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Aromatherapy tools to elevate your self-care routine

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert3 years ago
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As we settle into the new year and try to maintain (and establish!) a host of new {wellbeing-boosting} rituals and routines, we wanted to help you along the way by introducing you to our edit of aromatherapy {tools} that will help elevate and boost your results for the better.

From uplifting diffusers to ache-improving acupressure devices, these tools are sure to {relax}, lighten and enhance your day-to-day.


Why not try a facial roller to target the lymphatic system (the bodies detoxifying system) and help de-puff, reduce inflammation and cool skin. Top tip: pop your facial roller in the fridge to intensify the rollers effect on your complexion - a must for tired eyes first thing in the morning. Whether you want Omorovicza's multi-tasking dual-ended {Rose Quartz Roller} which can be used on the face, body and eye area, or BeautyBio's innovative {GloPRO Rose Quartz Roller Attachment Head} for their iconic GloPRO microneedling device, these boost elimination of accumulated toxins.

Firming and toning the skin as it rolls, this elegant tool can also help to minimise discolouration and even out texture, tone and clarity. Use it around your eyes and, with regular use, fine lines can be reduced and dark circles diminished – it even works to reduce persistent wrinkles (it’s great for combatting ‘elevens’). Store in the fridge to enhance the relaxing and tightening benefits.


The OG gemstone tool, Gua Sha (also known as 'scraping therapy') has long been used in Chinese medicine to massage the face and relieve deep muscular tension and due to the tools characteristic contours, it can also produce an immediate face lift result.

The more perpendicular a Gua Sha is held to the skin, the more effective the tool becomes at massaging and breaking up tissue, allowing it to release and relax. Meanwhile, the more parallel the tool and softer you press, the more you address the body’s lymphatic drainage system and detoxifying. As well as this, it can reduce sagging, blotches and bags and lines around the eyes, quickly revitalising skin. Having imparted noticeable results for the last 1000 years, this is a piece of skin care tradition to treasure, helping skin to remain youthful and supple today just as it did in ancient times.

Odacité offers three gemstone Gua Shas, there's {Rose Quartz}, {Green Aventurine} and {Blue Sodalite} which all provide different elemental and energy-defining results depending on the stones characteristics.


Whether you want to target aches and pains, boost energy and stimulate energy flow or achieve a sense of calm relaxation, these acupressure and reflexology tools can help you do just that.

Opt for {Bed of Nails} acupressure mat, pillow, cushion or strap inspired by the Indian practice of healing and meditation, re-invented with a Scandinavian twist to give you a whole range of benefits - from helping with sleeplessness to reducing the symptoms of stress and assisting detoxification (there's little these weird-looking pins can't assist with).

Odacité's {Mon Ami Acupressure Tool} has a round, ball-shaped head that facilitates access to creases and contours – helping you press the key points on your face that can unclog the energy blockages. When used with your favourite Odacité face oil this makes for a mindful routine, while the tool works to gradually smooth stubborn lines and ensure a relaxed and awakened appearance. With regular use, you’ll notice a difference in skin’s tone and texture, as well as reduced facial tension.

Finally, Vie Healing's {24k Gold Ear Seeds} stimulate the reflex centres in the ear to help alleviate issues, boost energy and achieve a sense of calm relaxation. Part of the reflexology family, place a 24k gold-plated ion seeds on the desired location using the surrounding clear sticker to create a continuous and long-lasting compression on different points of the ear. Depending on the location of the seed, the light pressure helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, jet lag and can combat aches and pains in the body. The tiny gold seeds beautifully decorate your ears with gold-flecked shimmer, so you can look great while feeling even better.


Last but by no means least, Anatomē's {Room Diffuser + Humidifier}, {Spacemasks} and the {DoDow – Sleep Aid Device} have all be created with more restful sleep in mind.

Designed to diffuse your preferred anatomē essential oil and humidify the air, this effortlessly chic piece will only improve your interior décor. It creates a soothing and calming environment by distributing essential oil molecules into the air effectively to maximise their beneficial properties. After the perfect pairing? If you struggle to achieve a sustained, restful slumber, anatomē’s {Recovery + Sleep Blue Chamomile} will help to create the optimum conditions for an unbroken night of sleep.

Trouble switching off? Forget counting sheep, take an intergalactic approach to relaxing with Spacemasks. Inside each cosmic box you’ll find five individually wrapped, single-use Spacemasks. Simply slip the elastic loops over your ears and wait for the air-activated, self-heating mask to transport you to another (relaxing) dimension. Each cosmic foil mask is infused with jasmine to help lull you to sleep, ease tired eyes, tension headaches and reach a new found level of bliss in the evenings.

A must-have for insomniacs or those who suffer with stress-related sleep issues, Dodow is a discreet and simple to use gizmo that helps you to utilise relaxation therapy, meditation and yoga methods with little-to-no effort. Simply turn on Dodow, select your time setting (pick from an 8 minute cycle or a 20 minute cycle) and get comfy laid in bed on your back. Breath in time with the growing and shrinking light that emits onto the ceiling in a calming and soothing blue light. Dodow will reduce your breathing from 11 per minute down to 6 per minute to help you drift off worry and distraction free. Dodow aims to work quickly, effectively and naturally to counteract the effects of stress that are detrimental to sleep. It is also extremely effective from those suffering from circadian cycle sleep disorders or jet lag.


Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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