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    5 ways charcoal can benefit your skin

    Beloved for its ability to absorb toxins and bacteria, charcoal is useful for so much more than barbecuing. Here are five key reasons to add it to your daily skin care ritual, asap...Read More

    What you need to know about your Venus Week

    Ever heard of your ‘Venus Week’ (didn’t think so)… it’s the secret to why you look grrrreat and feel awesome at specific times-of-the-month (now you’re listening)!...Read More

    Skin care SOS - you asked, we answered

    Is your complexion causing you drama? The Cult is on call to help ......Read More

    Adult Acne on Dry Skin

    I'm 27-years-old and normally have quite dry skin. All through my teens my skin was fine; the odd spot but nothing major. However, about four years ago I started to get spots on my cheeks, at my hairline, between my eyebrows and above my nose. They always take about 10 days to come to the surface, then about two to three weeks to heal. They then scar for six months to a year and are often sore. I don't wear foundation, only a little concealer on the spots themselves. I use basic moisturiser during the day and some bio oil at night to try to minimise the scarring. On the whole my skin is dry and a little sensitive. Are there any products you can recommend?...Read More