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Get to know your Glow Cycle with OLE HENRIKSEN

Jade Biggs
Writer and expert8 months ago
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Get to know your Glow Cycle with OLE HENRIKSEN

With over a billion (yep, a billion) videos under the #glowyskin hashtag on TikTok, it’s certainly fair to say that the trend for glistening, glass skin isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But, with so many videos out there claiming to hold the secret to said glowy skin, how can you be sure that what you’re adding to your basket will actually do the trick? 


Famed for cracking the code when it comes to glowing skin, OLE HENRIKSEN’s Glow Cycle takes the stress (and time) out of skin care — so instead you can focus on showing off your newfound radiance. Don’t believe us? OLE HENRIKSEN’s Glow Cycle is backed by 40 years of clinical expertise... and you can see the results for yourself over on TikTok where 78 million have followed the transformation of those on their Glow Cycle journey. 

Discover the four steps to glowing skin

According to Ole Henriksen, the founder behind the eponymous brand, all you need to do to achieve your glowiest complexion (AKA, your ‘Ole Glow’) is follow these four steps: brighten, strengthen, renew and repeat. Sounds simple enough, right? 

“Our Scandinavian heritage and commitment to clinical skincare are reinforced in every product we create, always delivering on providing transformative results with a joyous application process,” says Ole. “We believe skin wellness goes beyond the surface, and the Ole Glow emphasizes your inner glow as much as your outer glow!” 

Alexa, play From AM to PM by Christina Milian 

Brush teeth. Make coffee. Brighten. Strengthen. Say hello to your new morning routine — after you’ve snoozed your alarm, of course. 

Mornings à la Ole are all about brightening skin with a vitamin C serum (to protect and correct your complexion) as well as strengthening your delicate skin barrier with peptides and ceramides. 

Formulated to usher in brighter, bouncier skin, this radiance-revealing serum is packed with (you guessed it) vitamin C along with hydrating hyaluronic acid and 5% PHA.  

Ole’s verdict: “Using vitamin C and PHAs together helps the Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum deliver its powerful results. The PHAs help loosen and lift dull skin so that the 15% vitamin C doesn’t have anything standing in its way to firm and illuminate. That’s how you get that brighter, bouncier-looking skin.” 

Double your dose of skin-loving vitamin C with this brightening and dark circle diminishing eye cream. Oh, and did we mention the star ingredient? Real gold. 

Ole’s verdict: “We are so excited to introduce the new and improved Banana Bright Eye Crème to our loyal fans. By taking our tried-and-true product and fortifying it with even more effective ingredients for even stronger results, we know consumers will see brighter and better skin they can be proud of.”  

Next up, your new nighttime go-tos. As skin naturally renews itself while we sleep, OLE HENRIKSEN’s evening routine focusses on loosening and lifting dead skin cells (thanks to retinoids) while peptides and ceramides nourish the younger (and therefore, glowier) cells that lie beneath.  

Witch hazel and licorice root extract come together — in tandem with a potent AHA — in this transformative toner. Smoother texture in 3, 2, 1... 

Ole’s verdict: “[This is considered] an essential step in every skin care regimen. Not only does this toner sweep away dirt, oil and make up, it also leaves the skin perfectly primed for serum and moisturiser." 

A one-way ticket to hydration, this daily moisturiser not only provides the antidote to dehydration but also a boost of elasticity. What’s not to love? 

Ole’s verdict: Strength Trainer is like a personal trainer for your skin. This universal daily moisturiser is for all skin types. It’s clinically tested to strengthen the moisture barrier for skin that’s instantly more fit: hydrated, bouncier, with visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.” 


This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have.

Jade Biggs
Writer and expert
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Having spent much of her career in the world of glossy magazines, Jade is one of Cult Beauty's Senior Copywriters. As well as a passion for all-things-words (she can — and will, if asked — write a dissertation on fake tan), she has heaps of skin care and beauty know-how (including how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner again and again... and again). When she’s not applying fake tan or admiring her knife-sharp liner, she’s an adoring mum to four feline fur babies, hunting down inspiration for her next set of acrylic nails or watching endless episodes of reality TV.