The world is waking up to the collective need to handle waste effectively – we’re rescuing more and more plastic from landfill, swapping our take-away cups for reusable options and taking a tote bag whenever we shop. We sort through our rubbish and aim to recycle as much as we can but, until fairly recently, beauty was lagging behind when it came to sustainably packaging products. Opulence and ethics felt opposed, with many believing you couldn’t have both but, the tables are turning and more and more brands are now looking for ways to house products responsibly – opting for biodegradable boxes (some of which are laced with seeds!), choosing glass or recyclable bottles and offering refills to limit the quantity destined for landfill.

And now, with the help of our transparency tech partner, Provenance, we’re making it easy to opt for the products that meet your sustainable standards. Our {Recyclable Packaging} category unites all the products with coveted Proof Points – so you can have absolute faith in their claims. From 50% to {100% recyclable}, these are the names making major sustainable strides…

Perfectly pretty, effective and ethically minded, {Plenaire} is also completely recyclable. Meaning 'in the open air', the brand is committed to transparent products that tackle the key beauty bugbears, look great on the 'gram and respect Mother Nature. From their {Rose Jelly Makeup Remover} to their {Violet Paste Blemish Solution}, this line-up is leading the recyclable charge.

Purveyors of affordable, solution-orientated skin care, Versed is determined to safeguard our planet and all its inhabitants. Vegan and cruelty-free, you’ll also find most (not yet all) of their products will tick your recyclable boxes. Contained in a candy pink, 100% recyclable jar, the {Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm} leaves skin as clean as your conscience, while the brilliant, glow-boosting {Find the Light Powder with Vitamin C} will brighten dark spots as it shields from aggressors and dials up the brightness.

LARRY KING HAIR CARE is another brand committed to nurturing nature. With new (and exclusive) shampoos and conditioner housed in refillable glass bottles (refills will be launching soon), the beautiful range doesn't compromise looks in pursuit of an ethical standpoint. Using glass, aluminium and {FSC certified} card throughout their 'Wash Cycle', the trio of styling essentials is boxed using biodegradable card impregnated with wildflower seeds so that if they end up in they wild they should (hopefully) sprout some forget-me-nots.

Pioneers when it comes to respecting the planet, REN CLEAN SKINCARE have gone one step further, by launching the first – hopefully of many – products that's not only entirely recyclable, but also made from recycled materials. With an innovative metal-free pump, their {Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash} is contained in a bottle that's made with at least 20% recovered ocean plastic, salvaged from seas, beaches and waterways.

Utterly exquisite, Kjaer Weis natural make up is housed in reusable packaging, meaning that you can hold onto the beautiful 'shell' (they feel gratifyingly weighty) and, once your blusher is finished, replace the (75% recyclable!) refill with the colour of your choice. Encouraging us to buy less and buy better, these beautiful products are more that just make up – everything from the red textured boxes (perfect for storing your trinkets), to the luxurious silver-toned compacts are objects to treasure.