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The Cult Beauty guide to spending Valentine’s Day alone

Chloe Lawrance
Writer and expert2 years ago
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BY TERRY Baume De Rose Beauty Toner

Self care has never been so romantic, and with these {body care}, {fragrance} and {sex tech} essentials, you’ll want to spend this Valentine’s Day indulging in some serious ‘me time’. Aeroplane mode, activated; candles, burning; face mask, slathered on… get ready for the ultimate night alone this Valentine’s Day…

1. Set the scene

Whether you’re whipping up a delicious meal for one (avec your favourite apéritif, natch), luxuriating in a long, hot bath, or simply spending the night tucked up on the sofa, a truly romantic evening for one all comes down to the details. 

Nothing says scent-sual evening of self care quite like filling your space with your favourite home fragrance — and we adore the olfactory offerings of the team over at {Boy Smells}. Coveted by candle fanatics for unexpected note pairings, chic-yet-discreet packaging and provocative scent names ({‘Cowboy Kush’}, anyone?), each delivered with a knowing wink that’s ensured this queer-owned brand can count the likes of Kacey Musgraves as fans. 

Of course, each and every Boy Smells’ genderless scent deserves pride of place on your mantelpiece, but for a solo Valentine’s evening look to the aptly named {‘Petal’} — because flowers aren’t just for vases, you know. A heady blend of blooms, this coconut and beeswax candle unfolds with a bouquet of tree flowers – magnolia, night-blooming tuberose and purple geranium — alongside opulent rose and a woody whisper of sage. Patchouli and amber add a velvety smoothness that makes way for a musky finish. Sexy, ethereal and perfect for getting you in the mood (for whatever you spend the night doing).

Boy Smells candle in 'Petal'

2. Get wet

Listen, how often do you get a whole night dedicated to some much-deserved ‘me time’? Rarely, we reckon… so each and every moment should be for spoiling yourself. That means drawing a deep, hot bath (or enjoying a long, steamy shower) and breaking out your very favourite body care products. You know, the ones you’ve been saving for a ‘special occasion’? Spoiler alert: this is it.

To help you clock out from the rest of your day (remember, this night is all about you), relaxing bath salts like OSKIA’s {Moon Salts} are key. Designed to calm both the body and mind, these rose and lavender scented salts will create a rich foam in your water, enriching skin with coconut milk-fuelled hydration. 

While you’re in the tub, now’s your time to pamper as you cleanse. OUAI’s {Body Cleanser} is coveted for its gentle, skin-loving ingredients (the formula is full to the brim with natural antioxidants, jojoba oil and vitamins C and A), and the 'Melrose Place' scent will whisk you on a one-OUAI ticket straight to LA. With subtle hints of rose (of course), bergamot, the sweetest smelling lychee, cedarwood and white musk, this cooler-than-cool fragrance lingers on your limbs long after your bath water has disappeared down the plug hole. For a little extra luxury, follow this by slathering on the {Body Crème} in the same scent; your soft, hydrated skin will thank you.

OUAI Body Creme in 'Melrose Place'

3. Hit the bottle

In our most humble opinion, nothing says self care quite like skin care — and an instant boost of hydration comes most effectively from a bottle of rose-fuelled toner, a la BY TERRY’s {Baume de Rose Beauty Toner}. 

Infused with a potent blend of real rose petals and hydrating rose extracts, this refreshing toner will help to soothe irritated skin or revitalise and hydrate your complexion post-cleansing (especially appreciated if your face has ever experienced that ‘shrunk in the wash’ feeling after using an over-zealous cleanser). For a truly thirst-quenching treat, this pretty-in-pink toner is laced with skin-strengthening rosehip, beloved for its elasticising, brightening and scar-minimising properties.

Double down by following this toner with BY TERRY’s {Baume de Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask}. Split into two halves, this mask gently hugs each and every contour of your face to grant a boost of moisture that will leave skin looking plump and radiant. And really, what is a night of pampering without a sheet mask?

4. Enjoy the buzz

Of course, your evening should end on the most pleasurable of notes, courtesy of {Smile Makers} who — as the name suggests — know exactly how to get your grinning from ear to ear. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, look to your very own European hunk for a little romance with {The French Lover}, a breathtakingly effective sex toy that won’t need to talk its way between your sheets.

With a flexible, tongue-shaped tip, this delightful creation is able to mimic the gentle caress of a tongue on any of your erogenous zones; enhance the sensation even further with the help of just a little lube for an extra life-like feel. And because every session is different from the last, this flexible vibrator allows you to tailor your experience to exactly the mood you’re in: choose from multiple speeds and two pulsation modes. Trust us, you’ll be shouting ‘oui!’ in next to no time…

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Chloe Lawrance
Writer and expert
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