That serum you’re umming-and-ahing about? Or hair mask you’re yet to invest in? We bring you the perfect excuse to discover the buys you’ve been eyeing with {Cult Beauty Minis} – an all-star collection of pocket-sized products (at purse-friendly prices), which means there’s no need to resist the cult treatment your bestie’s obsessed with, or stall falling hard for the must-have mascara you’ve seen on your Instagram feed.

Spanning several categories – from toothpaste to salt spray by way of highlighter and flight-friendly fragrance – peruse our boutique of petite beauty heroes and splash our on something you fancy (without splashing out)…

Heading for a wedding? Make sure your lipstick will fit in your pointless (but gorgeous) excuse for a clutch bag with Huda’s adorable, long-wearing {Liquid Matte Minis} in four ultra-flattering, nearly-bare shades. Perfect for finding your ultimate ‘nude’, try these for size and discover the ultimate, smooch-proof lip formula… pucker up beauties!

The mythical serum you’ve seen on the ‘gram, {Unicorn Essence} is out of this world. An oil-free elixir that’s brimming with superfruit extracts to soothe, plump and prep your complexion for make up, who could resist this cool, fuchsia-pink fluid? The good news…? You no longer have to – Farsàli’s phenomenal formula comes in a super-cute bottle that’s ideal for sating skin care curiosity…

In single-serve sachets to tackle the spectrum of common concerns, Patchology’s sheet masks and clever gel treatments were made for globe-trotters or those who like mixing things up when it comes to their mask force. Great for curating a wardrobe of super-charged treatments to tackle the varying needs of your visage, we worship the pocket-sized, one-and-done {FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels} – eyedeal for masking the signs of late nights.

Toothpaste but not as you’ve seen it before, Marvis’ chic dentifricio is good for your teeth – and your sinkside aesthetic. With flavours that range from the fresh to the fabulous, leave your smile sparkling clean and keep tastebuds on tenterhooks thanks to these mini Italian tubes of the finest, breath-freshening dental essential. One squeeze of {Jasmine Mint} please…

Fauxglow-phobic? {TAN-LUXE} phenomenal drops come in tiny trial-sizes to help you discover the joys of a fabulous, just-back-from-holiday tan (from a bottle). Completely customisable in two stunning, olive-toned shades, mix with your usual cream for a streak-free suggestion of sunshine – no one will know that your newly bronzed limbs aren’t the product of two weeks in Greece.

A bestselling range of hair heroes, Briogeo’s miracle mists and root-boosting shampoos come in mini (but mighty) discovery sizes to help you unleash your locks’ dormant potential. Whether your mane is limp, lifeless or willful, balance, boost body and tame your tempestuous tresses with miniature marvels - we swear by the handbag-compatible {Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray} for protecting our 'do' from humidity.

Tempted by Drunk Elephant? Discover the bestselling skin care on everyone's #shelfies with new super-cute {NightBright Duo} - partners in crimes against dullness, this cult power couple will quickly recover your skin's misplaced radiance. Rise and SHINE!

You never know when the sun's going to make an appearance so make sure you're always prepared for the BEST with a portable {SPF 30} by COOLA. Made with the finest organic ingredients, these mineral shields deflect harmful UV while protecting your skin from the damaging impact of daily pollutants... it's time you found out what the hype's all about.

So, do the best things come in small packages? There’s only one way to find out… and after all, a little bit of what you fancy does you good (hear, hear!).