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Meet The Founder

Introducing the most aesthetically-pleasing SPF you’ll ever own

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert5 years ago
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We've done it Cult Beauties, we've found a hard-working SPF range that is equal measures effective as it is aesthetically pleasing and you're going to love it - you can thank us later. Made in Italy, {DARLING} marries high-quality ingredients, innovation and in-depth research with exquisite design that cannot be described as anything else other than downright covetable.

This succinct sun care lines boasts everything you need for a fun day in the sun while taking away any niggling worries of sun burn. What’s more, the brand's bottles are icons in the making, instantly transforming any sun care routine from practical and necessary to an aesthetically-pleasing and a luxurious experience that will elevate your routine, and that’s just the beginning.

Each {DARLING} formula is jam-packed with good-to-skin actives that help protect and hydrate skin, so you’ll look your best during and after your days in the sun. Ahead of DARLING's launch here at Cult Beauty, we sat down with the brand's CEO Alberto Giacobazzi and asked all the questions you could possibly want to know about this boujee brand that is here to give you the tan of your dreams.

Hey Alberto! So, for those not familiar with DARLING, could you talk us through the brand?

{AG} DARLING is a succinct line of top-quality sunscreen products made in Italy, that also boast fresh and eye-catching packaging.

What makes the brand stand out from its competitors is its unmistakable packaging and at the same time the product itself, they're simple, fresh and clean, but jam-packed with high-quality ingredients.

And for those new to the range, is there a hero product guaranteed to kick-start an addiction? 

{AG} Absolutely! We recommend DARLING's {High Protection SPF 30-50}. Its texture is awesome. Even though it's high protection, think lightweight lotion that is incredibly fast-absorbing, doesn't leave behind any colour or sticky texture, just a beautiful healthy sheen - our clients love it! It's suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, it will protect you against UVA and UVB and your tan will be brilliant and long-lasting.

However, for those who love winter seaside holidays we recommend DARLING's {Tan Activator}. Used a few days before your holiday, it prepares the skin for sun exposure and helps avoid sunburn and erythema (redness and inflammation). Besides working as trainer for tanning holidays, it can also be used daily on sunny days as a melanin activator, perfect for achieving a longer-lasting tan even quicker than usual.

Can you explain why DARLING products have an SPF range ie. SPF 30 - 50? 

{AG} Instead of having a fixed value, DARLING sunscreens have an SPF range because they are tested in laboratories instead of on living beings. Consequently, a precise value can’t be established, only a SPF range. For example, DARLING High Protection SPF 30-50, was created as a SPF 50 sunscreen, but as we can’t guarantee the fixed value, you’ll find SPF range 30-50.

What are your top tips for those suffering from sun burn? 

{AG} To avoid sunburn, make sure you're using the {High Protection SPF 30-50} and applying accurately in the areas that are most at risk, such as the shoulders, back, cleavage and especially the face.

If you already have sunburn we recommend using DARLING's {After Sun Lotion} which will effectively soothe, relieve and moisturise the skin.

Do you have any advice for those with pale skin that struggle to get a tan? 

{AG} We recommend applying DARLING's {Tan Activator} daily to prepare the skin for UV exposure and combine it with DARLING's {High Protection SPF 30-50} to prevent sunburns and erythema.

What are the biggest SPF myths that need debunking? 

{AG} Avoiding sunscreen doesn’t boost your tan, in fact if skin is exposed to sun rays without SPF protection, it risks getting burned. At first skin colour will darken, giving the illusion of getting tanned, even though it’s just redness, later on irritated skin will flake, returning to the initial colour.

For those who don’t know, can you explain what the SPF numbers represent? 

{AG} SPF means “Sun Protection Factor”, the higher the value is, the higher your skin is protected from sunlight. It is the value that expresses the relation between the skin's resistance to sun burn with and without sunscreen, i.e. if someone’s skin can go 10 minutes without sunscreen before turning red, when applying a SPF 20, skin will be protected 20 times longer (around 3.5 hours).

However, the SPF value only indicates that sunscreen protects against UVB rays; in order for a cream to protect against UVA rays, it must show the UVA symbol within a circle. In the case of DARLING, it's a broad spectrum SPF that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

What are the most common misconceptions about sun care and SPFs? 

{AG} SPF values don't increase when layered. It means that if SPF 15 is applied twice, it won’t turn into SPF 30 protection.

We recommend you to apply always higher SPF for the face, as it is the most sensitive part of our body, particularly subject to skin ageing. We suggest you to always apply DARLING {High Protection SPF 30-50} on face; it is for all skin types and ages.

More and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about their sun care products being ‘reef-safe’, what should people be looking out for to determine if their sun care is indeed ‘reef-safe’? 

{AG} They should check that the following ingredients (Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and Octocrylene) aren't listed in their SPF ingredient lists. Following recent studies, scientists have realised that these ingredients are dangerous for marine ecosystem and damage coral DNA, limiting the possibility of reproduction. Starting from 2021 the use of some ingredients in some sunscreens will be prohibited in Hawaii.

How important of a role does SPF play in skin care? 

{AG} A huge part. SPF should be applied to skin every single day, in every season of the year when exposed to the sun (even if it looks foggy or cloudy!)

We recommend the use of DARLING {High Protection SPF 30-50} on face daily (also in wintertime) before make-up.

Finally, what’s next for Darling?

{AG} DARLING thinks ahead with the same passion and determination of yesterday. We want to keep on creating new products, always “eye-catching”, as we love to define them, constantly with our primary goal: Quality.


Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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