3-Step Guide to Truly Protecting Your Protective Style

After sitting in the hot seat for hours and hours, developing a heartbeat on your scalp and bending your neck in all directions so your hairstylist can really get to your nape to grip the finest hairs, it’s no wonder why the thought of doing anything more often goes over our heads — literally. In those tender-headed moments, the hardest part is simply getting through the appointment. 

So you go home, take 1000 selfies, start itching your scalp and that’s it — hairstyle ruined. The sleek partings and not so sleek anymore and why is that? Your scalp is pleading for some TLC. Not to burst your blissfully-braided bubble but our protective styles are meant to be a lot more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are meant to prevent further damage or breakage. 

How many times have you accidentally neglected your hair in its tightly tucked away protective style? Be it braids, cornrows, twists or wig installations — forget wash ‘n’ go, are you guilty of just giving your baby hairs a lil’ swoop-di-do ‘n’ go? Our Cult Community is a safe space where all tress-gressions go unpunished and so, here’s our guide to truly amping up the protective element to your ‘do…

Unravelling your overnight twist-out to reveal lifeless curls is totally not the vibe. You want body and va-va-voom while the countdown to wash day continues, right? Enter: BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY’s {Everyday Gloss Hair Oil}. Powered by superfruit extracts and hailed as quite literally the best thing since sliced bread, this vitamin-rich {oil} is like a lip gloss but for your hair.

Packed with zingy {kakadu plum} which contains the highest concentration of vitamin C than any other fruit, this h’oily grail boosts elastin levels in your hair and scalp. In other words, yes — you are the star of this hair commercial. Speaking of stars, also blended into this multi-purpose formula is starflower oil which works to strengthen your hair, follicle by follicle with a silky, grease-free veil. Housed in a distinctively clear bottle, BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY proves to us that there are no secrets to protecting your hair. So impressively shiny and weightless, simply run your fingers through your hair and let the magic happen. Pssst… did we mention how delicious this smells? 

What a perfect segway into our next hair-o of the hour — Gisou’s {Honey Infused Hair Perfume}. If you’re somewhat of a busy bee frantically checking your watch and to-do list for the next task, you’ll adore this swift spritz of strengthening sheen. Beautifully scented and enriched with the sweetest Mirsalehi honey, this lightly floral {fragrance} elevates your ‘do with a refreshing, shine-giving boost that’ll make heads turn in awe. ‘Mmm, who smells so good?’ is what you’ll hear in the wind…or so we’ve heard. Zhush up your hairstyle with this vitamin-rich hair perfume for scent-gasmic protection against damage. A quick halo spritz (or 3) and you’re good to go…

Tired of waking up from a good night’s sleep and wondering if you’re just a really rough sleeper or that your bonnet has a mind of its own and probably hates you? Ding ding ding, you guessed it — it’s time for Kitsch’s {Satin Pillowcase} to enter the chat. Catching those much-needed z’sss just got a whole lot silkier in ways you wouldn’t imagine. One of the best kept beauty secrets to a long-lasting protective style is some satin headgear that’ll keep your hair ultra-sleek and {frizz-free} come morning. Ensuring that you toss and turn without so much as a single tug or pull at your delicate strands, this multitasking hero is just as gentle on your skin as it is on your hair! Choose from an array of colours to add a touch of luxury to your nightly routine and wave goodbye to crunchy curls or braids that look 4-weeks-old after just a few days.

Granted — protecting your hair while it’s braided and out of the way is no easy feat and often the most tedious task ever, but with this short and easy-to-follow guide, you can boost up your hairstyle with unbeatable shine, scent and moisture. 


Precious Sodimu

Precious Sodimu

Midweight Copywriter

Precious is a Midweight Copywriter at Cult Beauty. Sticking her teeth into all things make up and skin care, Precious is always on the hunt for products that work perfectly together (while remaining loyal to her can’t-do-without staples). Like most beauty devotees, Precious doesn’t go a day without her trusted SPF 50+ and is a self-proclaimed fragrance-phile. Away from the vanity mirror, Precious can be found sat with a good book (probably by her favourite author, Toni Morrison) or nurturing her nostalgia with a quality animated film – namely Shrek.