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A glossary of Liquid Gold: here’s everything you need to know

From tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow, and when it comes to the cult {Liquid Gold}, it’s spawned a swathe of fellow game-changers to tackle all your skin concerns. From fine lines and furrows to dark spots and lost elasticity, the Liquid Gold range now stars something for everyone. From cleansers to eye cream to fast-acting masks, here’s a guide to what-does-what (and why you need it…)


With two cleansers to choose from – Liquid Gold Skin Renewal Wash and {Liquid Gold Resurfacing Cleansing Cream} – knowing which to opt for can be baffling. Both boast a cocktail of lactic and glycolic acids to melt the ‘mortar’ that sticks dulling dead ‘bricks’ to skin’s surface, revealing fresh, plumped-up and luminous cells underneath without scrubbing or ruffling delicate feathers.

Ideal for all skin types, especially those that are oily or prone to congestion, the {Skin Renewal Wash} helps to regulate sebum, while {Resurfacing Cleansing Cream} is better for mature or drier skin types – bolstering barrier function and boosting hydration with nourishing shea and coconut oil to condition and fortify delicate tissue.


{Liquid Gold} needs no introduction (although it might still need a little explanation). Often misinterpreted as ‘acid toner’, Liquid Gold is an overnight treatment, designed to be used 2-3 times a week (on its own!) to revitalise skin and keep cells ‘ticking over’. Not only does glycolic acid resurface – it also encourages cells to create the essential elastin and collagen needed to keep the skin smooth, firm and supple – the ‘scaffolding’ that helps support the framework of your face.

When you’re not using {Liquid Gold}, reach for the {Intensive Night Repair Serum}. A silky elixir that partners resurfacing acids with vitamins A, E and B3, ‘lifting’ tripeptides and sodium hyaluronte (crystalline hyaluronic acid) to tackle the primary signs of skin ageing. This cocktail diminishes dark spots and scarring to unify uneven skin tone and texture, while firming and lessening depth of fine lines to keep skin looking beautifully luminous.

There is also a magical, fast-acting mask in the mix. {Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask} is a quick at-home ‘facial’ – a 10-minute ‘peel’ that resuscitates dull, lifeless (hungover) skin in a flash. Supercharged with the range’s key ingredient – glycolic acid (naturally) – in combination with lactic and ferulic (a potent antioxidant) to rapidly resurface as it boosts your skin’s defences, this quenches cells’ thirst as it gently refines, thanks to squalane, grape seed oil, jojoba and hyaluronic. Use once a week for a radiance ‘boost’.


Sufficiently gentle for the delicate eye area, the {Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream} is a game changer – combatting crow’s feet and crêpey skin texture to keep the eye area smooth, strong and supple. With powerful peptides, alpha-hydroxys, bioflavanoids and light-scattering particles to optically brighten while gradually thickening tissue to lessen the look of dark circles, the cooling applicator helps to de-puff as the tightens and counteracts signs of fatigue.


A ’round the clock formula, Alpha-H’s {Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream} boasts glycolic acid (obvs!), alongside argan stem cells and 24ct gold flakes to kick-start sluggish cells and help ‘undo’ the signs of damage. Incredibly rich with a featherweight texture (this practically melts when applied), this harnesses miraculous ‘chia seed technology’ – absorbing precious water and expanding in the skin to ‘swell’ your cells and plump things up so your complexion has a fresh-faced, dewy ‘spring’.

Follow with sunscreen when used in the daytime (acids increase your skin’s sun-sensitivity), the slather on – from forehead to décoletté – at nighttime to replenish and revitalise while you get precious Zzzs.



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