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It’s out with the old and in with the new, and summer 2022 couldn’t be much more optimistic if it tried! The beauty world has seen a flurry of colour, sparkle and 90s obsession this season, and quite frankly we couldn’t be happier.


With so many fun beauty trends in the mix this summer, covering {make up}, hair and nails, we decided to find out which are objectively the most popular. Armed with a full list of trends, we used Google search data to discover which have been searched for the most so far this season, and better yet, Cult Concierge experts {Lena}, {Syhem} and {Kimberley} have shared their tips and recommended products to help you take on some of these trends yourself.


Drum roll please…




Looking through this list, you’re sure to have noticed some big themes emerging. Bright colours, bold looks, glitter and 90s-inspired trends are all having a major moment, and whether you’re getting set for festival season, wanting to recreate your fave Euphoria looks or you’re a beauty fanatic always up for trying the latest trends, we’re on hand to help you give some of our favourite trends a go!

table showing summer beauty trends june 2022


model with glitter on her lips


In the run-up to festival season, we’re going crazy for face and body glitter, with a staggering 108,200 searches between them in just two months, making it the top beauty trend this summer! How you wear it is up to you: as a statement across your cheekbones, shoulders and collarbones, as a subtle shimmer on your arms and legs, or in your hairline to cover greasy roots when washing isn’t an option (and quite frankly, who needs to hair wash when glitter’s on the cards?).


Adding a touch of sparkle will bring an element of playfulness to your look, whatever your age and no matter the occasion (we’re talking dinner parties, pub gardens…not just festivals!).

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To shine bright like the diamond that you are, pack your glitter on a sponge {applicator} for a super intense look. If using a loose formula, always prime with glitter glue and allow it to get slightly tacky before going in with the glitter. For a body that's just as sparkly, add a sprinkle of your glitter of choice to your favourite body oil or lotion.

Our top picks for face and body glitter


close up of models hands with an orange french tip

As those dreary wet spring days finally came to an end, we’ve been embracing summer in all its colourful glory with coloured French manis. Bold tips are in, beauties - the 85,200 searches prove that - so grab a bright colour of your choice and get painting! A neon or pastel {nail polish} works wonders to modernise your classic manicure.

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If you're not too confident with your freehand drawing skills, arm yourself with a nail art stamp or handy nail stickers to achieve a flawless result. When using stickers, make sure that your base colour is fully dry before applying it and remove them before your polish fully sets to avoid smudging.

Don’t feel restricted to one colour either - try painting each tip a different shade for maximum impact. And nothing’s stopping you from going two-tone, with two contrasting colours per nail!

Our top picks for colourful French tips


Close up of lips wearing Vieve's Lip Dew

It’s time to pucker up and maximise your pout with a high shine, gloss finish, as one of the many 90s trends that features in our list is glossy lips. Luckily, times have changed since the 90s, and glossy lips no longer have to be sticky, heavy and uncomfortable.

With textures to suit all, get your lips looking luscious with an oil, {gloss} or plumper. It's an easy shift to bring the runway trend we've seen for summer into your daily make up routine.

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To define and shape your lips as you achieve the glossiest look, start by using a lip liner that's slightly deeper than your natural lip tone. This will ensure that your gloss stays where it needs to be while perfecting the shape of your lips. To give the illusion of an even fuller pout you can also apply your gloss only at the centre before pressing your lips together. *Chef's kiss*!

Our top picks for glossy lips


model with black graphic liner

Graphic {eyeliner} has been making waves (and all manner of shapes for that matter) in the beauty world this summer, opening our eyes to new and exciting ways to play with the classic wing. Geometric shapes, striking colours and dramatic accents are all the rage - and how you work this season’s trend is totally down to you.

Try switching out your trusty black to a more colourful hue or play with the lines you're creating for a fresh take on your ever faithful eyeliner.

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If you believe that fortune favours the bold *liner*, start with an eye primer to grip and hold your creation in place, and lock it in with a matching eyeshadow to give it the longevity that it deserves. For those who are a little clumsy or aren't confident with their technique, reach for an angled brush to sketch your outline first with eyeshadow before going in with your liner.

Our top picks for graphic eyeliner


Model with pink eyeshadow and a red lip

For a healthy, youthful flush, bright blushes are the way to update your complexion - and 18,100 searches prove that this cheerful trend is in demand! You can opt for a cherry, sunset or violet tint - just remember the bolder and brighter, the better! And be sure to let go of the idea of applying the {blusher} solely to the apples of your cheeks.

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Bright is always right and if you love a vibrant look layering is your answer. Start with a cream or liquid blush as your base and top it off with a powder blush to intensify the result. If you've gone a bit too far, you can also always soften it up using a fluffy brush and face powder.

Our top picks for bright blusher


dark skinned model with neon eyeshadow and electric blue liner

This season is all about colour, colour, colour. We’ve had bright nails, bright cheeks, and now it’s time for bright eyes. Neon brights are no longer just for raves, and rainbow shades aren’t just for kids! With a combined total of 19,300 searches, it appears that many of us are wanting to bring some fun back to our make up and shrug off all notions of seriousness - and we can totally get on board with that. Add a popping pigment to your look with a vivid sweep of colour across your lids and you’ll light up any room (or festival ground) you enter.

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Turn around, bright eyes! To make your neon and rainbow dreams come true, start with a light eyeshadow primer or a white cream/liquid shadow. This will act as your canvas, making colours pop and keeping them in place for as long as you want to without becoming dull or creasing. Base sorted? Now you can get as creative as you like!

Our top picks for rainbow and neon bright eye make up


dark skinned model with metalic eyeshadow

"Tinman but make it fashion". Whether it's a frosted finish or a burnished bronze that you go for this season, metallic eye make up is all the rage. Create an intergalactic look that’s positively out of this world with a not-so-subtle nod to the 90s. Making a shining statement has never looked so good!

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Apply your favourite metallic shadow using fingers for maximum payoff and shine. Reflective powder shadows are often packed with emollients, and body heat helps to soften them, granting an unparalleled lustre.

Our top picks for metallic make up


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Writer and expert
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