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The Cult Beauty Guide to ’90s Make Up

Kate Moss, The Spice Girls, Friends. The epitome of the ’90’s. And it’s BACK. Eeeeeek. That means a return of some of the most iconic {make up} looks of the last three decades, from thin {eyebrows} (are we even ready for this?!), to darker {lip liners} and glittery {eyeshadows}. {Eyes} and {lips} were the name of the game — and we are so here for it. 

So, Let’s Talk About Lips

We’ve all watched Pam and Tommy (what a ’90s power couple!) — and what better inspiration for the decade’s overlined, dark lip liner then Pamela Anderson herself. The trick with this makeup look is to always go for a darker brown shade than your natural lip colour, then add a lighter shade of lipstick on top.

Charlotte Tilbury’s {Lip Cheat} seamlessly defines the lips (there’s a reason its so beloved by the A-list) Or why not try Huda Beauty’s {Lip Contour 2.0} sticks?  This beauty hero’s creamy pigment enhances lips without smudging or budging, staying put by the pool, in the rain and under masks! Plus it has a handy little sharpener at the end — because there’s nothing worse than a blunt tip!





Real eyes, Realise, Real Lies

Sported by icons JLO, Britney and Christina Aguilera (pre-transformation to Xtina, of course), frosty pastel coloured lids were a staple of the era — Natasha Denona’s {Pastel Palette} is perfect for achieving this look yourself. Her stay-all-day shadows include metallic, duo-chrome and multi-chrome finishes (AKA what ’90s dreams were made of).

How about a superpower glitter liquid eyeshadow? about-face‘s {Fractal Glitter Paint}, available in eight shimmer-loaded and high-impact smooth mousse shadow shades, this high-performing formula doesn’t crack, crease, fall-out or transfer — we’re impressed! 

Or for a less obvious choice Huda Beauty’s {Mercury Retrograde} palette has the perfect selection of shimmery glittery hues (pass the clear quartz asap!). 

On the other end of the spectrum( away from the innocently sweet baby doll looks) kohl rimmed eyes were the vibe. For inspiration, look to the ’90s classic The Craft and bad witch Nancy Downs, Courtney Love or the subculture superheroes Riot Grrrl.

Arm yourself with a good kohl liner and start defining, not only along your lash line but your water line (top and bottom) too. Then smudge it out — the messier and more ‘lived in’ the better. Charlotte Tilburys {Rock’n’Kohl} is the perfect pencil for this, thanks to the addition of crushed pearl powder in the formula, which adds a subtle lustre. Or try Chantecaille and their {Luster Glide Silk Infused Eyeliner}, which is super pigmented and ultra-blendable It’s time to start channeling your inner Kate Moss… 

Ready to give it a go?


Rina Teslica

Rina Teslica

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