It’s time we stopped beating around the proverbial bush! We've triggered some frank conversations to help raise awareness about women’s health with our ground-breaking and empowering {Sexual Pleasure & Wellness} category – 10% of profits from the sales of which are donated to The Lady Garden Foundation; a charity which aims to educate and fund essential research into gynaecological cancers.

But that’s not all… with September marking Gynae Cancer Awareness Month, we've collaborated with The Lady Garden Foundation to create a limited edition {Cult Beauty x Lady Garden Tote Bag} – 100% of the profits from which will go straight to the charity – to further their quest to encourage more open discussion and help to protect from so-called "silent killers". Made with environmentally-friendly materials and printed using eco-friendly ink, the bag is produced by an ethical manufacturer where 9/10 team members in India are female, making this the greatest investment you’ll make this September. 

The perfect excuse to refocus on our pioneering #VULVALUTION campaign - one of only FIVE from 600 shortlisted for a coveted Digital Communication Award - this is the time to ensure that you've booked that potentially life-saving smear test, replenished your stash of ache-easing and cramp-calming {period patches}, and blocked out some time in your diary for much-needed self-love (discover our range of knee-weakening {sex tech}). Show yourself some love and make some time for self-discovery... days are getting shorter for a reason.

Join the #VULVALUTION!