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    Cult Beauty Brand of the Month: Nurse Jamie

    It’s Cult Beauty #BrandoftheMonth time, which means FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on Nurse Jamie’s (Huda-approved) tools and treatments...Read More

    These incredible skin care gadgets cost a lot less than you think

    Cleansing with your fingertips and water is still (just about) acceptable, but if you want your skin clean-clean you one of these blackhead-banishing pieces of deep cleansing kit...Read More

    ZIIP Beauty's game-changing device is tipped to transform your complexion

    We spoke to ZIIP Beauty's creator, Melanie Simon, about her brilliant cell-energising, face-changing device...Read More

    We're Celebrating 15 Years of Beautyblender

    As the most famous make up sponge on the planet hits its mid-teens, we take a look back at how it first stole our hearts...Read More

    Looking For The Perfect Beauty Gift? Check Out These Tools

    Here at CB Towers, we've got some of the most Pinterest-worthy tools and accessories on the planet for your gift-giving pleasure - here's why we're longing to unwrap one come December 25th...Read More

    These game-changing devices are phenomenal

    A pioneering proposition, ReNew Lab's range of cleansing brushes is game-changing. Developed by the brains behind several professional lasers and dermabrasion systems, we caught up with its creator to learn more about the brushes' cutting-edge technology...Read More

    A Lazy Girl's Guide To Brush Cleaning

    We all have so many brushes... and so little time, which is why we guarantee that this 'gizmo' is not a 'gimmick' - it's a life-saver for busy girls and lazy ladies (I'm the latter)...Read More

    You Need These 'Borrowed From Barbie' Beautyblenders

    Here, perfectly camouflaged within a nest of speckled eggs, you might just glimpse a rare breed of make up-perfecting ovoid sponges...Read More

    Make Up Like A Pro With These Brilliant Brushes

    A woman is only as good as her tools, which is why a set of multi-tasking make up brushes is essential for any discerning make up maven. {Morphe Brushes} are professional grade tools, designed to blend your products to perfection - so you can achieve an enviable, 'airbrushed' effect and ensure you're ever #selfieready...Read More

    Keep Your Make Up Tools Clean

    Thousands of you have undoubtedly dry-heaved your way through Stevie Miller's {Bugs in my Beautyblender} video (#vom) but, we'd like to take this opportunity to reassure you...Read More