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    Upgrade your evening ritual with #TeamCB's best-loved bath soaks

    We’ve cherry-picked the most relaxing, muscle-soothing bath and body heroes to dispel pre-Monday stresses and help ease you seamlessly towards a deep and peaceful sleep...Read More

    Why staying in is the new 'going out'

    rather than feeling obliged to say ‘Yes’ when your soul’s saying ‘No’, revel in feeling refreshed with our tips to help counteract FOMO and make staying in even more irresistible...Read More

    How your phone affects your sleep (and what to do about it)

    Our growing dependency on tablets, laptops, phones and new-fangled devices is leaching our energy levels – upsetting our natural ‘rhythms’ and leaving us feeling a bit ‘out of sync’...Read More

    Feeling flat? Recharge your body's batteries

    This week is notoriously hellish - for many, it's the depressing return to reality after too many Quality Streets, too many champagnes and far too few early nights. Bodies are broken and spirits are almost unanimously in boots BUT (as usual), we've got the answers to your domesday prayers...Read More

    At Last! A Cure for Chicken Skin

    Consider this a (friendly) 'Call to Arms' for all those who're spending their summer in sleeves...Read More

    Meet the Founder: Michelle Roques-O'Neil

    To celebrate the eagerly anticipated launch of Therapie's new Heal Me range, we caught up with creator - and Cult Beauty expert - {Michelle Roques-O'Neil}...Read More

    Bring your Holiday Home

    Although the majority of us aren't actually going back to school, there's something about the start of September that spells 'the end' of summer sunshine, sea, sand and sangria... or in other words; September = GLOOM. Which is why you need these tropically-scented concoctions right now - to prolong that post-holiday happiness, dispel the despair and make forthcoming autumn more bearable....Read More