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    Achieve Alexa Chung's Met Gala Look With These 5 Simple Steps

    Charlotte Tilbury's team (and her bestselling make up creations) were behind Alexa's gorgeous, understated look for last night's Met Gala extravaganza...Read More

    If You Buy One Thing This Summer...

    Thank Caudalie, for having the foresight to create the most cooling, evil smell-dispelling {Beauty Elixir} known to woman (and thieving boyfriend). A summer handbag have-to-have, this magical mist will restore sense-of-humour, disguise sweaty visage and even make a horribly humid train carriage seem bearable... which is no trifling accomplishment....Read More

    Watch: Make up Maestro Lisa Eldridge do Alexa's Make Up

    The incredible {Lisa Eldridge} shows us how to achieve Alexa's signature, 60s make up look at home - and, she makes it all look rather... easy? ...Read More

    Meet the Founders: We Chat to Eyeko's Inspiring Co-Creators

    Since creation in 1999, {Eyeko} has exploded onto the beauty scene - from niche British brand to global success story. And now, with Alexa Chung as Creative Consultant, the "eyeball decorators extraordinaire" are enhancing the eyes of the best beauty bloggers, models, make up artists and the AAA-List...Read More

    Watch: Alexa Demonstrate her Signature Feline Flick

    Watch Alexa demonstrate the secrets to her trademark 'winged-eye' look....Read More

    Alexa's Favourite Blush?

    If you're questioning how Ms. Chung gets that gorgeous (and seemingly natural) glow, then ponder no more! You too can fake lit-from-within when you're anything but, thanks to Stila Cosmetics' {Convertible Color} - now available in the exact shade beloved by the Chungster herself....Read More

    Alexa Chung loves...

    Alexa just can't stop spilling beauty secrets... from her childhood love of moisturiser, to her silver be-lidded adolescence (space age), she talked to Stylist about which beauty must-haves she can't cope without. So if you (like us) wanttobeAlexaChungrightNOW then, read on to discover how to emulate her bathroom cabinet (it's a start...)...Read More

    Alexa Chung's Cult Beauty Picks

    Undisputed 'Queen of Cool', everything Alexa touches turns to ice (ice baby) - from those studded Valentino flats, to her signature cut-off dungarees - there's nothing this girl can't make covetable. We were therefore delighted (but not in the least bit surprised) to discover some Cult Beauty stalwarts amidst her must-have stash... so read on to discover which products she pilfers (her words, not ours), and which 'does everything' balm she is learning to love....Read More