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    Confessions of a BECCA addict...

    Team CB are devoted; worshipping at BECCA's glow-bestowing altar. But none are more evangelical than our Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Jennifer, whose BECCA addiction is REAL. Read on for her true account of living with make up addiction...Read More

    A beginner's guide to colour correcting

    If you (like most sensible people) are a bit perturbed by all these vibrant pots of pigment, allow us to direct you through the weird but wonderful world of colour correcting...Read More

    Your Cult Beauty Edit - The Most Wanted

    We've created the first customisable beauty box, packed with products to suit every skin type, complexion and hair texture - with a phenomenal 30% saving...Read More

    What's Your Texture? Powder Vs. Liquid

    Whether you swear by the oil-absorbing properties of powder or prefer the youthful dewiness of creams and liquids, we make the case for both textures so you can make an informed choice about what's best for you...Read More

    The Simple Backstage Secret To A Perfect Glow

    Want skin that looks like this?? Er... oui!...Read More

    The Skin Perfector You've Been Waiting For...

    Form an orderly queue ladies, and set those prosecco corks popping - 'Champagne Pop' is here and this beauty is everything you dreamed, and more...Read More

    Is This The Only Make Up Brush You Need?

    It might look a bit like a grandfatherly moustache (*adorbz*), but don't be deceived - BECCA's {One Perfecting Brush} is just as clever as its name implies...Read More

    Look Ahead with the Hottest New Make Up Essentials

    We've rounded up the hottest new make up essentials - so snap them up before we do (race you to the checkout...)...Read More

    The Perfect Concealer? We've Got It Covered

    Disguise dark circles and battle blemishes with our pick of the perfect complexion correctors...Read More

    May Favourites

    I've may-de some a-may-zing discoveries this month... (see, SEE what I did there *grabs pun klaxon*) - not least, discovering just-the-right-sized cactus for my empty {Lion Candle} *smug*...Read More