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Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder: 111SKIN’s Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert5 years ago
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Formulated by globally renowned Harley Street cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, {111SKIN} has quickly become the Holy Grail, go-to range for skin-savvy celebrities (we’re talking everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Margot Robbie), beauty editors and skin care obsessives alike and now, it's available at Cult Beauty!

Understanding the need for prevention – not just intervention – {111SKIN} combines Dr. Yannis’ clinical expertise with innovative, space scientist-developed formulas to create mind-blowing products that grant unbelievable results. Want to join the elite 111 Harley Street club? Us too!

Got a question? We spoke to the brand's founder – Dr. Yannis Alexandrides – who gave us the inside scoop, shared tips and explained why you definitely need this elite brand in your beauty ritual...

{Cult Beauty} Can you tell us what makes 111SKIN different or special to other dermatologist skin care brands?

{Dr. Yannis Alexandrides} My medical background means our approach to skin care is science-led, all of our products have been born of the desire to look at skin as an organ. Often brands on the market look at skin aesthetically and not how to treat it from the inside-out. I assess skin as a 3D-healing system, this knowledge means that our products offer effective and clinically-comparable results.

We are a luxurious skin care brand developed from our Harley Street heritage, my extensive surgical knowledge, and a dedicated team of professionals who are at the core of 111SKIN.

Having been a Cosmetic Surgeon for over 20 years, I found it difficult to find reparative skin care I could confidently recommend to my patients post-surgery. I decided to seek my own formulations which was when I developed NAC Y2 with space scientists. This breakthrough initiated 111SKIN and today we are proud to possess five collections, multiple cosmeceutical innovations, and overwhelming global success.

{CB} So, what do you think are the advantages of a skin care brand founded by a dermatologist?

{Dr. YA} I am lucky that I have a two-way dialogue with my patients; I react to real life concerns rather than convincing customers they need products that they don’t. One of my main objectives is to provide clinical results at home, this is for those who want to be able to continue with the professional effects of a facial or treatment day to day.

It was because of the popularity of Mesotherapy in my practice that I developed our {Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask}. This versatile mask is comprised of 150 micro cones of pure Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C which relieve deep-set lines, intensively hydrate and plump the desired area of the complexion - essentially mimicking the results of Mesotherapy. We always strive for extraordinary products inspired by innovative technology and clinically-led ingredients within every product.

{CB} And what is your goal for 111SKIN?

{Dr. YA} To continue to offer the most advanced, clinically-led skin care on the market. I don’t believe there is an end goal because clinical research will never stop evolving and neither will we. We are situated at 111 Harley Street, a global hub of medical excellence, and I am constantly inspired by the knowledge and expertise I am surrounded by in order to innovate and grow 111SKIN.

{CB} What ingredients would you recommend Cult Beauties look out for in their products and why?

{Dr. YA} It is important customers seek formulas that are appropriate to their age and that combat their specific skin concerns. One ingredient I would like to mention would be Riboxyl™ which is found within our Regenerative collection. Riboxyl™ is a D-Ribose sugar generated by biotechnology of corn seed, its energising properties include firming, toning, and sculpting of the skin.

Other ingredients I have been interested in recently are those that enhance skin’s own function, for example, included in the {Meso Infusion Clinical Overnight Mask} is AQUAMAX® – a molecular ingredient that helps to extend the life of Hyaluronic Acid for increased hydration.

{CB} And if you would only choose one item to represent 111SKIN, what would it be and why?

{Dr. YA} It has to be our debut creation - the {Y Theorem Repair Serum}. This was the beginning of 111SKIN and remains our core product. We have even created a light version suitable for more humid environments or younger skin.

{CB} With the rise of more multi-step skin care routines influenced by J- and K-Beauty, would you say you subscribe to the beauty philosophy that ‘more is more’?

{Dr. YA} No, not necessarily, a good skin care regime should contain the right combination of products that use ingredients particularly suited to each individual’s concerns. As a starter routine I would suggest cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser, eye serum, and SPF (if in the day).

{CB} One of 111SKIN's most iconic ranges has to be the Celestial Black Diamond range, can you tell us what makes black diamonds such a special ingredient?

{Dr. YA} Used within our Intensive Collection, Black Diamond Particles are not only luxurious but incredibly beneficial, they efficiently facilitate the absorption of the ingredients into skin, delivering more potent results.

{CB} What 111SKIN beauty products are on your nightstand and you can’t live without?

{Dr. YA} I use the {CRYO Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser} every day, followed by Daily Orbit Energising Essence, Retinol Oil (at night), {Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask}, and an SPF. I also love {Aesop} products for my hair and body, and finally Comme Des Garcons aftershave.

{CB} What inspires you? And what do you think is the most exciting thing about working in beauty?

{Dr. YA} My main source of inspiration has to go back to my patients and my desire to help them. I am lucky that I have a two-way dialogue with my patients; I react to real life concerns rather than convincing customers they need products they don’t. What excites me the most in this industry is discovering new innovations, producing pioneering products, and hearing astonishing feedback from our customers.

{CB} With so many standout skin care ingredients to choose from, what made your Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask such a global hit?

{Dr. YA} Not only is it luxurious, gold also has a plethora of dermatological benefits. It comes as no revelation that gold offers illuminating properties, it is light-reflective and when absorbed into skin the mineral compound improves microcirculation which boosts radiance and ensures a revitalised complexion. Enhanced circulation also improves cell regeneration which can encourage long term effects such as enhanced collagen production to ease signs of ageing.

Gold also possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for those with conditions such as psoriasis and acne.

{CB} How does the 24k gold in the 111SKIN mask make it different from standard sheet masks and other gold-infused skin care products?

{Dr. YA} Our {Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask} is highly efficacious because of the hydrogel technology the mask is made from. Hydrogel is a natural polymer which acts as an adhesive barrier on the skin to allow the formula be fully absorbed. During application the mask will also thin and this shrinking is because the formula has sunk into the skin through the mask barrier leading to a more transformational result.

{CB} Are there ingredients in the 111SKIN mask to help soothe irritated, sunburned skin?

{Dr. YA} The {Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask} mask itself is naturally cooling and soothing – you can even place our masks in the fridge pre-use to enhance these effects. The cooling action alone will help to ease the painful symptoms of minor sun burn.

Additionally, the ingredient complex helps to improve these symptoms as the natural actives provide soothing and hydration which irritated or burned skin requires. However, if skin is suffering from severe skin burn or irritation please seek medical advice from a professional as there might be damage that over-the-counter skincare alone won’t resolve.

{CB} And finally, do you have any tips for maximising the Rose Gold Mask’s benefits?

{Dr. YA} I would recommend using a mask at least once or twice per week. The benefits of using a treatment mask is that they offer a concentrated dose of actives for a longer period of time than one’s usual routine. Perfect for a much-needed Sunday afternoon relaxation! Another suggestion is to ensure skin is thoroughly cleansed before application as trapped dirt will imbed into pores, causing imperfections and preventing the actives from being absorbed.


Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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