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The hero hair accessories you never knew you needed

Humeara Mohamed
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Remember when the words “shower cap” would mean an uncomfortably tight, plastic, and ever-so-slightly embarrassing, headache-inducing affair, gifted from your grandma? Not anymore! With {Kitsch} – and their to-die-for {Luxe Shower Cap}, among other things – having just landed on the site, we’re ready to introduce our strands to the lock-loving accessories that they truly deserve. Gorgeously Insta-worthy, fuss-free, cruelty-free and vegan, you can wear these {accessories} with pride.


To be easily confused with a classic hair wrap that you’d wear out and about, the Luxe Shower Cap comes in two holiday-esque shades that’ll get you feeling sassy and chic as you belt out a few ballads in the shower. Designed to keep your hair in soft and shiny condition whilst keeping it dry, the Luxe Shower Cap elevates bath (or shower!) time into a relaxing, feel-good, self-care ritual. With gentle elastic that won’t hurt your head and long-lasting, soft-as-butter material, you’ll find yourself looking at any other shower cap with utter scorn. Being the very definition of covetable, you’ll probably need to protect this one from your mum/friends/anyone that visits your bathroom, too.


Have you ever looked at the back of the bottle on a deep conditioning {treatment} and read “Leave overnight for maximum benefits”, only to imagine your mum screaming some nonsense at you about catching a cold if you sleep with wet hair? No more! Cue your newest hair rescue: the Kitsch {Towel Pillow Cover}. Intelligently designed with fibres that dry your hair while sleeping – without wetting the pillow underneath – this is a must-have for all busy, hair-washing night owls. Microfibre gently caresses your skin, too, and the Towel Pillow Cover boasts wide straps and a universal size that’s suitable for both standard and king size pillows. Available in two colours (‘Blush’ and ‘Charcoal’), match with your bed sheets for extra style points.


Nothing says “never knew you needed” quite like the {Microfibre Spa Headband} – it’s one of those ingenious inventions that literally makes you say, “How did I not think of this before?! A headband that keeps hair out of the way and a hair tie, all rolled into one? Where has this BEEN all my life?” Without scratchy exposed Velcro, and with a hole at the nape of your neck to pull your hair through, this headband keeps hair flyaway-free during {make up} application, cleansing and masking. We stan a multitasker that’ll caress our heads (oh hello there, microfibre!) while keeping hair snag and damage-free.


If you’re looking for something a little less self-care and a little more party hair, try the {Invisibobble} {Wrapstar} – a non-kinking hair bobble adorned with a sophisticated ribbon for endless style options. Tie your hair with the slim crystal clear band first to avoid snags and breakage, then use the long ribbon (in your choice of either ‘Machu Peachu’ or ‘Snake It Off’) to either tie in a bow, weave through a plait, or knot to create a bouncy bun, hun.


Humeara Mohamed
Writer and expert
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