No longer just for jewellery, who knew that silver ('Ar' as it's named in the periodic table because, science!) has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which is why it's often used to decongest and detoxify, as well as to accelerate healing? Historically used to dress wounds, it's also brilliant for acneic or blemish-prone complexions, which is why in recent months we’ve seen a growing swathe of cleansers, masks and treatments rich in silver, developed to ward against breakouts and help to maintain a clear, pimple-free visage.

New to the scene is Omorovicza’s brilliant {Silver Skin Saviour} – a fast-acting mask which 91% of users claimed had an immediate skin-brightening effect (no mean feat). Starring colloidal silver – a potent, antibacterial form of silver that has miraculous, spot stopping impact – alongside glycolic acid (to recapture lost luminosity), cell-energising niacinamide and salicylic acid to purge pores of embedded impurities, this fast-acting treatment works wonders for those plagued by blackheads or angry eruptions.

Our Senior Affiliates Manager, Chikay, swears by the skin-healing benefits of Cor's {Silver Soap} (you can read her rave review in full right {here}), while Julisis's night-time formulations are rich in 'liquid silver essence' to encourage the elimination of impurities and toxins. The brand's {Silver Remineralising Mask} is a bestseller - drawing out impurities to keep your complexion clear and content.

Starring silver hydrosol (positively charged silver ions, suspended in pharmaceutical-grade purified water), Argentum Apothecary's {La Potion Infinie} works to regulate skin's natural flora and fauna, while neutralising 'bad' bacteria to promote skin's resilience and maintain clarity. This treatment cream is truly miraculous - toning, tightening, hydrating, plumping and purifying with each application.

And for those stubborn, under-the-skin spots that take their sweet time to emerge then forever to leave, prevent arrival altogether (or accelerate departure) with Sonya Dakar’s phenomenal {Blemish Buster} – a targeted treatment that calms inflammation, reduces any redness and prevents infection spreading thanks to (you guessed it…) silver, together with zinc, sulphur and camphor.