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Top treatments to rescue winter tresses

Top treatments to rescue winter tresses
Verity Douglas
Writer and expert3 years ago
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If winter/central heating/daily drizzle have played havoc with your crowning glory, resuscitate stressed tresses with these rehabilitative treatments from our {hair} range. From pre-washes to hard-working styling products, our results-driven {hair treatments} are here to save the day.

Leonor Greyl's {L'Huile de Leonor Greyl} is so much more than just a pre-shampoo treatment. A syrupy elixir, it smells like honey and works wonderfully as a quick, pre-wash conditioner - but is amazing applied through thick or unruly hair as an intensive, overnight hydrator (as long as you're washing your hair the next morning). Like fabric softener for locks, this turns straw into silk - and can even be applied (very sparingly) to the ends of dry hair, to seal moisture in and enhance definition. Just be sparing - it is oil after all, and you don't want to look like you work in a (heavenly scented) chip shop.

Shampoo can be incredibly drying - especially if your hair is fragile. Augustinus Bader's {Shampoo} and {Conditoner} are infused with the brand's Holy Grail THFC8 complex and nurtures from your roots and scalp to your locks, promoting strong and healthy-looking hair. And, for an extra weekly treat, slather on BLEACH London's gorgeous {Reincarnation Mask} - either post-shower for 5-10 minutes, or pre-workout (the exercise-induced heat helps the oils to penetrate). You'll soon be glossy-locked (and super smug).

SILKE London's stunning {Hair Wraps} are made from pure silk (in a spectrum of glamorous hues), to help minimise breakage, smooth frazzled cuticles, diminish frizz and maximise shine. Totally starlet-worthy, you simply twist your mane into a chignon before slipping into one of these easy elasticated turbans - the silk combats friction, so your strands stay sleek (with far fewer split ends). A perennial must-have, they're ideal for combatting winter's worst efforts.

If even a whisper of moisture makes strands behave more like antennae, combat the impact of drizz with these frizz-fighting heroes. Briogeo's range is great for taming porous locks that take offence at moisture - sealing each fibre to help prevent flyaways - while Virtue's fantastic {Un-Frizz Cream} helps *you* to regain some control over mops that throw strops at a hint of humidity. And, for every other frizz-uation, reach for OUAI Haircare's smoothing and gloss-giving {Sheets} - anti-static tissues in a cigarette-esque case that looks cute in your see-through Céline.

If you hair is fine but frazzled, you need to add {OLAPLEX}'s {No 3 Hair Perfector} and Sachajuan's {Leave In Conditioner} your new best friends. Totally weightless but deeply replenishing, this gorgeous mist simultaneously smooths, nourishes and provides protection from the elements. And it's perfect for lazy girls/hair cleansing-phobics, who love ANYTHING that streamlines an otherwise laboriously boring process (why waste time washing when you could be re-watching every episode of SATC?). Just spray and get glossy in moments.

Partied so hard that your hair-washing ritual's gone by the wayside? When you've no time to 'go' (let alone time to 'wash and'), you need to do something to help you look kempt when you've just scraped yourself off your mattress. If you passed out and woke up with hair like a bird's nest then battle your tangles (we love Wetbrush's {Pro Detangler}) and spritz liberally with the brilliant {Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo} spray from Sam McKnight or Larry King's {Flyaway With Me Kit}, it's a hard-working hero that tames strays and lends locks a sleek, glossy finish. Heavenly-scented with no chalky residue, this leaves your locks looking (and smelling!) as fresh as a daisy. Simples!


Verity Douglas
Writer and expert
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