We would suggest backing away from the fifth glass of champagne but don't want to flout the first rule of festivities: namely, eat, drink and end up very merry. It's all well and good getting tipsy on Tuesday, but when you wake up at the weekend and wonder what happened to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you probably look like a walking health warning (we're pointing the finger at Advocaat... ouch).

A swift Corpse Reviver can help you feel human but looking alive takes a little more effort. So, quickly equip your make up 'rescue kit' with these heroes that help 'fake awake' when the hangover's bangin' as hard as last night's after-party...

If you don't have a mixologist on speed-dial (you need someone to whip you up the bloodiest of Marys), be your own bartender and reach straight for {H3O Hydration} (the brainchild of the aptly-branded Rejuvenation Ltd). Created to replenish cells' reservoirs while topping up your precious salts, mix into water (it's pink!) and then sip from your jazziest glass as you stagger around in your dressing gown channelling Holly Golightly.

With your insides revitalised, head for the shower and wake up your face with a strong macchiato for sluggish complexions. frank body's invigorating {Creamy Face Scrub} gives skin a much-needed 'zing' in the morning - enlivening parched and lacklustre visages with real coffee grounds and a fresh, minty fragrance.

The clue's in the title with skyn ICELAND's S.O.S. edit for those mornings-after. Their {Hangover Kit 2.0} takes no prisoners - plunging headlong into battle with signs of one-too-many seasonal snifters. The ultimate foil for the imminent season of soirées and impromptu Eggnogs, this all-star edit unites a platoon of replenishing marvels to help you resemble a person. Wise party-goers will do their future selves a major favour - pop the kit's cult favourite {Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels} in the fridge before bed, then apply while you're making your morning espresso. 

Your sleep-deprived eyes are the sure-fire sign of late-night misadventures. Conquer your ocular luggage with SUMMER FRIDAYS' {Jet Lag Mask} (it's not just for jet lag), then follow up with {Caffeine Serum} from THE INKEY LIST - the silky serum shrinks capillaries to send your eye-bags packing. 

Feeling fatigued? Silly question... BECCA's blue-hued {Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer} cools, tightens and helps to expel excess toxins, while the pearlescent, peachy-toned {Under Eye Brightening Corrector} makes light work of dark cirlcles - neutralising shadows so you look more bushy tailed. And, if you still need assistance trust Huda's new {Overachiever Concealer} to vanquish the impact of overindulgence. A flexible, long-wearing, pigment-packed 'fixer', this disappears everything threatening flawlessness.

Ace your base and pretend you're well-rested with Too Faced's phenomenal {Hangover Primer} - it's brimming with coconut water to quench your cells' thirst and restore misplaced radiance (you left it on the dance floor, with your left shoe... and your dignity). Follow with a dewy tinted moisturiser (Laura Mercier's {Illuminating} formula is faultless) and a sheer, rosy flush to enliven in seconds. NARS {Liquid Blush} in shade 'Orgasm' boasts the most flattering blend of pink, coral and golden-toned pigments to give skin a much-needed lift - think: 'hair of the dog' for your less-than-fresh face. 

Finish with a sweep of {Charlotte's Genius Magic Powder} - it works like an Instagram filter - and keep a cute bottle of Caudalie's {Beauty Elixir} 'al desko' to combat the after-lunch slump. This heavenly cocktail of rosemary, grape, myrrh and mint will clear cobwebs and make you feel more like yourself. In fact, you might even feel ready for post-office aperitivos... mischief, managed!