian (Auburn), Grecian (Ebony, a la Dimi) or Newcastrian (Ash Brown), with three new shades of {DipBrow}, there's now no excuse for errant arches....Read More

    Natural Looking Leg Make Up to Cover Veins

    I am RUBBISH at fake-tanning, and only have the confidence to do it once I'm actually tanned (which defeats the purpose). However, luckily for me, there exists a wealth of illuminating, camouflaging, glow-bestowing potions, which are ideal for fellow tan-phobes and/or 'alabasters'. Think of them like 'BBs' for your body!...Read More