Poll cards at the ready beauties... the fate of the beauty world hangs in the balance. We're thrilled to declare the Cult Beauty {Haul of Fame Awards 2020}, OPEN (hooray!) which means now we're relying on you to do what's right (and proper). Yes, it's time to exercise your democratic right to VOTE!

We've agonised over streamlining our breadth of incredible skin care, make up, body care and hair care into 18 concise categories, from which we're urging you to choose your 'Holy Grail' essentials. From the supercharged treatment you can't live without to the brow-taming hero you order in bulk, vote for your favourites and we guarantee you'll be duly rewarded.

Every single voter's guaranteed a prize - up to 25% OFF your next order - plus, what's better than the satisfaction of seeing your elected candidates placed firmly on their (rightful!) beauty pedestals *bobs hair*?

It couldn't be easier to nominate your chosen one(s). Simply follow this {link} and then pick ONE from each of the categories listed. You'll need to make some pretty tough decisions (sorry!) but, no agony, no ecstasy! That's the saying, right?

Once you're done deliberating, enter your email address and then spin the prize wheel to secure one of five stellar prizes - from savings to a lucky dip (Ah-ooooooh!).

Which begs the question... what are you waiting for? The #CultCommunity needs YOU!