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    Protect, Repair & Regenerate: Anti-ageing Skin Care Through the Ages

    We all know prevention is better than cure and when it comes to anti-ageing skin care, starting early - with sunscreen and an antioxidant-rich treatment - is the key to maintaining cell health and vitality. Here are our top tips to keeping skin younger, for longer...Read More

    Q&A With Fillerina Brand Ambassador Cassandra Brown

    We are SO excited to be launching {Fillerina} on Cult Beauty - a pioneering range of at-home, non-surgical fillers (the best alternative to botox). We caught up with brand ambassador Cassandra Brown, who explained the science behind this fantastic new brand....Read More

    Cutting-Edge Ingredients To Make You Younger

    We're back! Following the interest in our previous 'anti-ageing ingredients' post, we've decided to make this a 'thing'. Read on to learn more about collagen, probiotics and why your face craves snail slime (true fact)...Read More

    The Mind-Blowing Benefits of Cult 51

    Cult 51 {Night Cream} and all new {Immediate Effect Serum} (coming soon to Cult Beauty) have revolutionised the anti-ageing industry, with cutting-edge '3D' formulas which tackle the causes of skin cell degradation, to totally transform the texture, tone and 'quality' of skin. And following recent clinical studies, the findings were resoundingly positive - fully substantiating, and even exceeding the brand's complexion-correcting, strengthening and youth-boosting claims....Read More

    We Chat Active Colour With Creator Marko Lens

    To celebrate Zelens' 1st Cult Beauty birthday and the launch of Zelens Active Colour, we caught up with creator (and globally celebrated expert in the fields of skin ageing and skin cancer) Dr. Marko Lens, to find out more about his eagerly anticipated foray into make up......Read More

    3 Anti-Ageing Ingredients You Need To Know About

    Navigating ‘anti-ageing’ ingredient lists can be like trying to decipher hieroglyphics. With so many ‘next big breakthroughs’ to choose between, which ones really make a difference? Here’s a mini glossary, demystifying three big skin-correcting power players....Read More

    5 Surgery-Free Ways To Look Instantly Younger

    Look fresh-faced and luminous with our pick of the best instant youth-boosters (you can cancel that Harley Street appointment...)...Read More

    Cult 51 - Anti-Ageing Breakthrough for Skin

    Expert chemist and brand founder Richard Mears, who has previous consulted and created for some of the world's best known skin care brands, stopped by to talk us through Cult 51 - his self-professed 'baby'. Here are (just some) of the remarkable things we found out......Read More

    The 5 Best Facial Serums

    When formulating face creams scientists can't add the high level of hyper-effective, active ingredients such as Vitamin C and Retinol, because the cream becomes unstable and curdles. In fact, many of the ingredients in your day cream are there solely to maintain that lovely creamy look and texture. With serums it's different, whether oil or water-based, their almost watery texture means that can be souped-up to jet-fuel proportions with no adverse effects......Read More

    Get More From Your Skin Care with Su-Man's Facial Massage

    Su-Man recommends this mini daily facial massage, to maximise the benefits of her skin care ritual. It's super quick and easy, but will greatly benefit your future face (just look at Su-Man)!...Read More