Scarily hailed as the 'new UV' rays, HEV (high-energy visible) light is a 21st Century nemesis. Silently damaging cells' while we sit at our desks (or enjoy our pre-sleep Insta binge), blue light (as it's also called) penetrates even more deeply than its ultra-violet siblings, disrupting much more than just sleep patterns...

Although research is scant, HEV is the subject of several new studies as specialists scramble to understand how our addiction to tech could be cause for concern. We've already been warned about the perilous {tech neck} (the sorry side-effect of too much iPhone gazing) but now, formulators are trying to find ways to safeguard our skin from the negative impact of lives lived in front of computers. 

The extent of the damage (and the long-term effects) are still subject to debate - no one really knows what all this screen exposure means for cells' wellbeing, and some are convinced that scaremongers are making a fuss about nothing. However, others err on the side of caution - reasoning that what we don't know probably will hurt us. Emerging evidence suggests that HEV can cause low-level inflammation which in time, could lead to lasting degradation of the fibres that support our face's framework.

Similarly to the ways in which UV can damage DNA, HEV could be responsible for premature deterioration of the 'scaffolding' - the collagen and elastin - that keeps our skin smooth, taut and supple. It's also believed to cause 'age spots' - the pigmentation patches we associate with sun damage, especially for those with darker skin tones.

So, what can we do? While skin care creators compete to create a screen 'shield' that deflects undetectable rays, the best (and most difficult) thing is to 'limit' your screen time. We're all guilty of binge-watching series in bed, but try imposing 'rules' and switching box-sets for books. Not only will your skin (potentially) benefit, but you'll probably get better quality sleep (blue light disrupts your Circadian rhythms).

Not possible? A featherweight sunscreen (with added antioxidants) will help to ward against free radical formation (the 'bad guys' that compromise cells). Zelens' {Daily Defence} is a 'force field' for your visage - deflecting sun and city with SPF 30. Or, invest in The Ordinary's pocket-friendly {Mineral UV Filters with Antioxidants} which come in a choice of factor 15 or 30, and blend seamlessly for broad-spectrum protection.

And don't neglect to layer on a serum or an oil each morning - something brimming with vitamins C, D or B3 to supplement your complexion's natural barrier. Ideal for neutralising aggressors while tackling existing pigmentation issues (it's brilliantly brightening), vitamin C - of which there's an abundance in Drunk Elephant's {C-FIrma Day Serum}, or THE INKEY LIST's {Vitamin C Serum} (obvs) - is prevention and cure; 'undoing' damage while shielding from harm.

Or try Zelens' incredible {Powder D Treatment Drops} - essentially a 'top coat' for your face, this silky elixir replenishes lipids to boost the skin's natural barrier function and ward against environmental stresses. Enhancing elasticity and sealing 'good things' in (while keeping 'bad things' out), this oil is a brilliant foil for the office onslaught.

And don't forget Dr. Barbara Sturm's brilliant {Anti-pollution Drops}, which can be added to your serum cream or moisturiser to enhance its protective properties. One of few products developed with 'blue light' in mind (Dr. Sturm is always at the cutting-edge of skin care), this intelligent serum boasts rare (and potent!) antioxidants, alongside a specialist, cocoa-derived active to neutralise HEV rays.